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  1. Pat Smith video on CNN MUST WATCH
  2. Cutter: Benghazi Is Only an Issue ‘Because of Romney and Ryan’
  3. ~"Its almost Time Kids" ~
  4. A taste of multi-culturalism and "tolerance"
  5. Radical anti-gun groups help Bloomberg/Joyce Fdn fly "under the radar"
  6. I can't believe nobody has posted this yet....
  7. Atlas Shrugged: Greece's Biggest Company Quits Country
  8. Another reaction to that offensive video
  9. VP Debate commentary here ....
  10. you can't make this stuff up
  11. Obama family behind Shariah push in Kenya
  12. Tonights Debate
  13. Reddit r/poitics impression of the debate....
  14. Who won!!
  15. Democrat carpetbagger, Christie Vilsack, runs for US Rep. in Iowa
  16. ~ "CNN" ~ Poll Debate watchers `split`
  17. Biden won the debate - but
  18. The Joe-ker
  19. Biden contradicts State Department on Benghazi security
  20. Cutter: Romney, Ryan 'entire reason' Libya attack is political issue
  21. ~Lindsay Lohan switches Horses endorses Romney~
  22. Skimmed through the VP debate today. I can't find........
  23. Ryan wins debate by default...
  24. RNC Web Ad: "Laughing at the Issues" (Official Version)
  25. Who was the man who debated Paul Ryan?
  26. Pollsters Threatened by Axelrod and the Obama DOJ
  27. 25 Year Veteran ATF Agent, Whistleblower Fired Unceremoniously
  28. Senator Graham working to give Israel control over US military
  29. Presidential Debate - Oct 16...predictions?
  30. "I voted early"
  31. If you're not "Pro Life" are you "Pro Death"?
  32. Interesting election 2012 observation, here in Kentucky
  33. " `O`dangerous change in the powers of the president"
  34. Private Citizen Buys Airtime to Do Job Mainstream Media Refuses to Do
  35. JFK's 1962 Speech Advocating Tax Cuts
  36. Raddatz Visited Biden at Home Earlier This Year
  37. Obama: 'I Thought Joe Biden Was Terrific'
  38. St Dept Spokesman Dodges Benghazi Questions: 'I'm Dumber Than My Colleagues
  39. Joe biden flat-out lied about his votes on the wars in afghanistan and iraq
  40. "Obama Campaign To Hold First Muslim Outreach Event…"
  41. BFD: Biden's Failed Debate
  42. Computer predicts election
  43. Affirmative Action Decision Awaited
  44. Obama’s Libya debacle: Willful blindness
  45. Drive-by shooting hits Obama's campaign office
  46. FACT CHECK: Slips in vice president's debate
  47. White house: Buck stops with hillary on libya
  48. Europe gives itself 'World’s #1 Dad' award
  49. Call it a conspiracy theory, if you want......but.....
  50. Population Control through Obama Care!
  51. ~ "Obama: El Cocinero (the Chef!)" ~
  52. Devastating Ohio Editorial: Obama's Handling of Libya Indefensible
  53. Gary, Indiana prosecutor lauds Paul Ryan
  54. Connecticut Dem Jokes About Corruption
  55. NY Times Edits Ryan’s Key Phrase Out of Transcript
  56. Wasserman Schultz: GOP 'un-American' for seeking answers to Benghazi attack
  57. Skip A Rope
  58. Florida Passes Plan For Racially-Based Academic Goals
  59. Question about overturning Obamacare
  60. Biden's laughter a sign of 'passion and joy,' Carney says
  61. Sunday's Weekly Liars Club Meetings
  62. Expect small '13 Social Security benefit increase
  63. Off Duty Cop Murdered in Trayvon-style Concrete Assault
  64. Happy Birthday Margaret!
  65. Russian TV Reporter Visits Paris"Police No-Go" Muslim Areas
  66. Arlen Specter passes; how will you remember him?
  67. How many Babies killed on "Chucklehead's" watch?
  68. Benghasi vs Watergate, which is worse?
  69. Koch Industries, other CEOs warn employees of layoffs if Obama is reelected
  70. Black Christians: Shame! Shame! Shame!
  71. Romney's plan to dump Bernanke may hurt markets
  72. Vice President Bozo... NY Daily News
  73. Look what I found
  74. Piers Morgan says Romney 'Might just save America'
  75. Progress - according to liberals
  76. ManBearPig: Fantastic Darwin tool..
  77. Barry gonna get all wuff-n-tuff Tuesday..
  78. "..the blood-spattered path to surrender.."
  79. Tea Party versus Agenda 21
  80. The History and Costs of the Obamaphone
  81. Joe Biden Says What He Means
  82. Romney wins in a landslide -- Las Vegas oddsmaker doubles down on predictio
  83. is this how food stamp FRAUD works?
  84. obama Revealed
  85. Moderator Role Under Scrutiny — Before the Debate (eye protection required)
  86. Food Tent Displaying Obama Signs Erected Outside Ohio Poll
  87. Clinton off to Peru amid Libya questions
  88. Obama's weakness: His arrogance
  89. You think Raddatz was bad as moderator,
  90. "Forward!" New Obama slogan has long ties to Marxism
  91. Swing States poll: Women push Romney into lead
  92. If Romeny wins, we're going to riot
  93. The Blacklash Against Stacey Dash
  94. Anarchism, economic collapse, and 7 billion chimpanzees
  95. Why is Obamacare Bad?
  96. Leftists Inventing An Anti-White Pan-Asian Identity
  97. Romney leads Obama post VP debate
  98. Elderly Man Brutally Beat in UK- Caught on Tape
  99. Iranian Cyberattacks
  100. The Romney House of Cards Begins To Collapse.
  101. Clinton takes responsibility for consulate security
  102. Libya Cover-Up: Hillary Clinton Throws Obama Under His Own Benghazi Bus
  103. Thugs pick the wrong "knock-out" game victim
  104. Friend considering not voting...
  105. AFL-CIO, Florida Democratic Party Coordinate Voter Intimidation Efforts
  106. Jonesing for Censorship
  107. Behind the Benghazi Cover-up
  108. Quiet Riot -- What Happens if Obama Loses?
  109. Obama stars in OPERATION FLEXIBLE
  110. U.S. Dept. Justice Website change
  111. Obama Doesn't Like People ...
  112. Another Obama lie.
  113. 2016: Obama's America is now available for rental/purchase
  114. obama's national security leaks and the damage done
  115. Scathing New Tea Party Ad Features…The ‘Obama Phone Lady’
  116. France to Cover 100 Percent of the Cost of Abortions
  117. Romney already making promises he can't keep:
  118. Barry wants a new AWB--What a surprise!
  119. Talking assault weapons ban and gun control now
  120. Two Things
  121. NEWS: Crowley just admitted Romney was right
  122. Romney's "binders full of women" comment already has a Tumblr...
  123. Romney Up In Gallup Poll 4%
  124. The Food Stamp president
  125. Candy was "primed" to jump on "terror" remark
  126. Tried to told yall (Debate)
  127. Romney 77 percent chance winning popular vote
  128. Obama won! Praise Alah!
  129. Meet Obama's Communist Mentor, Frank Marshall Davis
  130. The Cost Of Obamanomics: Violent Crimes Rose 18 Percent in 2011
  131. I have a new name for those who will vote for Gary Johnson
  132. The Obamatrons Know Who Really Won ....
  133. Beginning of The End: The Obama implosion begins...
  134. L.A. city gone crazy!
  135. Gallup: R 51% o 45%
  136. Jihadist arrested trying to blow up Federal Reserve
  137. I watching "2016: Obama's America" on cable
  138. Midde Eastern Man Arrested in Plot to Blow Up Federal Reserve Building
  139. Leftist Civility Post-Presidential Debate Round 2
  140. Canadian Catholic Schools Told They Can’t Teach Abortion is Wrong
  141. The Onion nails it again...
  142. Caption this!
  143. Robot Squirrels? Mars Menus? Gaydar? Your Tax Dollars at Work
  144. Paul Ryan is going to be in my town tomorrow.....
  145. Keep the Internet free and out of the hands of a group of global socialists
  146. Issa threatens subpoena this week over ObamaCare documents
  147. An interview with a liberal, on omegle.
  148. hes called the foodstamp president for a reason
  149. The 7-Eleven Presidency
  150. More evidence of deception
  151. Obama Pursuing Leakers Sends Warning to Whistle-Blowers
  152. No Need to Prove Residency to Vote in Battleground Wisconsin
  153. Newsweek No Longer in Print
  154. The REAL Libya question
  155. Rasmussen: Romney expands his lead post-debate
  156. Generals + Admirals for Mitt Romney
  157. Beer economy brake down
  158. Earth to rnc---
  159. The One-Party State
  160. JFK sounding like a conservative
  161. Contest held to come up with taunting billboard message for Pelosi
  162. Benghazi attack a botched kidnapping attempt?
  163. Tagg Romney wants to 'take a swing' at Obama
  164. Mitt Romney ‘will not run again’ when campaign falls short, wife says
  165. Bob Beckel just admitted "If the polls are right..it's over"
  166. RINO SOUR GRAPES: Lugar won't campaign for Mourdock
  167. Romney challenging Obama is unconstitutional
  168. "If 4 Americans get killed, it's not optimal"
  169. Biden again: "How many of you know troops serving in Iraq & Iran"
  170. If you were Romney...
  171. Red states are the moochers and Blue states are the makers
  172. Dinesh D'Souza Resigns As President Of King's College Amid Scandal
  173. Media Suddenly Muted on Jobless Claims
  174. 'Dreams from My Father' Audiobook Scrubs Mentions of Frank Marshall Davis
  175. Obama just announced this is his last campaign.
  176. Hilarious and Brutal: Romney kills at the annual Alfred E. Smith Dinner
  177. Your Prediction of Electoral College on Morning of Nov 7th
  178. Poll finds Akin with slight lead over McCaskill
  179. Bill Clinton throws Obama under the bus
  180. Bill Murray weighs in from Neptune
  181. Two-line proposed amendment could have huge effect on gun control laws
  182. Tell Obama to Cease FDA Ties to Monsanto
  183. Today's Toons
  184. Progressive Orlando Sentinel Endorses Romney
  185. Mystery Guest-- who can it be?
  186. Jim Rogers on Election 2012: "A Pox on Both Their Houses'
  187. Gary Johnson on Fox Business' Cavuto 10/17/2012
  188. Obama Stops Releasing 'Simulus' Results Reports Ahead Of Election
  189. Castro Has A Stroke ....
  190. Should parents sue this school?
  191. As for that so-called “undecided” woman who asked the AK-47 question...
  192. Mark Levin: "Debates don’t matter anymore, Obama's back against the wall"
  193. RCP now has Romney ahead in electoral college
  194. CIA found militant links a day after Libya attack
  195. Documents show Stevens worried about Al Qaeda before and day of attack
  196. slick willie
  197. Judge: Zimmerman defense gets to see Martin's records
  198. Trail of Tees
  199. US Ambassador Chris Stevens May Have Been Linked To Jihadist Rebels
  200. Volt: Your Taxpayer Funds at Work ...
  201. Woman, 80, arrested after tearing down LaRouche group's 'Obama-Hitler' sign
  202. Seal Team Six: The Raid to Get Bin Lauden
  203. Mathews is Going NUTS
  204. Dem candidate tells male debate moderator he is prettier than Candy Crowley
  205. Alfred E. Smith dinner featuring Romney & Obama
  206. Romney’s Bain Capital invested in companies that moved jobs overseas
  207. Did Romney enable a company's abusive tax shelter?
  208. Salt Lake Tribune endorses Obama, lambastes Romney
  209. Laws meant for shield used as sword; a warning.
  210. The truth on Benghazi
  211. Is Obama Buying the Election With His Welfare Explosion?
  212. David Brooks advises Romney: Don't nitpick on small foreign issue Benghaz
  213. President Obama’s Taxpayer-Backed Green Energy Failures
  214. LA Times on Benghazi: Too little too late in Libya
  215. US terrorist identification chart
  216. Obama October Surprise: Deal with Iran over Nukes?
  217. Lee Iacocca endorses Romney for president
  218. The Obama Libya Cover-Up Explained
  219. Romney outpolling Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Obama
  220. Billy Graham's Election Message
  221. The Socialization of the Costs of Sex
  222. Nice decision by "Commander in Chief"
  223. Why does this man need a gun-- at the airport?
  224. Mitt Romney's surprisingly hilarious speech at the Al Smith dinner
  225. How the destruction of marriage is strangling the feminist welfare state.
  226. Question about plans
  227. Daily Presidential Tracking Poll: October 20, 2012
  228. Gas prices to go down in the next couple of weeks......
  229. Where the wimmen at?
  230. French Nationalists Occupy Mosque, Demand End To Muslim Immigration
  231. Obama event goers on Benghazi: What?!?
  232. BHO Accepting Illegal Foreign Donations
  233. 'October surprise' as Gloria Allred 'prepares for Romney revelation'
  234. Sandra Fluke draws a whopping dozen people
  235. Major FL Newspaper endorses Romney
  236. Congressman; Openly Gay says.. (if this isn't classic..)
  237. Sunday shows stack it up
  238. Watchdog asked to investigate stimulus-backed battery plant
  239. Linda McMahon (R) ad - people voting for Obama, also voting for her
  240. Citi wants Obama to win
  241. NYT proves Romney right on welfare waivers
  242. Obama Asks Jeremiah Wright For Election Help
  243. Russian forces kill 49 militants in North Caucasus
  244. Australian radio host ordered to take 'factual accuracy' training
  245. I got polled tonight, with loaded question!
  246. UN Warns Americans: Do Not Elect Mitt Romney
  247. Mitt's zingers from the Alfred E. Smith Dinner
  248. Bob Schieffer
  249. Obama Campaign Grilled on Lack of Second Term Plans
  250. Bob Schieffer's 2008 Pro-Obama Debate Record