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  1. Put On Your Chains: Election Called For Obama
  2. Sandra Fluke campaign stop in NV draws a crowd of ten.
  3. Bogus Unemployment Stats Skewed by BHO Donor
  4. BHO Accepting Donations From Fake Zip Codes
  5. Was Benghazi an Obama's October surprise gone bad?
  6. In Other News,...
  7. Only thing positive about Romney is..
  8. Dan Rather implies Ohio GOP could steal the election
  9. Hundreds WH guests designated by DOJ as unindicted co-conspirators
  10. 5 truths you can not disagree with
  11. US Third Party Debate Only To Be Aired On Al Jazeera, Russia Today and...
  12. I wonder if Romney will mention all the bowing?
  13. A Nation of Leeches
  14. Go Issa! Godspeed!
  15. In Obama's World, There Is No You
  16. Biden, Ryan And The Unrepresented White Working Class
  17. Trump announcement about Obama, big suprise, election changer
  18. where government is taking western civilization
  19. Tonight's debate
  20. Iran's Nuclear Rights Acknowledged by Obama
  21. ~ Be prepared for Obunga`s Debate Rhetoric ~
  22. Obama is a condescending idiot
  23. Romney has shown no core convictions beyond his obvious belief...
  24. Wisconsin Senator's Son Beaten to Pulp by Anti-Romney Thugs
  25. Poll: Decisive win for Obama in final debate
  26. John Kerry to be Secretary of State?
  27. Romney works up a sweat during presidential debate
  28. Tsunami of DU Trolls, guess Romney Won the debate
  29. After watching the "debate" last night
  30. Chris Matthews has really crossed the line
  31. OUR White House, Obama's Radical Islamist entertainment ctr.
  32. West in a ‘Colossal Mess’ in Five to 10 Years: Marc Faber
  33. Krauthammer: Romney Won Unequivocally; Obama's Responses Were Petty
  34. Last Debate Proves Mitt Way Ahead
  35. The Alpha Male
  36. McCaskill needs to come clean on husbands deals
  37. Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
  38. 2012 Electoral College Scoreboard
  39. Rasmussen: Romney:50%, Obama:46%
  40. UN to Monitor ‘Republican Voter Suppression’ this November
  41. Romney tags jihadists as enemy, marking shift from Obama, Bush
  42. Snap polls award debate to Obama
  43. Who's ready for the Romney assault weapons ban?
  44. Rabid Obama supporters boo 9y/o girl..NBC
  45. Race 2012
  46. Why has the "gun-killing" rate dropped so much
  47. How would a Mormon president work to spread his faith?
  48. Romney family invests heavily in voting machine manufacturer
  49. Obama's Plan For UN Gun Control Bypasses Senate Vote
  50. Important public message for all d.u. Trolls
  51. Obama's "apology tour" finally paying off...!
  52. Obama’s Inflated Jobs Claim
  53. Italy Finds Scientists Guilty Of Manslaughter
  54. Allred vs. Trump...
  55. Emails now show State Dept knew as it happened
  56. Journalists come to Obama's aid after Romney's 'apology tour' attack
  57. New Presidential portrait?
  58. Black voters’ Democrat problems
  59. Parole Bd. needs jail time: Parolee shoots/kills cop-
  60. The cabal's NEW BIG LIE-- BHO knew...
  61. Republicans need to STFU about abortion
  62. Meet one of Obama's staunchest supporters..
  63. They Like the 'Apology Tours' .....
  64. Trump offers obama $5mil to charity for college records
  65. Republican Mourdock On Abortion: Pregnancy by Rape 'Something God Intended'
  66. Australian children are to be told that heterosexuality is not the norm
  67. Subject: Executive Orders bypass Congress
  68. Jim Moran’s son caught on tape teaching vote fraud techniques
  69. Early Voting - Did you?
  70. balancing a budget aint hard
  71. 2012 Electoral Map...
  72. NC voting machines change Romney votes to obama
  73. Romney is a LIAR
  74. Zimmerman Trial Witness List
  75. Announcement to all those who would label me a left-winger
  76. International vote monitors warn Texas: Don't mess with us
  77. Benghazi timeline...
  78. Obama 2016
  79. `How Would Lincoln Vote in the 2012 Election?`
  80. Is running plates lawful?
  81. Dearth of political yard signage this election
  82. Chris Matthews is a douchbag
  83. Gloria Allred and Maureen Sullivan: Gunning for Romney
  84. Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama for president
  85. President Obama Booed During Clemson Game
  86. Editorial: Mitt Romney for President
  87. Was Sudan arms factory bombing a sign Israel can strike Iran?
  88. Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen....... Again
  89. Time Finds New Ways to Distort OH Poll for Obama
  90. GOP Enthusiasm for Presidential Race at All-Time High
  91. What's the deal with "swing voters?"
  92. Obama's interviews since Benghazi- SHAME!
  93. Ted turner: I think it's good us troops are commiting suicide
  94. Panetta: US lacked early info on Benghazi attack
  95. Gun Owners Should Vote Like Rights Are At Stake
  96. E-voting puts vote accuracy at risk in four key states
  97. Texas vs election observers.
  98. Biden insults slain navy seal's father
  99. General Motors...........of CHINA
  100. Bombshell: Clinton Ordered More Security, Obama Denied Request
  101. To The Libertarians
  102. Are the Brits disappointed in Obama's lack of class
  103. Washington SecretsJeep, an Obama favorite, looks to shift production to Chi
  104. NEWSWEEK: In Memoriam
  105. Benghazi & Obama: Media is trying to shore up desperate administration
  106. Obama takes campaign ad ideas from Putin
  107. Our Media & The Blessed Rape Baby
  108. New Report: Support denied for Ambassador in Bengazi! Twice!
  109. Obama and Putin must have the same campaign manager
  110. If elect held today, Romney...even if not OH.
  111. 2012 Senate Races
  112. Complete List Of Where U.N. Poll Watchers Will Be Stationed
  113. CBS Busts Obama--and Itself--in Benghazi Cover-Up
  114. $500 trillion tax cut
  115. South Florida Sun-Sentinel Endorses Romney
  116. Sen. Reid taken to hospital after Vegas car crash
  117. Al Gore's Current TV putting itself up for sale
  118. Why Workers' Median Family Income Keeps Falling
  119. Obama has doomed us.
  120. Obama Campaign Email: 'Some Bad News'
  121. SEAL's Father: Hillary Told Me 'We're Going Arrest The Man Who Made The Vid
  122. Absentee Ballots Sent to Military 'Burned in Crash'
  123. Senate Race Polls
  124. Hillary Asked For More Security in Benghazi, Obama Said No
  125. Controversial book skewers Biden but is ignored by media Read more: http:/
  126. Petraeus Throws Obama Under the Bus
  127. Two Black Males 15 and 17 Kill White Girl Age 12
  128. AP poll: Majority harbor prejudice against blacks
  129. Former SEALS defied orders and saved Americans
  130. The Perfect Storm is Approaching
  131. Illegals, (Somalians) voting for the Bama in Ohio!
  132. WHY Republicans Don't Have Bumperstickers ....
  133. Ex-President Obama's country of choice
  134. Something no one has addressed
  135. Keep pushing for Mitt...don't let up!
  136. How Syria's rebel fighters were sold exploding rifles – by a mystery Briton
  137. FactCheck.org: Obama's Jobs Creation Claims False
  138. ~ Exercises of strategic nuclear forces completed in Russia ~
  139. Obama supporters blast Romney's policies-oops, they are Obama's
  140. Liberal Des Moines Register Endorses Romney
  141. romneyryan.com.....
  142. Muslim Brotherhood Behind Benghazi Attack With Link To Obama
  143. Sunday Talk Shows...10-28-'12
  144. Ann Coulter Tells Piers Morgan He's a Sexist, Misogynist Pig With a Teeny,
  145. Obama Administration Replaces Top Generals Following Benghazi Disaster
  146. Navy replaces admiral leading Mideast strike group
  147. When the Democrats and Obama get what they deserve-
  148. I was listening to NPR the other day........
  149. Sometimes prayer is answered mysteriously...
  150. The Walking Dead Voting
  151. Food Stamp Nation: What a Modern Day Bread Line Looks Like
  152. The Price of a Black President
  153. Clueless Obama Supporters Actually Hate Obama's Policies
  154. THE CASE AGAINST obama: 12 Reasons He Doesn't Deserve a Second Term
  155. Obama running for President after Romney?
  156. More 'Sportsmanship' from Obamao Supporters
  157. 1st since '72, Des Moines Register Endorses GOP
  158. Sources Say Obama Was in the Room Watching Benghazi Attack Happen
  159. Children ‘of the future’ blame ‘Mom and Dad’ for electing Mitt Romney....
  160. Romney and Ryan barnstorm Ohio as new poll shows tied race
  161. Los Angeles News Group Endorsement: Mitt Romney for president
  162. Four Major Iowa Newspapers Endorse Romney
  163. Andrew Sullivan: Racist Romney Voters Like 'The Old Confederacy'
  164. 12 Reasons Obama Doesn't Deserve a Second Term
  165. Got my absentee ballot in my dirty little paws.
  166. Leadership: Romney Uses Campaign Bus to Deliver Hurricane Relief
  167. They shut Detroit City down
  168. Gathering Storm: Time for Dems to Hit Panic Button
  169. Would Obama Incite Civil Unrest to Win?
  170. Political 'TOONS For Today
  171. Jeep, an Obama favorite, looks to shift production to China
  172. Can't We All Just Get Post-Racial?
  173. God's Revenge on the Democrats ?
  174. Vote History Audit.
  175. How Desperate Is Obama?
  176. This would be insane, but possible.
  177. SCANDAL COMPARISON CHART: Benghazi-gate vs. Valerie Plame
  178. You know.... you really have to hand it to Romney
  179. 10/29 Rasmussen Poll, OH: Romney 50%, Barry 48%
  180. Newspapers abandon 2008 Obama endorsements, choose Romney
  181. Outrageous: Labor Department May Delay Jobs Report
  182. Didn't vote for Romney OR Obama? Check in here!
  183. What if....
  184. Is Glock Talk Overrun by Conspiracy Nuts?
  185. MSM: Main Stream Media bias...
  186. Military chain of command question...
  187. what an inspiration of a leader
  188. Michelle Obama: Party All The Time
  189. Would Sandy crash Dems' voting base in the NEast?
  190. Special Report Oct-28th: Benghazi revelations
  191. **GALLUP SHOCK** Romney Up 52-45% Among Early Voters
  192. Obama can blame Sandy
  193. Obama hurt by Benghazi story that won't die
  194. Obama Email During Hurricane: 'Got a Phone? Get His Back'
  195. Obama kills Bin Laden, accepts campaign donations from him
  196. How the storm will affect the election
  197. Obama v. Romney Demographics: Draw Your Own Conclusions
  198. NYT Exploits Storm to Criticize Romney
  199. 'Sandy Stole the Election': Left, Media Prepare to Delegitimize Romney Win
  200. Obama and Romney Tied in All Latest Florida Polls
  201. Should we dump the Electoral College?
  202. Romney's "well-intentioned but ill-conceived" event in Ohio may hinder aid
  203. video features dirty-mouthed old people lambasting Republicans, Romney
  204. Obama playing president for Sandy, but not Benghazi
  205. Al Gore calls Sandy a ‘disturbing sign of things to come,’ urges climate ac
  206. Obama on hurricane: "We leave nobody behind"
  207. What to do about Sandy?
  208. Most US drones still broadcasting unsecured video to anyone
  209. Christie 2016? Praises Obama, Disses Mitt
  210. Sandy as giant Red Herring- What money crisis? Benhoozie?
  211. General Mao Motors
  212. Time to out sinister Valerie Jarrett
  213. Romney Avoids FEMA Questions
  214. A movie MORE poweful than 2016 Obama's America
  215. Seen this? Message from Bernie Marcus-- Home Depot..
  216. Facebook Censors Navy SEALS to Protect Obama on Benghazi-Gate
  217. Homeland Security graduates first Corps of Homeland youth
  218. Ross Perot endorses Mitt Romney
  219. Security camera captures vandal destroying Romney sign... Gotta watch
  220. Wasserman Schultz Involved in Police Altercation Outside Voting Precinct
  221. obama Halloween Yard Display
  222. The long arm of the president's SECRET Service
  223. Censoring SEALS to protect Obama..poor baby!
  224. "Senator told me networks may have White House emails commanding stand down
  225. Oliver Stone's "History" trashes America, praises Lenin, Gorbachev
  226. Obama and his Teleprompter
  227. Guess who U.S. muslims are voting for
  228. Al Sharpton plans poll watching brigades
  229. A case study: "Obama Killed Joe"
  230. Wash Po Tells Obama to Come Clean about Benghazi
  231. Michigan Taxpayers Soaked for $1 Billion Annually in Illegal Alien Costs
  232. First Time? Lost Your Opportunity With Barack? Vladimir Is Still Available!
  233. Obama's Second Term Transformation Plans
  234. Bussing in OH: Dems squeeze out every available vote
  235. Revised Sept Jobs report slashes number
  236. Republican senators accuse Obama admin of 'stonewalling' on Benghazi
  237. Are voting machines being rigged for Obama?
  238. Later on tonight you'll need this.
  239. Anyone else really nervous about this election?
  240. Romney's $5,000 Walmart shopping spree pretend "relief event"
  241. Reagan Warned Us About Obama
  242. Report: September Jobs Numbers Inflated
  243. Chicago Daily Herald Endorses Romney
  244. Cable Warned Consulate Couldn't Withstand 'Coordinated Attack'
  245. GT electoral college poll
  246. We can all relax, now- Lootie Found! Coney Island
  247. Dear Dinesh D'Souza; THANK YOU FOR *2016*!
  248. Cook county taxing guns
  249. Why are the polls tied all of a sudden?
  250. Obama administration will pay companies to violate law governing layoff not