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  1. ok, so lets talk Obama Care
  2. ...so, next time around are y'all
  3. 'Super-majority' for GOP assured in Tennessee Legislature
  4. Stock market weighs in: Dow down over 200
  5. New York City getting hit again.... Snow this predicted this time
  6. Should Boehner fight or cave?
  7. Will Obama be brought to justice, ever?
  8. Fun thing: CSA, know what it stands for?
  9. The Future of our Gun Rights
  10. Obama's Second Term Agenda Of Amnesty
  11. Chris Matthews "I'm so glad we had that storm last week"
  12. why is the media liberal?
  13. Will Obama visit Israel in THIS term??
  14. China owns the Moon.
  15. Obama's Future Supreme Court Appointments
  16. Is a Recession Now Guaranteed?
  17. National Exit Poll: Asians vote 74-25 for Obama
  18. Puerto Rico opts for statehood
  19. How 'real' is the threat to our Second??
  20. Should Republicans more "right" or "left"?
  21. Why is this so hard to comprehend.
  22. Germany. Not Greece.
  23. Where is this going to leave us in regards to Iran?
  24. This was a historical election
  25. Sunny days and coming storms. The evolution of a Nation.
  26. U.N. Election Observers: Why Don't These People Have to Show ID to Vote?
  27. “He is an educator, law graduate, community leader and visionary.
  28. After Obama win, U.S. backs new U.N. arms treaty talks
  29. Sandy; the first hurricane that sucked instead of blew..
  30. Why Romney lost
  31. I'm done with politics
  32. I Wake Up To This?!
  33. Nate Silver 100'/. Accurate
  34. Why you guys really lost.
  35. He's my President
  36. I am Embarrassed to be an American Today
  37. Abortion issue
  38. If "Bronco Bomber" won, that proves that the election is not fixed.
  39. Your taxes are going up 2%
  40. Abortion and gay rights
  41. New manufacture and sale of machine guns
  42. Latino groups to Obama, you owe us now pass immigration reform
  43. I took down my American Flag today.......
  44. The Obama Dynasty
  45. You're fired
  46. "The second term curse"
  47. Where's Doc 44?
  48. Doc 44..you be my Rush Limbaugh..I'll be your Dana Loesch...
  49. I'm auctioning off my magic underwear to the highest bidder on GT...!!
  50. How do I get food stamps?
  51. Jerry Brown - "Courageous" to raise other peoples' taxes
  52. LOL! Payback Is Hell!
  53. Suggested reading material for all the libs on here gloating right now
  54. Grayson easily beats Todd Long
  55. Military Absentee Ballots Delivered One Day Late, Would Have Swung Election
  56. Money can't buy everything -- the American people have spoken
  57. Groundhog Day In America- Victor Davis Hanson
  58. Glockenspiel 25... get your favorite Obama photo and sing along
  59. Fiscal Cliff: How's it going to work out?
  60. Hillary: 2016
  61. Obama must help get guns off streets, Bridgeport CT mayor says
  62. The Forgotten Men You Should Know About
  63. Slippery Slope
  64. GOP: what lessons?
  65. Military Absentee Votes arrived 1 day late...Romney should have won
  66. The most significant moment the election
  67. The most significant moment 0f the election
  68. Liberal Oxy-MORONS
  69. Should I Cash in My Retirement Post Election?
  70. Firearms Stocks soar after Election.
  71. Democrats and this supposed "fiscal cliff"
  72. Is the GOP better off without Christians?
  73. 3 Million Fewer Voters
  74. What happened with those defense industry layoff notices?
  75. GOP Asks: What Went Wrong for Romney?
  76. NASCAR asking for Sandy Aid
  77. Holder Might Leave
  78. ObamaCare: The Damage Mounts
  79. Herman Cain Calls for Creation of Third Party
  80. Harry Reid on Hiking Debt Limit to $18.794T: ‘We’ll Raise It’
  81. Liberal Progressives never learn!
  82. Iranian Fighter Jets Fire on US Predator Drone
  83. Adviser: Romney "shellshocked" by loss
  84. 2016
  85. My pick for Republican president in 2016!
  86. Don't sweat it too much
  87. I miss my Dickie 44...pooh
  88. Remember this?
  89. FUN FACT: Obama Lost in Every State with a Voter Photo-ID Law
  90. EPA's coal pollution regs struck down by U.S. court
  91. Why not auction...
  92. Obama-Nation Has Started: 45 Corps Announce Layoffs in 48 hours
  93. You all disappoint me...
  94. San Francisco to provide transgender surgeries for uninsured
  95. My summary of the 2012 Election
  96. Suspended "insane" judge wins re-election in Cook County
  97. 'Next Bush' makes campaign filing in Texas
  98. Reflecting on the way it was..
  99. GOP Spin on Romney Loss
  100. The libs say no compromise and the "cliff" really won't be that bad
  101. House Speaker John Boehner Says Raising Taxes Is Unacceptable
  102. Obama is speaking about the fiscal cliff
  103. Petraeus about to take a fall for Benghazi?
  104. Rush's strategy for Republican outreach to Hispanics
  105. Obama reelection triggers massive layoffs across america
  106. Let me get this straight about the "female" vote.
  107. Bye Bye Miss American Pie, Gen. Petraeus
  108. What is Obama's vision of "compromise"?
  109. Closings or Layoffs Since Obama Won
  110. General Patraeus Resigns
  111. The Folly of a Republican Embrace of Amnesty
  112. Dick Morris, Karl Rove, Fox News and fools: Not fair and balanced
  113. Dear Matt Drudge:
  114. How long will it take to pay off the money owed?
  115. Is voting now pointless?
  116. Obama shuts down 1.6M acres to oil shale development
  117. any one notice how fast the rats are jumping of the obama band wagon a
  118. is it time for john boehner to go
  119. Something to ponder re: the 2016 election
  120. Hannity, Krauthammer catch Romnesia, now support amnesty for illegals
  121. Got to see the entitlement in action
  122. Normalcy Bias
  123. It’s 2006 All Over Again!—Another GOP Amnesty Must Be Defeated
  124. Early Education or Early Indoctrination?
  125. Informed Obama Youth
  126. Obama Meets Possible Holder Replacement Deval Patrick
  127. Russia's Putin Invites Obama to Moscow
  128. Republicans eat their own
  129. Anyone here run for or obtain political office?
  130. Poll: 85% of Muslims Voted for Obama
  131. Darwin gets 4000 write in votes in Georgia.
  132. Obama's election "proves" Americans want rich to pay more
  133. and now for something different
  134. The Economy Is Going To Implode
  135. political religion
  136. Conservative candidates - looking forward
  137. The Weight of Chains (2010)
  138. FBI source: Petraes case held until election so not to hurt Obama
  139. So, I have been thinking
  140. What luck, Obama won dozens of Clevelands Districts with 100% of the count
  141. The wouldn't even let John Kennedy in
  142. The "foodstamp president" marches on
  143. How will this budget crisis in washington end?
  144. Clump! Thump! The hob-nailed boots march on..
  145. Is Fordham University's president a Muslim?
  146. A "revenue enhancement" I would support.
  147. Thanksgiving 2012; let us all pray..
  148. The Ai-Qaeda mindset maybe
  149. Military timeline from night of Benghazi attack begs more questions
  150. Rick Perry: Texas Not To Implement Obamacare
  151. Where is the Breaking point?
  152. All veterans post here, who would not.......
  153. Is this why Petraues really resigned
  154. OK, what is the smartest course of action?
  155. How long with it take - "OMG, what have we done?"
  156. Romney’s Loss Is Romney’s Fault Not That Obama Is Better
  157. You'd think the Obama win would quiet these murderers down.. OR-
  158. Dianne Feinstein on Fox News Sunday
  159. Inside of NJ FEMA Camp
  160. 15 States including Texas have filed a petition to secede from the United S
  161. Boner goes flaccid
  162. Letter to a future Republican strategist regarding white people
  163. Similarities between Sarah Palin and Dan Quayle
  164. The Disappointment of Living in an Electoral Republic
  165. Supreme Court Justice Mulls Second Career at PBS
  166. 'Islamization of Europe a good thing'
  167. Election Summary
  168. A question for the Republicans on board.
  169. Barack "That's not true" Obama
  170. Obituary to America
  171. BOHICA - Obama To Unleash Racial-Preferences Juggernaut
  172. Secession Petition
  173. I am entitled -
  174. Hannity And Boehner Appear To Want More Democrat Voters
  175. The Republicans just don't get it.
  176. Betrayus: Asking a liar about lying
  177. Petition for PA to Secede from the Union>>>
  178. Those Other Petraeus Emails
  179. Proof electoral college in current form sucks
  180. TOP-10 "Only In America" Observations
  181. Differences Between Joe Biden and the Democrat party mascot
  182. Why the Fiscal Clif is a win-win for Dumocrats
  183. Idea for the fiscal cliff
  184. White house may respond to Texas secession petition
  185. Did the CIA cause the embassy attack?
  186. P voter fraud, will this go anywhere?
  187. We won the Cold War. Did the communists win the peace?
  188. Ronald Reagan: Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit.
  189. AZ woman blames husband for Obama victory, runs him over
  190. Socrates about USA
  191. Teachers Flock to Northwestern University for 'Marxist Conference'
  192. Texas secession.
  193. Obama considering John Kerry, defense secretary, Rice Sec of State
  194. Hobby Lobby and Obamacare
  195. Surprise: Last print Newsweek Features Obama
  196. exit poll
  197. Obama's first priority? Labor leaders.
  198. Hostess going Galt?
  199. Obama To Unleash Racial-Preferences Juggernaut
  200. where have all the children gone?
  201. More on Petraeus
  202. Ohio food stamps for low income families will be reduced
  203. Ethanol loans...kiss another $33,000,000 goodbye
  204. Here's what a liberal friend of mine keeps saying.
  205. respice, adspice, prospice
  206. Libs create counter-petition to the secession petitions
  207. California Implements Cap and Trade
  208. Obama Donor's Corporation Lays Off Employees Due to ObamaCare
  209. NPR On Obama Care Layoffs--- Blame Bush
  210. Strikes, protests hit much of European Union
  211. ‘There Will Be Pain and There Will Be Very Substantial Pain’
  212. Real Danger Of “Obamacare”: Insurance Company Takeover Of Health Care
  213. A Five-Point Plan to Save the GOP
  214. RIGGED? "Was you robbed?"
  215. Petraeus to testify
  216. Unions Killing More Jobs
  217. Obama's 4th largest campaign contributor - US gov't??
  218. The "Amnesty Compromise"
  219. Why are companies like Covidien, Boston Sci and Stryker Cutting Jobs?
  220. Why are companies like Covidien, Boston Sci and Stryker Cutting Jobs?
  221. The Middle East....going up in flames
  222. White House 'Held Affair Over Petraeus' Head' For Favorable Testimony
  223. BHO Finally Getting the Credit he Deserves
  224. I'm sure glad BHO told us today how he is going to fix the deficit
  225. Political Post from a Liberal facebook acquaintance
  226. UN says access to contraception a human right
  227. Assuming the WH Did Allow Benghazi...
  228. Ron Paul: 'Our Constitution Has Failed'
  229. Here’s the e-mail trick Petraeus and Broadwell used to communicate
  230. Can we stop all the Obamaphone BS now?
  231. Obama vs. the Brass: Benghazi Cover-up, Agenda to Gut Military?
  232. Teachers Face Investigations for Anti-Obama Messages
  233. Egypt asks US to stop Israel's Gaza offensive
  234. What did Obama say about *global warming*?
  235. Vegetative patient Scott Routley says 'I'm not in pain'
  236. USA election graphic
  237. Local Hospitals upset about no pay raises
  238. Eurozone now back in recession - U.S. can't be far behind
  239. Surprise! Jobless Claims Up 78,000 Week After Election; PA, OH Worst Hit
  240. Top Republicans say Romney didn't offer specifics
  241. Eurozone back in recession in Q3
  242. Ron Paul's powerful farewell address to Congress - full video
  243. Wounded Warrior Program Goes Antigun Full Retard
  244. Vote for Obama? Pinetop gun store says your business is not welcome
  245. Denny's increases prices due to obamacare
  246. President Obama Is Why Investors Aren’t Buying Stocks
  247. Here we go....
  248. "Is Everything Illegal In America?" Video
  249. Who Benefits When Top Military Brass Fall
  250. Susan Rice's miserable record at the UN