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  1. The "new and improved" duty belt picture thread!
  2. The "new and improved" duty belt picture thread!
  3. What This Forum Is Here For - Read This If You Post Here
  4. Wanna be just tried to start something
  5. Cop at the coffee place.....
  6. Feels like i'm struggling through FTO
  7. Use of Force 101
  8. Drug Gangs Have Mexico on the Ropes
  9. **Swear filter reminder**
  10. BlackHawk Serpa Holster
  11. Obama, Holder and the D O J at work ( 2 examples)
  12. LED upgrades stinger, SL20X
  13. Hawaii Says ANY Alcohol Voids LEOSA
  14. Ohio LEOs chime in (LEOSA question...yes another one)
  15. Muvi Micro Camcorder, have you heard of these ?
  16. Ever get to deal with spectacular weather?
  17. Flashlight thread 2010
  18. LEOSA Retirement Quals
  19. COSTCO shooting of Eric Scott Coroner Inquest
  20. Need assistance locating a specific video clip
  21. Who has yahoo IM?
  22. US Marshals
  23. Social Thread LIII: Winter's Cold; Time To Warm Up
  24. Legal question about my LEO discount
  25. Should Law Enforcement be armed with rifles & arms other than pistols?
  26. Passing unused gear along to other GT Cops?
  27. SEAL verification
  28. The Anti-Cop trend that isn't
  29. Terralux LED upgrade for Streamlight Stinger
  30. Indiana DOC Parole officer fired over IMPD death
  31. unusual words on reports
  32. Ois
  33. DoD officer charged with enticing teen for sex
  34. Drug Dogs and "The Clever Hans Effect"
  35. DC Police Officer Arrested
  36. NRA Law Enforcement instructor certification
  37. Another Jumpsuit Thread...
  38. Sherrif Joe and Segal
  39. 12 Hour Shifts Yes or No, Pros N Cons
  40. Lets see your work rifle!
  41. Why or why not? (become a cop)
  42. Bath Salts
  43. Why do elected officials in Ohio hate the police so much?
  44. What features are important on a flashlight?
  45. PA officer hurt in crash
  46. Finally had it checked out...
  47. 1911 Duty Weapons
  48. Off duty carry choice?
  49. Old school snubbie
  50. Prep for the academy
  51. Vehicle Frisk/Search for Weapon Scenerio
  52. Video: 2 idiots at DUI checkpoint
  53. Any Air Marshals on the forum?
  54. Body Armor
  55. OT: So I heard the Seals have invented a new drink, an Osama Bin Laden
  56. Krav Maga vs. PPCT
  57. It remains "Pending".
  58. Wish Us Luck, If Y'all Wouldn't Mind...
  59. Another bad egg that makes the rest of us look bad
  60. You're invited to Carry Issues for discussion...
  61. TN Trooper down
  62. Tomah, WI OIS, with dash cam
  63. Road block case law help
  64. Non-LEO's locking guns up at correctional/court houses?
  65. Missouri Highway Patrol NY/3.5 combo
  66. Woman breaks into house and gives homeowner criminal enema
  67. *Video* Intercepting An F-5 Twister!
  68. 15 shootings, 8 dead, Another ATL weekend
  69. Another Ohio Deputy killed.
  70. Video Of NYPD Police Officer Wrestling With NAKED EDP IN The Subway
  71. *Video* Can't Believe This Monster Travels On The Streets!
  72. He was trying to turn his life around
  73. Social media could place leo's at risk.
  74. Cicadia swarms in east Alabama and west Georgia....
  75. Knives are serious business
  76. A dump-truck full of Not Good
  77. "Rapper who glorified NJ trooper killer invited to White House"
  78. Students teach hippie about the 1st Amendment.
  79. Do you all mind if I hang out in here?
  80. Two Border Patrol Agents killed in auto accident in AZ.
  81. Mobile County AL SO OIS
  82. Can you believe this SOS
  83. Social Thread LIV: Ze Infidel comez to the US!
  84. Regional cop lingo...
  85. S. Texas Police Chief found dead in patrol car
  86. The things we see...
  87. LA/Hollywood people - help!
  88. "I told her not to squeeze the tomatoes"
  89. This seems strange
  90. Streamlight ultra--Bat. maintence
  91. County Time
  92. Assisting an officer
  93. One of our members is posting in another forum...
  94. This can't be good.
  95. Two NYPD Cops With History of Pursuing Prostitutes Being Eyed in killings
  96. OC decon advice
  97. Severely burned retired Phoenix leo doing well 10 years later.
  98. Any Nashville PD?
  99. 60 min Sovereign Citizens
  100. Today is National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Day
  101. If you had your way, for a day
  102. Glock Magazines
  103. HCC Police Academy in Houston TX
  104. Allow me to introduce a friend. Smokeross.
  105. Glocks with Lights...your experience - Input Needed
  106. WHY do officers do these things?
  107. Bomb scare at our county courthouse/jail
  108. Old one, but new to me.
  109. Akron Mom Waves Gun Defending Daughter on Busy Downtown Street
  110. Q for MI: Any way to find out if someone has unpaid moving violations?
  111. So I'm minding my own business....
  112. This is just a bunch of baloney, if you ask me.
  113. Polygraph Finished!
  114. Supreme Court Sides With Warrantless Search
  115. Dan continues to get better
  116. Friend with an interesting Problem - LEO opinions needed
  117. Uniform Press
  118. New Chief Tomorrow
  119. Man applies for SDPD, gets rewarded with 3 hot meals a day and a cot
  120. This officer is awesome!
  121. Looking for equipment
  122. 1 Step closer for Baltimore City
  123. This Northlake Officer needs to play the lottery!
  124. Repeat OWI offender totals Milwaukee squad car...
  125. Any officers here ever take action off duty?
  126. New ride
  127. Another boot thread
  128. *Video* Don't Mess With Middle-Aged, Bald, Fat Cops!
  129. Who pays when the shooting is righteous?
  130. K9 shot, killed.
  131. My issued Mossberg 12-ga finally got the mod I have been searching for (pic
  132. Suspect fights with cop, steals squad car...
  133. Choosing an expandable
  134. need help
  135. For the people who get worked up about the privileges LE has...
  136. Oakland PD Gen 4 Glocks recalled - why?
  137. Terror Worries Ride Rails
  138. Blue Salute
  139. Oklahoma Deputy shot.
  140. Why would police not be allowed to pursue?
  141. Bounty hunters and other badge having folks.
  142. Going old school or back in comfortable clothing. Gun and equipment relate
  143. It's after 6:00.....
  144. MD Trooper down
  145. Who is the most seasoned cop on GT?
  146. Jess (Skip) Hall (Fraud)
  147. School shooting - good guys 1, bad guy 0
  148. Individual Officer Taser Sales
  149. Tuscaloosa AL officer down
  150. States Rebel Over Deportations.
  151. Tucson AZ Officer Down
  152. Just want to say "Thanks" Sam..
  153. Just ordered a new carry rig...
  154. GPS tracking devices
  155. Bullet Proof Vest
  156. Does your wife think like this?
  157. Motorcycles
  158. Any Railroad Police Around?
  159. You know when...
  160. sciatica aint no joke!!!
  161. Criminal or civil?
  162. Naked Woman with a gun...
  163. Teens Riot In Manhattan Businesses
  164. crazy pursuit
  165. Model- DUI, Cop Attack, Jail Escape -- All in One Night
  166. Anyone have the link...
  167. Supreme Court Orders As many as 48,000 California Inmates Onto The Streets!
  168. What's next, a hug and a glass of warm milk?
  169. *Video* Home Defence Russian Style!
  170. Special Forces Arrest
  171. Can anyone in Kentucky help me out?
  172. Duck n Hide
  173. Danner Waterproof Telson Boots @ 50% OFF
  174. Blueiron is happy today!
  175. K-9 Officer Down
  176. Unauthorized surveillance?
  177. Ring, ring! Robin Hood calling!
  178. 128mph In A 45 Zone!
  179. Got tased last night
  180. K9 Down Flag Protocol
  181. *Video* Grading Children's Homework Muslim Style...
  182. Paging Sam Spade. Sam Spade please pick up the white courtesy phone
  183. End of Watch: Kansas State Highway Patrol Trooper Beau Wallace
  184. WebEOC
  185. EOW 052611, Hawthorne PD Motor Officer Andrew Garton
  186. Were they plants?
  187. LODD: Newark (NJ) PD
  188. Dodger Stadium 411
  189. Help finding.....
  190. Safariland no longer making the 6070 Raptor?
  191. How would you handle this, part 2
  192. Officer fired for leaving his post...
  193. Iowa bar owners ticketed over illegal mouse racing
  194. Best off-duty footwear...
  195. Remembering Ryan Cappelletty, Chesterfield County PD
  196. That guy
  197. SC LEO's that are being laid off etc...
  198. We had a Deputy murdered last night.
  199. Not A Good Day........
  200. Looking for information/education on issue.
  201. A local tragedy
  202. One of our local Officers
  203. Padded duty belt
  204. Memorial Day explained in a letter to Sarah,
  205. Anybody like my new avatar?
  206. Best 223/5.56 for putting down injured deer?
  207. My Under Armour Chafes
  208. EOW: Houston Police Officer Kevin Will
  209. Ratting a bad one out......
  210. I am Proud father
  211. In China, Crime Is Kept Quiet, Except on TV
  212. *Video* U.S. Park Police Vs. People Dancing @ The Jefferson Memorial!
  213. Sad Day for the Brotherhood
  214. Anyone have a policy that states you are to be available/on call anytime?
  215. The way it used to be.
  216. Anyone else, just not "ate up with it"?
  217. Las Vegas detention center anyone?
  218. Summer heat: polyester or poly/wool blend
  219. Best suspenders for duty belt
  220. What is the best vest?
  221. Yeeeahhhhhh, riiiiiiiight . . .
  222. Open carry would have prevented this?
  223. Well, this should get interesting...Obama DOJ
  224. S&w m&p 40?
  225. Nationals Baseball Stadium,HR218 friendly?
  226. Chest rig as a bail-out bag??
  227. LODD:Massachusetts State Police
  228. Iraqi Men Face Federal Terrorism Charges In Ky
  229. Off duty bag?
  230. This Saturday Will Be Interesting
  231. New vest
  232. Alto Police Furloughed For Six Months
  233. LE rep as shooters...
  234. Sheriff Karnes died today
  235. Do police target red cars/trucks?
  236. I'd like to see the report on this incident...
  237. The expandable baton thread.
  238. Urban Week on Miami Beach
  239. Florida Highway Patrol
  240. Sometimes I just shake my head..
  241. EOW: Riverside, MO Officer Jeff Taylor
  242. Rhyme time
  243. RIP US Marshall Matthew Dillon
  244. Another unjustified shooting in southern AZ
  245. U.S. Marshall
  246. To SERVE and protect
  247. *Video* Might Rapper "Eli" Be Under The Influence Of Some Substance>?
  248. More Information on AZ SWAT Shooting: Unsealed Document
  249. Citizen demands police attention...gets it
  250. S&W Model 64