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  1. The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn
  2. Evoke God and Jerusalem!
  3. It's just a "Theory"
  4. As a Christian.......
  5. Thread question
  6. Illuminati Clock ends Sunday the 9th
  7. Happy Sabbath
  8. So, what's new?
  9. Sea of Glass
  10. Why do atheist spend so much time discussing religion?
  11. Are Enoch, Eliyah and Moses in Heaven?
  12. Free will and an Omniscient God?
  13. Buddha was a secular atheist... ???
  14. UK Channel 4 cancels Islam documentary screening after presenter threatened
  15. The Top 10 Reasons I Don’t Believe in God
  16. Where does one go with legitimate questions?
  17. What caused the Big Bang?
  18. Can we even agree that...
  19. Feast of Trumpets
  20. Bill Maher on Atheists
  21. Communication
  22. Amalgamation of Man and Beast
  23. A public apology
  24. Reserection Stories?
  25. "Elective" abortions sanctioned by the SDA church
  26. Another Public Apology...
  27. Just one more public apology.
  28. Proof Jesus was married
  29. Pastors pledge to defy IRS, preach politics from pulpit ahead of election
  30. I Publicly Apologize
  31. I Love Religious Music
  32. Subject: Charlotte hospitality -
  33. Love the Prophet Day
  34. I read this. I cringed. A lot.
  35. Anyone seen this??
  36. The Day of Atonement
  37. Can a Muslim be a "good" American
  38. Buffalo Church Vandal Was Angry With God
  39. More of a religious issue so I'll post it here.
  40. Are you saved by grace or do you expect a discount?
  41. It is what it is!
  42. Biblical definition of marriage.
  43. The Feast of Tabernacles
  44. anyone else see a correlation?
  45. Einstein 'God' letter to sell on eBay, with bidding starting at $3M
  46. Biden: 'Yes, We Do' Want to Raise Taxes By a Trillion Dollars
  47. Good Americians?????????
  48. France: Woman Assaulted for Walking on Bridge by Muslims
  49. Atheism explained
  50. God's gap gets a little bit smaller...
  51. Hypothetical question for christians.
  52. If Americans came from...
  53. Albert Einstein's "God Letter" to be auctioned online
  54. The difference between science and religion...
  55. The Trinity
  56. The facts
  57. Evolution is a lie strraight from hell
  58. Bad days ahead for Democrats and atheists...
  59. What happens to Religious Issues Forum when Christians no longer post...
  60. The Decline of Organized Religion
  61. What does it take to be a Christian / No True Scotsman
  62. Welcome To Belgistan. Wake T.F.U. America!
  63. The "crisis" of secularism
  64. Heavenly Love
  65. Free Molly Norris!
  66. Using Fear To Promote Religion
  67. What does it take to be an atheist?
  68. The Holy Bible is both historically and scientifically correct.
  69. Creationist misunderstanding of evolution IS their fault.
  70. True Wisdom And How To Be Wise!
  71. Non-jews go to heaven.
  72. Billy Graham's Election Message
  73. I love the bible, check this verse out.
  74. Happy 6016th, Universe!
  75. Insane Bible Quotes
  76. Whither Humanity?
  77. What if it is a test?
  78. Evolutionist's misconceptions about creationism.
  79. Pascal's Wager (yet again)
  80. Obama and Putin must have the same campaign manager
  81. A Good Muslim
  82. jesus did not abolish the old covenant (mosiac law)
  83. Just A-Walkin' the Dog
  84. Mary > sandy
  85. Der Zauberlehrling -a poem by Goethe, 1797
  86. Remarkable.
  87. Muslim Hypocrisy
  88. So, You Think You're Smart?
  89. Toxic Charity?
  90. I was watching Obama's campaign headquarts last night...
  91. Geneva Bible?
  92. What's your biggest problem with the theory of evolution?
  93. Prayer.
  94. All laws based on morality.
  95. God's will comes to pass.
  96. Humanity's Motivation
  97. Christian Faith and Politics
  98. How’s your health?
  99. thoughts on the secularization of civilization
  100. When did humans get their souls?
  101. Tis the Season
  102. Who's celebrating the Feast of the Son of Isis?
  103. Sorry I ever doubted snowbird.
  104. Kentucky - 12 months in jail for Not posting plaques celebrating god
  105. Trouble indicates better things to come.
  106. Christian Coitus
  107. Religious books and Japan
  108. Can't have freedom without morality
  109. Clarifications for/from Peace Warrior
  110. Best Religious Podcast?
  111. World War 3 in the making...
  112. From Russia With Love
  113. Let's write a revised Moral Code.
  114. Pat Robertson is starting to get it.
  115. There are no atheists in foxholes.
  116. How can an African American person evolve from a white person?
  117. A Letter from Hobby Lobby Stores CEO
  118. The Asymmetry of Intolerance
  119. Why some Atheists post here.
  120. Jerusalem a burdensome stone
  121. Chuck Lorrie vanity card # 400
  122. This Just In: Christians are NOT the enemy
  123. Christ was never in Christmas
  124. If Christianity Is So Bad...
  125. The ugliness of Christmas
  126. Unmasking Christmas hypocrits
  127. Christianophobia, Or Fear Of Christianity
  128. Why are atheists wary of Christians/Christianity?
  129. The Difference Between Right and Wrong?
  130. Christian who relies on God vs guns
  131. And we laugh for no apparent reason....
  132. Rasputin and Jesus Christ similarities.
  133. Really? The Peanuts Christmas play?
  134. What will we do in Heaven?
  135. Cadet quits, cites overt religion at West Point
  136. I believe...
  137. Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson Speaks About His Faith at Harding Univ.
  138. Bible contradictions. Score yourself.
  139. Prayer...
  140. Count Your Blessings.
  141. Where was god this morning during the school shooting?
  142. I don't even know what to say...
  143. Good, And Evil - Who wins?
  144. Very unusual, hauntingly beautiful Christmas music from the middle east
  145. XKCD star of Bethlehem.
  146. What We Still Don't Know: "Are We Real?"
  147. Secular victory in New Orleans.
  148. Coveting
  149. Religious Fallibility
  150. Merry CHRISTmass
  151. USA founded on God
  152. Who knew bibles were so expensive?!
  153. What Would You Accept As Proof Of God's Existence?
  154. Business shuts down rather than serve gays.
  155. Crazy things that atheists teach their kids.
  156. Absolute Monarchs: A History of the Papacy by John Julius Norwich
  157. Merry Christmas, from local Jews, Muslims...
  158. Evolution? Impossible!
  159. How many of ya all are followers of new religion
  160. What do you all think? Did Doc spank me?
  161. The Maggi
  162. Why are atheist so intolerant of other beliefs?
  163. Just Wondering..... RKBA supporter? Or not?
  164. Leviticus 19:28
  165. USA founded on God. So what?
  166. An interesting read on creationism
  167. Jan 13, Sunday might message at my church
  168. Penn Jillette at Glenn Beck's
  169. Should I Change Churches?
  170. What's with...
  171. Lipstick in Catholic School
  172. Why I religiously believe in science.
  173. Should RI Split into 4 Subforums?
  174. Atheism destroyed with one question...
  175. God spoke to me last night
  176. Time for another Sabbatical from RI
  177. This nation is turning its back on God and His blessings
  178. People continue to wonder why the non-religious have Religious Issues
  179. What Is Your Profession?
  180. Atheism, Theism and Agnosticism
  181. Religion of "Rights"
  182. Should The Bible Be Banned From Obama's Inauguration?
  183. JPL Wins religious discrimination suit
  184. Godless mom strikes a chord with parents
  185. Senator demands proof of evolution, doesn't understand what it is.
  186. Look at this! Evolution linked article.
  187. This is evidence of evolution (to me).
  188. Muslims Police UK Streets
  189. Age for sex
  190. Atheist Has A Vivid Dream of Heaven
  191. This is evidence of God
  192. Worth a Listen.
  193. Another Religious Issue?
  194. May we please have an Atheist forum?
  195. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
  196. Ever wonder if theists discuss logical fallacies?
  197. God Watches Football
  198. Athiest/Agnostic Forum?
  199. When was the Father revealed?
  200. Just got my passport renewed and surprise!
  201. US Embassy Bombed In Turkey
  202. Illustrated Contradictions.
  203. Creationism is child abuse
  204. Atheists, what was your worst experience with religion?
  205. Give thanks to God
  206. God Finally Speaks Up
  207. Ancient Aliens TV Show On The History Channel
  208. UK "Muslim Rape Defense" Speaks Volumes
  209. French Magazine Office Firebombed for printing satirical Mohammed cartoon b
  210. Danish anti-Islam writer, 70, narrowly survives doorstep assassination atte
  211. Pope Resigns
  212. Pope Resigns
  213. Kleptocracies
  214. Beginning of the end.
  215. Happy Sabbath
  216. The Bible and Christianity - a question
  217. Why isn't abiogenesis considered evolution?
  218. Listen up Atheists...
  219. Listen up Christians....
  220. who defines "evil"?
  221. 7 Egypt Copts get death sentence over anti-Islam film
  222. "Thou art God"
  223. The 2nd Commandment
  224. Anybody involved in a Church Small Group?
  225. Muslim accused of beheading 2 Christians in U.S
  226. What, If Any, ‘Debt’ Do You Owe To Others?
  227. Another win for Dawkins
  228. Is it 'okay' in your eyes...
  229. An Open Question About Faith, or the lack of.....
  230. Does God know about this?
  231. From a REAL President and American
  232. Predestination vs. Free Will - Is It One or the Other?
  233. Trouble in Rome!
  234. The History Channel's "The Bible"
  235. Comets May Reveal Cosmic Origin of Life on Earth
  236. Marriage: We Fall Out of Repentence, Not Out of Love
  237. One question?
  238. Why do some Christian churches ban alcohol?
  239. Cop Demoted to Carwasher for Refusing to Pray
  240. Believers vs intellectual curiosity
  241. Ahmadinejad's embrace of Chavez's mother irks clerics
  242. Passover
  243. The Exorcism of "demons"
  244. Jesus Chirst! What will happen next?
  245. White Smoke!
  246. Wjhy another "old' pope?
  247. Heaven, hell, souls, abortion...
  248. Is the Eucharist
  249. Religion is fading in America.
  250. The scope of religious issues