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  1. Two-thirds of jobs go to immigrants during Obama’s four years
  2. Israel favoring Romney as election nears
  3. Money talks and BS walks
  4. Same old same old...
  5. One more chance for NYS corruption
  6. GOP's massive ground game in Wisconsin could flip the state to Romney
  7. Obama’s inauguration reverend says anti-white slam was a joke
  8. NY Expects Feds to Pay All
  9. Proof Obama's AGENDA is advancing..
  10. Still Undecided? Think Jobs, Gas, Groceries & Your Budget
  11. Obama's Colon Pal
  12. Sandy hyprocrisy from the left: criticizing the Red Cross
  13. General Ham: They had forces but were never request to take action
  14. Unskewedpolls projection: Romney up 4.7%
  15. Dont drop the ball
  16. Here is what George Bush has to say about the Elections
  17. If it comes down to Ohio and Ohio is close...
  18. One of the best videos on conservativism I have seen
  19. Karl Rove NAILS it!
  20. Geraldo Slams GOP/FOX Criticism Of Obama's Handling Of Benghazi
  21. Looters Prey On Sandy's Hardest Hit
  22. Obama admits that government is an obstacle
  23. Las Vegas Review-Journal Destroys Obama
  24. Fistfights, Guns Drawn, Nat'l Guard Presence over NY, NJ Gas Shortages
  25. Polls Show Romney Up In OH, IA, CO -- Tied In WI, NH
  26. Bloomberg endorses Obama, blows kisses to AlGore..
  27. E.W. Jackson on The Factor tonight
  28. For all third party voters please watch
  29. Obama + Biden indicted
  30. Benghazi Reveals Obama-Islamist Alliance
  31. new details on Benghazi
  32. Is "Chris" Christie killing Romney's campaign?
  33. Yahoo, Politico: National Polls Don't Matter Anymore
  34. My new favorite pic of Obama
  35. Benghazi blunder: Obama unworthy commander-in-chief
  36. A Bromance for the Ages
  37. The Ultimate in Liberal stupidity!
  38. Why does the US keep losing wars?
  39. Romney now contesting PA…campaign stops planned...
  40. This is no way to get us up & running
  41. Nonunion Ala. crews turned away from Sandy recovery
  42. Obama cuts Obama some slack---
  43. U.S. Secret Service agent found dead, apparent suicide
  44. Wisconsin gives good voting advice
  45. Geraldo goes nuts on FOX this morning
  46. Unemplovment Rate 7.9% for October up .1%
  47. Saw the funniest thing on the way to work this morning.
  48. Pelosi holds secret fundraiser with Isalmists, Hamas linked group
  49. Colin Powell Outed As A Friend Of Farrakhan Photographic Proof
  50. Debate Answer on AWB Could Cause Problems for Obama
  51. Election is over. 7.9% unemployment rate.
  52. I know! Let's stroll back in time to 1965! Listen carefully..
  53. New Air force Standard Formation for our Commander & Chief
  54. How many Jews are there in Ohio?
  55. Wow, and some people thought Sandy would HELP Obama?!
  56. You all can thank Gary Johnson next Tuesday
  57. Utility Workers Restoring Power Attacked in Conn.
  58. Reid: We Won't Work With Romney
  59. If Romney "wins by a slim margin", "American will explode"
  60. Mia Love Set To Become The First Black Republican US Rep
  61. biden on biden
  62. Every four years we are told that the coming election is the most important
  63. Dingy Harry Pledges Not to Work With President Romney
  64. Was watching Family Guy on On Demand last night...
  65. Military Endorsements
  66. Why I chose the Second Amendment over the First Amendment
  67. Voting Early
  68. Dick Morris: Romney will win in a 'landslide'
  69. Feinstein Refuses to Debate Opponent
  70. Louis Farrakhan to speak at TSU event Friday, Nashville
  71. Obama during pledge ? WOW.
  72. "A Time for Choosing" by Ronald Reagan - 1964
  73. Chuck Shumber: “I know what you’re going through, sweetheart”
  74. Biden: Not proud to be Obama's VP
  75. Streisand urges Jews to Re-Elect Obama
  76. Obama's Grades: 2.6 GPA?
  77. Sandy victims (Queens) arming themselves..
  78. Calendar of events for Romney and obama for the next 3 days
  79. Post your Electoral College map prediction here!
  80. It's not looking good. . .
  81. Place you bets, when will Fox call it?
  82. What are your plans when Romney wins?
  83. We Knew Bill Maher Was A Moron ....
  84. Four (union?) men arrested in Ohio for stealing Romney signs
  85. Early voter turnout in your area?
  86. Pay the hookers
  87. Can you State muster the bigger Landslide for Romney?
  88. Obama offered to reestablish full ties with Iran, Israeli paper reports
  89. Voter Enthusiasm and Jubilance
  90. Mark Levin in Leesburg this AM…
  91. Intrade Presidential Election Market
  92. Republicans suppress study showinf that tax cuts don't help the economy.
  93. Syrian tanks enter Golan Heights
  94. Will Oklahoma Ban Affirmative Action?
  95. Relax, It's Not As Close As They're Saying
  96. Don't relax one bit!
  97. NAACP Takes Over Houston Polling Station, Advocates for President Obama
  98. Michael Barone: Romney 315, Obama 223
  99. Obama Demonizes Tea Party in Final Days of Campaign
  100. Big Labor to Deploy 2,000 'Poll Monitors' on Election Day
  101. Navy SEAL PAC Demands Criminal Investigation of WH on Benghazi
  102. Swing staters, how many times a day are you being contacted?
  103. God Bless my BLACK President....
  104. Ohio Demands the Truth on Benghazi
  105. N.C. Democrat admits he’s voted 4 times and will vote again on election day
  106. Likely Voter Poll: Romney Ahead in Deep Blue Minnesota
  107. 'Dozens' of Colorado Romney Voters Claim Machines Changed Votes to Obama
  108. (Some) Black voters unhappy with Obama's first 4 years
  109. Remember Benghazi - Obama must be defeated!
  110. Nat Geo and Seal Team Six Movie
  111. Rae: Tory MP ‘crossed line’
  112. Pa poll jolt: O 47% r 47%...drudge
  113. The CIA Annex team also had Ground Laser Designators
  114. A vote for Clinton is a vote for Obama
  115. Daily Presidential Tracking Poll... Rasmussen 49-49
  116. University departments that want to destroy the West.
  117. Diversity Threatened in the NBA
  118. Clinton desperate Elect Obama Save Hillary
  119. Only six more weeks...
  120. Maybe next time...
  121. Did anyone or any business not contributing to Obama get stimulus money?
  122. Even conservatives tired of Romney's flip-floppery
  123. Obamacin.
  124. ~ "obama sucks the music video!" ~
  125. "Wuz up I Don't Be Hearin' Ya...."
  126. Chris Chrisite just straightened some folks out
  127. DOOM ANTIDOTE: Prepare yourself for the propaganda and fear porn...
  128. Barack Obama's presidency: Why hope shrivelled
  129. Supreme Court
  130. 21 liberal papers endorse...
  131. Do you have any noteworthy state or local ballot initiatives this election?
  132. study shows MSNBC is more partisan than Fox
  133. EPA planning major anti-coal regulation after election
  134. Check Out The Size of This Romney Crowd Now in PA
  135. In his own words: 65 Flip Flops/Lies of Obama
  136. Katrina Flashback: 'George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People'
  137. Please Vote Tomorrow!
  138. You might wish to sign on..
  139. Get out the Vet
  140. TRR: Is a General losing his job over Benghazi?
  141. Bloomberg to Brooklyn: National Guard Not Allowed with Guns
  142. Watch them throw Obama under the bus.
  143. Proof: EPA is code for ECONOMIC RUIN.. FORBES
  144. Obama gift wrapped Libya to al-qaida
  145. Why do blacks support democrats?
  146. Did Obama's puppeteer really say this?
  147. What will you do if Obma wins?
  148. Rasmussen Monday November 5th: Romney still leads
  149. Jeff Quinn: 2012 Political Platforms of the Democrats & Republicans
  150. Look at these suckers!
  151. I am fully prepared for a Romney loss.
  152. Every American Youngster Saddled With $218K Gubbermint Debt
  153. Commie Obama Hat Give Away!
  154. Wave goodbye to the Obama media
  155. Valerie Jarrett Leading Secret Talks With Iran
  156. Obama Refused to Call Benghazi 'Terror,' CBS Covered Up
  157. Obama favored in his ancestral Kenyan village
  158. We third party voters just can't get a break
  159. I hope Romney wins 270-268...
  160. If Obama wins.....
  161. Peggy Noonan: Romney Rising
  162. 'Revenge Against Who?' Palin Hammers Obama's Divisive Politics
  163. Tommorow, vote like your guns depend on it
  164. Tea Party News Network - New Website
  165. Message from greatest generation
  166. Yo, mid-Atlantic states, your poll watchers are here!
  167. Wealth
  168. I'm SO glad Republicans are above voter fraud
  169. Presidential Pardons
  170. Gary Johnson: "Obama will win"
  171. Michigan Billboard:Romney Has Generated Millions Obama Has Wasted Trillions
  172. Who will Obama pardon after he loses the election
  173. Philly Activist Group Shreds GOP Voter Registrations
  174. "SEALs Planning to Watch Polls For Possible Voter Intimidation"
  175. Did you learn how to vote in HS?
  176. Avast Software Survey Predicts Romney Win !
  177. Let's try to enjoy the ride.
  178. Will Obama keep campaigning on Nov 7th?
  179. Geraldo endorses Romney/Ryan but is voting for Obama/Biden.
  180. Excuses by Rove for Romney's Loss
  181. Most crowded ever polling place
  182. VOTE !!! Get out and make it happen!
  183. Expect a phone call if you haven't voted yet and you're in a swing state
  184. Brad Thor: Obama Campaign Planning to Proclaim Early Victory Tonight.
  185. They're back: New Black panthers back in Philadelphia
  186. GOP inspectors being thrown out of polling places
  187. Redistricting = Voter Suppression???
  188. (SONG) 'What a Wonderful World This Would Be'.
  189. I'm shocked....
  190. Election day !!! Education on referendum...
  191. GOP officials booted, Black Panthers return -- and Obama at polling site?
  192. Allegation of unions putting illegal immigrants on voter rolls
  193. DisReport Forecasts Mitt Romney Will Likely Win Ohio
  194. New Black Panthers also in Ohio...Seals on the Way??
  195. Voting is the best revenge
  196. election judge checking in voters wearing a
  197. Group home accused of taking patients to vote for Obama
  198. Judge orders Obama mural in Philly polling station to be covered
  199. Messed up Voting Machine, Wow.
  200. last chance prediction
  201. CNN Takes the Lead...
  202. Why I think of Dennis as my brother- He loves this country.
  203. How long will you give Romney...
  204. Excuses by CNN, MSNBC, ABC, etc for Obama's Loss
  205. Don't blame me
  206. And here we go...election returns thread
  207. Obamas illegal half-uncle fears deportation if Romney wins
  208. Did I vote? Man dies...
  209. Obama wins - Israel can go ahead and attack Iran
  210. Tariffs......bring them back.
  211. Mid-Election Thoughts?
  212. Tea Party Senate Races
  213. Fauxcahontas wins Senate race
  214. British have invaded nine out of ten countries - so look out Luxembourg
  215. Um...
  216. What just happened???
  217. Did America die tonight?
  218. A man of my word
  219. Did Israel die tonight?
  220. The only poll that matters
  221. MJ now legal in WA state
  222. I guess I should post this now
  223. Intrade Called It
  224. you still for electoral college?
  225. For all Romney voters: Thanks for wasting your vote
  226. Obama is the first prez ever...
  227. its up to the house of reps
  228. Hiya DOC 44, countrygun, and Cambo..!!!
  229. Is it time for the guard to be changed at the GOP?
  230. 2016 predictions
  231. Term limitations for political parties?
  232. Amazing Statistic
  233. Obama inherited a far bigger mess this time.
  234. How did Romney Fail?
  235. I just poured me a BIG ole' glass of iced TEA...
  236. Does the GOP wanna be honest with itself about libertarian importance now?
  237. well said Ben Shapiro
  238. Allen West and Mia Love both lose
  239. when do my student loans get paid for by.....
  240. GOP misdiagnosed Hispanic voters, they're here to stay.
  241. Tipping Point
  242. I told you, Obama will win.
  243. Message to GOP for 2016
  244. We are all- ALL- toast. The 'winners' are the biggest losers.
  245. Election
  246. on the bright side...
  247. Time to change the Primary System
  248. What's the "proper" amount to tip?
  249. Waking up in Tel Aviv
  250. Rush Limbaugh and Mitt Romney the big winners