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  1. White Privilege
  2. Video: U S Debt...We Will Implode
  3. FLASHBACK!- Ann asks THE question
  4. Racial Double Standards at MSNBC
  5. Only 9% of sampled households gave an answer to a pollster in 2012
  6. Is this the October surprise?
  7. The economy is in far worse shape than the average person realizes
  8. Fast and Furious whistleblower Dodson demands retraction from Fortune
  9. Yeah, like who could have seen this coming?!? BIG supporters.
  10. Is Barack Obama a Compulsive Liar?
  11. ‘The Free Stuff Election’
  12. Phone, email, Internet surveillance of Americans skyrockets under Obama
  13. U.S. 'Drowning In Unemployment,' Says Federal Reserve Member
  14. 140 Obama Crimes
  15. Desperate Democrats Deploy Racism Accusations Early to Justify Obama Loss
  16. They can't skew the polls anymore
  17. Women airbrushed out of Saudi Ikea catalog
  18. Hillary is FINALLY making progress...!
  19. hes not called the food stamp president for nothing...
  20. The parallel universe where Mitt Romney leads all polls
  21. More problematic GOP voter forms are found in Florida
  22. North Carolina to investigate firm registering GOP voters
  23. Debate Could Test Two Romney Weaknesses, Talking and Thinking
  24. America could be ‘taken over,’ warns Ross Perot
  25. Polling dilemma....what do you think?
  26. Don't want to get shot...Pentagon advises don't offend Muslims
  27. Early voting, who's in charge of the count?
  28. Governor Moonbeam Gives Drivers Licenses to Illegal Immigrants
  29. $1.84 gas special...reminder of a world before Obama
  30. Obama, Bush did it
  31. Obama adviser admits: 'We need death panels'
  32. Obama officials meet with Mexican officials to promote food stamps.
  33. Obamamoa violates the COTUS/Oath of office again!
  34. Poll expert: Romney has 15-20% chance of victory
  35. a few model voters
  36. Pelosi Has Opponent This Year
  37. Benghazi-Gate:U.S. Consulate in Benghazi Bombed Twice in Run-Up to 9/11 Ann
  38. Think politics are crooked
  39. ABCNEWS Stephanopoulos declares Dem winner in 8 of 9 last debates...
  40. A pollster under oath
  41. Game Changer: How President Bush could help President Obama win re-election
  42. CA Dems caught in voter registration fraud*
  43. EPA ignoring human testing law to justify more regulation?
  44. Cement overshoes for Americans. All-Powerful Executive branch.
  45. Romney Obama Debate 1 Moment Prediction & Review
  46. There IS hope. Maybe!
  47. House committee: security requests denied in LibyaHouse committee: security
  48. The fastest growing religion today- What is it? Hear PRAGER.
  49. Do gun owners owe Romney an apology?
  50. It's that deadly CZAR juice, that's what.
  51. Another U.S. Border Patrol agent killed-"big deal."
  52. Class action lawsuit aginst the MSM?
  53. Game changer? : O race rant video. Hannity 9pm
  54. Afghanistan Poised to Fall
  55. You just couldn't make this stuff up....
  56. Socialism the new communism?
  57. A doctor...on Obamacare
  58. Where is Jesse Jackson Jr.?
  59. Jesse Ventura, Castro’s man of courage
  60. Free "Obama Phones" recpients top 16 million!
  61. Latest Poll: Obama 81%, Romney 12%
  62. Tea Party Texas Voters guide
  63. "the bullet hasn't been taken out"
  64. BOMBSHELL! Obama denied security to ambassador--
  65. Honey, you didn't build this.
  66. Israel, a US State
  67. how romney can win election:
  68. Did the White House order a cover-up over the murder of Libya's US Ambassad
  69. WH aide on the lam from F&F investigators
  70. Syria Lybia
  71. Obama That I Used To Know
  72. Domestic Fight Over Obama and Romney Leads to Man's Arrest: Cops
  74. Violence and Protest in Iran as Currency Drops in Value
  75. Ryan: Gun owners should fear an Obama re-election
  76. Oil Falls as U.S. Crude Output Rises to Highest Level Since 1996
  77. Post your debate comments here ...
  78. Have you hugged your garbageman lately?
  79. Wow Obama got spanked
  80. To Kill an American
  81. Which candidate won the first debate?
  82. Read the Epilog
  83. "Liberals throw hissy fit over Obama debate performance"
  84. Romney won the debate - but
  85. I seem.
  86. Influential Black Bishop: ‘Time To End The Slavish Devotion To The Democrat
  87. Other good political forums?
  88. Its November 7th….you are Romney…and you have won. Now what?
  89. Before the debate started
  90. Let the Obama excuses begin!
  91. Report: Zimmerman to sue NBC over 911 tape
  92. Obama is getting another nobel prize!
  93. Feminist Fantasies and Islam
  94. On Getting Fired by National Review
  95. NYT front page article damaging to Obama
  96. What IRS tax code or Federal law give Companies a tax break to out source
  97. You vote for Romney because Ron Paul would never win...but...
  98. You vote for Romney because Gary Johnson would never win...but...
  99. Clint was right after all.
  100. Another month, another $1000 deeper in debt for every taxpayer
  101. Smartest president EVER
  102. US unemployment rate likely rose on weak hiring
  103. Honey, I Shrunk the President
  104. Today's Toons 10/5/12
  105. AARP to Obama: Stop citing us
  106. Police release shocking video of elderly bus driver brutally sucker punched
  107. It's obvious Obama isn't President
  108. There must be a mix-up. Look at what I got in my email!
  109. Film dramatizing bin Laden raid airing Nov. 4
  110. 196 Million Eligible For Race/Ethnic Preferences By 2050
  111. Hilarious Youtube version of the debate
  112. Electic cars have twice the global warming of internal combustion cars
  113. Mandatory Chant: "Our Forefathers Were Illegal Immigrants"
  114. Man Tells Obama: Business 'Terrible Since You Got Here'
  115. Unemployment rate poll
  116. Rasmussen: Romney Now Ahead in FL & VA, Just 1% Behind in OH
  117. There goes the neighborhood
  118. New questions about coverage of Romney campaign after debate
  119. UPDATE: Threats for Romney T-Shirt Teen
  120. Upcoming debates - thoughts/predictions?
  121. Scandal about to rock the Obama campaign?
  122. `Caption This Photo: Hillary Sneaks a Peek at Christina Aguilera`
  123. UW Madison Students: Unfair That Obama Couldn't Use Teleprompter in Debate
  124. Benched: DW Schultz MIA in Democrats' PR Blitz
  125. AFP Responds to September Jobs Report with Silence
  126. Bishop E.W. Jackson Message to Black Christians
  127. Calif. gas prices equal all-time high
  128. Leno On Debate Ratings: 'Only Person Who Didn't Tune In, I Think, Was Obama
  129. Republican roadmap to an 8.5% vat
  130. Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
  131. Gotta love it!
  132. BHO Whitewashing Iranian Backed Jihadists in Middle East?
  133. seems video gamers like romney
  134. Romney lies about pre-existing conditions in debate
  135. Donor on Obama: 'Looks Like He Took My Million and Spent it All on Weed'
  136. Border Agent killed by Friendly Fire?
  137. "Straight from the pits of hell"
  138. Are the French right? Are Americans stupid?
  139. Romney Cheated At Debate
  140. Obama Raises $181 Million, Only Around 2% of Donations Reportable
  141. NBC tells Obama not to use footage
  142. Breitbart 'Obama Debate TelePrompter' Video Makes Pat Buchanan Lose It
  143. Obama Spokesperson: OK, Fine, We've Been Lying About Romney's Tax Plan
  144. UK Telegraph on Obama Debate Performance
  145. Face the Baseball Nation
  146. Political Talking Heads Today in Full Attack Mode
  147. Obama nearing $1 billion in campaign fund-raising
  148. Biden Takes 6 Days Off Campaign Trail
  149. Voices Without a Vote
  150. Team obama blames john kerry for debate loss
  151. Mitt Romney debates himself
  152. Why he's falling apart ~ The foundations of Obama's campaign are not nearly
  153. “How’s he going to memorize an hour and a half debate?”
  154. Anti-austerity protests grip 56 Spanish cities
  155. `Liberals fret: Is Obama bored? Does he even want a second term?
  156. Barack Obama And The Other One Term Presidents
  157. Romney will sign an assault weapons ban.
  158. `Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife! Race Obsessed Liberals Will Curse...`
  159. Obama as a head coach
  160. Princeton Economist: Romney Tax Plan Mathematically Sound
  161. `Military Times Poll: Romney bests Obama, 2-1`
  162. Gary Johnson/Libertarian Questions
  163. ~ "Spooks in the Machine Speak Up" ~
  164. "A word to rioting Muslims"
  165. Death Panel Rattle
  166. Unearthed: Obama's Notes from the Debate
  167. Black actress endorses Romney and Twitter goes wild
  168. Twitter users threaten to assassinate Romney
  169. The Magical Hip-Hop Get Out of Jail Free Card
  170. Romney wants to arm Syrian rebels.
  171. Everyone get in here…Raid Party!
  172. Hate Crime Hoaxes Designed To Save Affirmative Action?
  173. Romney: Yes on CCW Reciprocity, NO on AWB
  174. Republican U.S. Senator, Vietnam Veteran Endorses President Obamaama
  175. GALLUP: Obama Bouncing Back Already To 5-Point Lead
  176. O’Brien grills Romney adviser over completely contradictory foreign policy
  177. I didn't realize he was a LIER. That changes everything.
  178. Clinton aide swiftly briefed lawmakers on 'coordinated' Libya strike
  179. I'll just leave this here
  180. Monument to Cesar Chavez: shameless pandering
  181. Romney Will Not Sign An Assault Weapons Ban
  182. Romney: The US must help Syrian rebels oust Assad
  183. Budget crunched: The facts of Romney’s proposed $2 trillion Defense Increas
  184. Will Wonders Never Cease?
  185. Battleground Poll: Romney Up 16 with Independents, Up 13 In Enthusiasm
  186. MSNBC: Was Ambassador Stevens Responsible For His Own Death?
  187. Foreign Donations Are Nothing New For Obama, remember '08?
  188. Pastor at Ryan event once said Romney is not a Christian
  189. Pat Condell - Obama's Silence
  190. This Nations REAL Problem
  191. Is Supreme Court set to end use of race in admissions?
  192. Romney’s peace through strength
  193. Ryan says Mitt will approve pipeline Day 1 tells Ohio it will create jobs
  194. State Department Labeled Libya Attack Coordinated Terrorism Within 24 Hours
  195. Attack on teacher caught by surveillance cameras
  196. SNL Lampoons Leftist Hysterics at MSNBC
  197. Here's a wonderful pic of Obama.. it'll give ya HOPE
  198. GALLUP: Romney, Obama Tied (aka: What Was That About a 5 pt Lead, Herbert?)
  199. Would a U.S. attack on Iran before the election help or hurt Obama?
  200. Hey, Flintlocker, Obama might not be so bad after all
  201. Defense Department Brushes Off Absentee Ballot Issue
  202. It's ALL here in priceless form. All of it.
  203. Chicago's answer to shootings: A Violence Tax!
  204. Voices without a vote
  205. Would you want to be Romney on Nov 7th?
  206. (ABQ) Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson makes a hometown visit
  207. Suffolk Polling pulls workers from VA, NC, FL, says Romney wins all three
  208. Party Platforms from citizen link
  209. Billary throws Obamamoa under the bus!
  210. Libya could be an issue that sticks
  211. Al-Qaida making comeback in Iraq, officials say
  212. Barack Obama, Pants on Fire
  213. Fair share? Fine- How's THIS for FAIR SHARE?!?
  214. Obamas ring "There is no God but Allah"
  215. Stacey Dash fires back at attackers
  216. American Birthrates: Quantity vs. Quality
  217. The War Between The Sexes And The GOP
  218. Westgate Resorts CEO to Employees:Obama elected means you may lose your job
  219. Media Fairness: Obama's Buddy Moderates Debate
  220. Darden Restaurants dropping FT employees for PT, O-Care blamed
  221. Criticism Below The Belt
  222. Video: O'Keefe Strikes Again - DNC Employee Tells Voter How To Vote Twice
  223. Interview With a Contractor: Affirmative Action In Action
  224. Biden gets help preparing for the VP debate
  225. Seniors & Hunger: Worst Seven States
  226. Anne Coulter: Democrats Are The Party Of Racism
  227. Bias Alert Flashback -- remember photos of Palin's legs?
  228. ~ Hezbollah Chief Financial Officer Defects to Israel ~
  229. Giant Manure Pile Dumped Outside Democrat Headquarters in Ohio
  230. White House calls for gun bans on their official website.... Again.
  231. Obamaphones helping US/Mexican relations..
  232. Today's Toons 10/11/12 political cartoons
  233. Gunmen kill Yemeni official at US embassy
  234. Armstrong guilty of 'serial cheating'
  235. Poll: Libertarian Party nominee could be spoiler in Nevada -- for Obama
  236. Justice Kennedy the key to campus affirmative action
  237. Obama argued for affirmative action, against ‘return to good old racism
  238. Joe Biden Humor
  239. Sheriff Joe on 'permanent donut break"; LOL!
  240. A video for GS Shark, Flintlocker and the rest of the GT socialists
  241. LAPD Chief orders officers to ignore immigration laws.
  242. Unemployment Numbers are Bogus
  243. The religious factor in this election.
  244. The Paul Ryan budget
  245. Obama's silver bullet-
  246. Romney wins by a landslide?
  247. Jason Chaffetz Admits House GOP Cut Funding For Embassy Security
  248. Romney: ‘We Don’t Have People Who Die Because They Don’t Have Insurance’
  249. Ryan debates against the most skillful, intelligent oppoent upcoming...
  250. The Lying Precedent