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  1. Topograpy of Faith
  2. Christmas Fun
  3. Jews, Christians and Judaeo-Christians
  4. Healing the Sick-Casting out Demons-yes or no ?
  5. How many Atheists Celebrate Christmas?
  6. Quote of the Day
  7. Christmas Rage-What can be done?
  8. The Bible only as the standard of faith and practice
  9. Fellow atheists
  10. Jesus in the Eyes of Josephus
  11. Drinkers and dhimmis
  12. Another great story from Afghanistan
  13. Waynesboro VA: City Requiring "Permits" for Churches to Shelter Homeless
  14. What's New?
  15. Military to Rescind Policy Banning Bibles at Hospital
  16. The Christian Roots of Western Civilization
  17. Benjiman Netanyahu calls for the Ban on Muslims Call to Prayer
  18. Breaking News:The Apostle Peter WAS NOT the 1st Pope.
  19. Minister of Defense- Reggie White
  20. Christopher Hitchens RIP.
  21. What About Those Who Have Never Heard the Gospel?
  22. Merry Christmas
  23. a Link to Life
  24. Hitchens passing from Cal Thomas
  25. Who is offended by the public celebration of Christmas?(long)
  26. Happy Festivus
  27. Christians.. have you ever heard of Horus?
  28. Quran
  29. How much of the bible was written in the hundred years after Jesus died?
  30. Merry Christmas from the Religion of Peace
  31. "Santa Killer" Was Muslim Who Hated Daughter Dating Non-Muslims
  32. Do you celebrate Chanukkah?
  33. Arabian Peninsula?
  34. My Christmas blessing
  35. Christians...
  36. I may not be Muslim BUT...
  37. What does Jesus sacrifice mean to you?
  38. Dhimmis
  39. Bible passages related to doing work for Muslims??
  40. Evolution in action.
  41. Quote of the Day
  42. Santorum wants to impose 'Judeo-Christian Sharia'
  43. Another heartwarming tale from Pakistan
  44. Tim just threw for .....
  45. Happy Epiphany!
  46. Are crime rights higher in districts on one side of the political spectrum?
  47. The members of the Trinity are not equal in all respects
  48. And even more evidence.....
  49. "Zionists" versus "Jews"
  50. Flowchart for choosing your religion
  51. God to Tim Tebow
  52. Three US Jihadist Plots in One Week
  53. Question's about Muslim, for Akil or any other Muslim
  54. Test Tube Yeast Evolve Multicellularity
  55. Something from Nothing?
  56. Unambiguous prayers
  57. A question about the Bible and alcohol.
  58. Anyone seen this movie?
  59. Deja Jew
  60. Proof that there is no God.
  61. Paul7's Christianity Primer
  62. Christian Persucution - The Top 50 Countries
  63. What's the current year - to an atheist ??
  64. Indonesia: Atheist attacked by angry mob, faces jail time for writing
  65. A Reasonable Muslim Response.....
  66. Whats with the mormon ads everywhere?
  67. Explanation of Noah's Ark
  68. Bloomberg blasts use of 'Jihad' movie during police training
  69. The Problem of Evil
  70. Alaska Airlines to retire prayer cards
  71. Christian faith healing.
  72. Why the Disciples 'Hallucination Theory' is Invalid
  73. The Absurdity of the Crucifixion
  74. For the "non believers"...
  75. "God is an imaginary friend"
  76. The Real God: An Epiphany
  77. Grace and Justice
  78. Church-Burning Video Used to Promote Atheist Event at Ft. Bragg
  79. Fundamental Difference Between Muslim and Judeo/Christian Societies
  80. Long hair
  81. Just something to ponder while you work through problems
  82. Faith and Reason
  83. Athiests, post your favorite scripture
  84. Welcome to the Forums
  85. Evidence of divine inspiration of the Bible
  86. Suffering part 2...the Atheist view
  87. The Harbinger
  88. Egyptian Comedian Sentenced for Offending Islam
  89. Syria and Russia, this is interesting.
  90. A Repentant Leftist Confesses
  91. To the religious....what would cause you to give up religion??
  92. Questions for the fundamentalists/
  93. It is a myth that Jesus died to save men from hell
  94. He died and was resurrected to save us because his task was not done :)
  95. Carry at church?
  96. God in Music?
  97. Why was man created in the image of God?
  98. Israel of the Alps
  99. The Law of God
  100. He Said It
  101. Church help
  102. A question to my fellow Catholics.....
  103. The Kinddom of God
  104. The Strawman
  105. Mormon Baptism Controversy Threatens Romney
  106. The Story of Moses according to Norske
  107. The Born Again experience
  108. Moses and the Midianites
  109. The Future
  110. Secret Visit to an Islamic Purification Center
  111. The Sabbath
  112. Prophecy Decoded
  113. The real Future that is right in front of us.
  114. Atheism, the Cheap Answer
  115. Evolution: Another cheap answer!
  116. Sam Harris interviews former pastor who lost his faith
  117. Something from Nothing?: The Second Coming
  118. It's a Miracle!
  119. Read Between the Lines
  120. Tin Foil hat wearers...
  121. Muslims stone Christians on Temple Mount
  122. Iran court convicts Christian pastor convert to death Read more: http://ww
  123. Jews on GT?
  124. God won't give you more than you can handle.
  125. Transhumanism
  126. Atheist Attacked: the story of the zombie Mohammed
  127. Lent
  128. Richard Dawkins: I can't be sure God does not exist
  129. Why (and how) the vast evolution conspiracy?
  130. An Angel
  131. The Jerusalem Syndrome
  132. Understanding Paul's Difficult Scriptures
  133. Muslims Threaten Free Speech in New Mexico
  134. For all the altheists
  135. How Old is the Earth?
  136. Bible found in friends attic, 1181 AD
  137. Got it figured out.
  138. How to solve the religion thing
  139. Report: Internet radicalizes U.S. Muslims quickly
  140. Another 'isolated incident'...
  141. God Hates Shrimp
  142. Lambs-blood-passover-exodus
  143. After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?
  144. The ‘biblical view’ that’s younger than the Happy Meal
  145. Splain' something to me about abortion.
  146. Bible Study
  147. Teen girls getting involved in Exorcism
  148. Lesbian Woman Denied Communion at Mother's Funeral
  149. The Muslim Attack on Free Speech
  150. Bioethicists Argue for "After-Birth Abortion"
  151. Beware the 'stache
  152. 90 Facts about God
  153. The Book of Revelation
  154. Tilley's Rant!
  155. The Atheists corner
  156. The Biblical Truth abouth Sabbath - Keeping
  157. Twenty-eight Prophecies Fulfilled On the Crucifixion Day
  158. The Fear of Religion
  159. God bless South Dakota
  160. Creationism Vs. Evolution from a form Atheist
  161. An Argument for the Existance of God
  162. Pascal's Wager
  163. Classical Arguments for God
  164. Logical Fallacies
  165. Cogito ergo sum
  166. An atheist religious experience.
  167. Quran predicts that ants can talk.
  168. Why This Pastor Carries
  169. Video Of Muslims Desecrating Graves of WWII Dead
  170. Egyptian Court Sentences Priest to Six Months for Excess Church Height
  171. What passages condem pre marrital sex?
  172. Bible translations
  173. Purim
  174. A world without religion
  175. What is the State of the Dead
  176. Hindu miracle.
  177. Who Are The Two Witnesses & Elijah?
  178. When Was Jesus Christ Born?
  179. Binding and Loosing in the New Test.
  180. To Eat Out On The Sabbath Or Not
  181. Have a Blessed Sabbath
  182. Harold Camping Admits Rapture Prediction 'A Mistake'
  183. Heads up, Catholics
  184. Dozens of Iraqi teenagers stoned to death for ‘emo’ haircuts: activists
  185. The priesthood of all believers
  186. Mia Culpa from Camping
  187. what denomination am I?
  188. War against intelligent design
  189. Religious Freedom
  190. NASA Worker Fired for Believing in Intelligent Design
  191. Atheists likely to outnumber Christians in England in 20 years
  192. creamation and restoration
  193. God lives under the bed
  194. The seven nohide laws and non-jews.
  195. St. Patrick.
  196. Heaven can wait.
  197. Are There Lots of Kids in North Carolina Named 'Jihad'?
  198. More Evidence of Evolution?
  199. What is the True Name of Gods Church
  200. Saudi Grand Mufti Calls for "Destruction of All Churches in Region"
  201. It's for the children.
  202. Energy Drinks, Mark Of The Beast
  203. Hell
  204. Gody Holy Days
  205. Creationist remiss.
  206. "God" is unimportant. "Unity with Justice" is the proper goal
  207. Jimmy Carter on Homosexuality: ‘Jesus Never Said a Word About It’
  208. What is the purpose of this forum?
  209. Dutch Roman Catholic church 'castrated' boys in 1950s
  210. Why do Atheists only oppose Christianity?
  211. To my fellow Catholics, particularly those......
  212. Al Queda Murders American Christian
  213. Mohammad Merah Kills Jewish Children
  214. The Atheist And The Bear
  215. If God took a vacation, how would you know?
  216. How many christian men here married a woman that was divorced ?
  217. Roman's 7: Struggling with sin.
  218. Question for the truly wise...
  219. Does God Speak to You ?
  220. Atheist Threaten Lawsuit
  221. Are the French wising up?
  222. The greatest Psalm
  223. Being 'Born-Again' Linked to More Brain Atrophy
  224. Found this to be very funny, you may not but it's just humor
  225. MONUMENTAL: Go watch it if you are even remotely religious
  226. Strong Evidence Life Spread by Comets
  227. Churchgoers Subdue Gunman
  228. Where is the “Sinner’s Prayer” in the New Testamen
  229. Does God know about these extra planets?
  230. What brings on the "Time of Trouble"
  231. Why is creationist theory so incompatible with the big bang?
  232. $640 Million Lotto
  233. Atheist asks a question of believers
  234. A Believer asks Atheists a question.
  235. My Thoughts...
  236. An atheist asks Christians a question
  237. Steps to Christ
  238. While We Slept
  239. The beginning of the end.
  240. Worlds oldest bible found
  241. Can you trust Gods word?
  242. I'm Christian unless you're gay
  243. Casting out demons
  244. Easter, Christian or Pagan?
  245. Christian student in Egypt gets 3 years in jail for insulting Islam on FB
  246. Pope denounces dissident priests on celibacy
  247. The Mark of the Beast
  248. Why Are Atheists So Obsessed With Disproving God's Existence?
  249. Happy Sabbath!
  250. Bible Proven accurate by Archaeology