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  1. Yale hosts workshop teaching sensitivity to bestiality
  2. Jeb Bush Steers Course for Oblivion
  3. Domestic Drones
  4. Obama Admin Says Pres. Can Use Lethal Force Against Americans on US soil
  5. Dow Reaches All Time High
  6. Why the GOP is doomed
  7. 1773, The Colonies...
  8. DHS Backdooring Gun Registration in Missouri
  9. Reuters: Obama Job Approval Plummets to 43%
  10. President Obama is simply a compulsive liar
  11. Obama's Legacy Agenda: A Two Year War on the GOP to Make Nancy Pelosi Speak
  12. Q: Why are America's minorities perpetually poor?
  13. 'THE AMERICAN WAY WITH GUNS' -Excellent read..
  14. Martial Law
  15. Rand Paul filibustering Brennen nomination!
  16. State's main witness in Zimmerman murder case lied.
  17. Who doesn't love Jesse's work? BTW, be sure to look at--
  18. Rand Paul's Filibuster
  19. Leaked E-mail Reveals White House Efforts to Make Sequestration Hurt
  20. 2016 GOP Prez Candidates?
  21. Florida bill would require anger management courses for bullet buyers
  22. Temporary Restraining Order service gets exciting
  23. Obama Invites GOP to Dinner
  24. Gun Control Letters: Wisconsin Democrat Senator Response
  25. Rand Paul
  26. Judge in Zimmerman case signs subpoena for Trayvon's Twitter, Facebook info
  27. lieberals and idiots
  28. Gun-control drive to get first votes in Congress
  29. Does Eric Holder know the law?
  30. Politics before duty: That Great Sucking Sound- NYS
  31. NK Vows Pre-emptive Nuke Strike on America
  32. Wonder why L.A. is broke? Check this out.
  33. Jeb Bush Just Doesn’t Like Americans Very Much
  34. C-SPAN now: gun control
  35. A Government to be Feared
  36. Sens. McCain & Graham Dedicate Morning to Discrediting Paul Filibuster
  37. Satire: Paul Krugman Bankrupt
  38. Americans favor Tea Party principles over progressive ideas by 2-to-1
  39. ABC News CEO: We've Presented the News 'In a Slightly Inaccurate Way'
  40. Obama to Send U.S. Delegation to Chávez Funeral
  41. Possible Reason Why Many Muslims, Ahem, Think Differently
  42. Police chief's polygraph targets racist applicants
  43. Education benefits for Service Members slashed
  44. ~ "The Historical Failure of Black Leadership" ~
  45. Maryland Tacticts
  46. Barack Obama To Shut Down Southern Air Defense Systems
  47. Jobs Numbers: The Truth
  48. “A nation can survive its fools...............
  49. "Ban Them to Protect the Police!" What Ch. Flynn Doesn't Want You to Know
  50. Bill Maher On Guns And Civil Liberties In America
  51. The twelve years of terrorism
  52. records?
  53. Unemployment Down...
  54. The Put Up or Shut Up Argument in Gun Control
  55. Drones for “Domestic Violence” Scenarios
  56. Sports Illustrated Names Obama One of the Most Powerful People in Sports
  57. Ron Paul gives Canadian conservatives a refreshing look
  58. Gabby Gifford's Husband Buys AR-15
  59. Sequestration Dogs Obama
  60. Barack Obama “I don’t believe people should to be able to own Guns"
  61. Lower tuition for illegal immigrants
  62. Wild Bill has it figured out- let's help spread the word!
  63. Remembering Hugo
  64. South Dakota Backs Guns in Class for Teachers
  65. NRA - We are America
  66. The American Ignoramus
  67. Sen. Feinstein: “legal to hunt humans with 15-round, 30-round.....
  68. New Jersey's at it again...
  69. Karzai: US Collaborating With Taliban
  70. The goat gets it! LOL!
  71. Random act of journalism by NBC
  72. Medical Excise Tax on Retail Receipts??from an email
  73. It looks as if Harry Reid actually helped out firearm owners without even r
  74. Video--Schakowsky: Assault Weapons Ban 'Just the Beginning' for Gun Control
  75. Suburbs Secede from Atlanta
  76. Nixon Wished for Total Handgun Ban
  77. Dem/progressives will have to 'endure' more major wins- Doube Bind
  78. Obama slams new media
  79. Outrage in NJ: Mother arrested, guns taken, for speaking at public meeting
  80. Law makers want to tax firearms and ammo.
  81. Wealth Inequality In The United States
  82. Lindsey Graham Dodging Constituents
  83. Ex-Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick convicted in corruption case
  84. YOU, yes, YOU! are OFFENSIVE! See who thinks you are and why- OMG!
  85. Rand Paul's budget
  86. Colorado - Sheriff salaries threatened
  87. Patriot "Extremist" Groups per the SPLC
  88. San Francisco officials condemn group's bus ads as anti-Islamic
  89. Minnesota landlord forces eviction for gun ownership!
  90. Senate panel ready to OK gun background checks
  91. Today's TOONS some harsh, some funny
  92. CA Want to Ban Lead Ammo
  93. Forbes: $995 B Sequester Cut Is Actually a $110B Spending Increase
  94. Colorado Senate Approves 5 of 7 Gun Control Bills
  95. Guerilla knitting in Leicester 'to reduce crime fear'
  96. Gay Kryptonite
  97. Some LE officials skeptical of gun buybacks
  98. Judge Again Forces 'idiot' Sign On Defendant Richard Dameron
  99. Hmmmm...betting Hussein didn't expect this:
  100. NRA won't oppose background checks??? CALLS NEEDED !!
  101. Why do you try to legislate women into being victims?
  102. Politics, ammo, sex....
  103. Opinions please
  104. No New Truck for Women Shot During Dorner Manhunt
  105. Bloomberg Again ....
  106. WH: No Intention of A Balanced Budget
  107. A solution for the legislatures to pass a budget for 2013
  108. Levin: GOP has a DEATH wish. Unfortunately, he's right.
  109. Must see.
  110. A solution for the legislatures to pass a budget for 2013
  111. Biden- yes, THAT Biden, on Fugitives & felons & guns
  112. U.S. Image Declines
  113. What are the most important issues to republicans?
  114. New Generations don't care anymore
  115. Could Barack/Barry be a genius @ economic theory?
  116. The best 7 minutes on gun control I have ever seen...
  117. Gun protections permanent.
  118. Global Opinion of US Drops
  119. Spending/Borrowing To Prosperity
  120. NJ woman labeled a terrorist
  121. Fla. politician resigns, 57 charged in scandal
  122. US Plans to Let Spy Agencies Scour Americans' Finances
  123. Grassley: Why were ‘racist’ acts tolerated at Justice Department?
  124. Feinstein is really, really at Ted Cruz.. really!
  125. Judge Forcing Apple CEO oo Testify in eBook Conspiracy Case
  126. Stossel -- Illegal Everything
  127. Oh, NO! She's gone! She's GONE! How awful! Poor Obama!
  128. About that 'DHS Domestic Arms Race'..
  129. NYS Muslims suing NYS Christians for $3Million-
  130. Police record license plates
  131. Obama's Middle East legacy- why have we lost so much ground?
  132. Feinstein: Assault Rifles are Like Child Porn
  133. Oklahome House votes to Nullify Obamacare!!!
  134. Obama has a food taster
  135. Obama Needs a 'Taster'
  136. Image Leak: Gabby Giffords with AR-15
  137. Israeli Columbia classmates don't recall Obama
  138. Food stamp use doubles under Bloomberg in NYC
  139. Speeches that need to reach the masses
  140. Obama wants to wear 'fake mustache' and mix with regular folks in Israel
  141. Kentucky Loves Ashley Judd!
  142. you ever considered the comparisons between President Obama and Lincoln
  143. Libertarians, conservatives, and gun rights
  144. Lawsuit:‘Assault Weapon’ Ban Violates Freedom of Religion
  145. Obama wants 2 billion $ for his alternative energy cronies
  146. Thomas Sowell on Hannity tonight
  147. Obama's New Math...
  148. Another contender for Rehabilitaion Poster Child..
  149. NYS Cuomo laying bricks on the road to disaster..
  150. Federal judge rules surveillance provisions unconstitutional
  151. Tennessee governor signs guns in parking lots bill
  152. Charm Offensive or ...
  153. The college which gave this woman a degree needs to be bulldozed.
  154. Minnesota House Chairman admonished
  155. Up To 10% of Bank Deposits Seized
  156. The World According To Dick Cheney
  157. Senate comm.passes anti-second amendment bill
  158. CPAC Straw Poll: R. Paul
  159. Kansas House Votes to Nullify Federal Gun Laws by a vote of 94-29
  160. Obama Job Approval: 47%
  161. Dem Candidates 2016
  162. Colorado sheriff says new state gun laws won't be enforced
  163. Ashley Judd, Senator (D-KY)?
  164. An open letter to The President
  165. What is going to happen to the republican party?
  166. Cyprus:ATMs drained as bailout tax triggers run on bank deposits
  167. Ex-Marine keeps guns while charged with threatening legislator
  168. Pretty hair for senators costs us $350,000/year- WHY?!?
  169. ABC Prints Misleading Gun Poll
  170. Ann Coulter's CPAC Speech
  171. The Selfishness of Virtue
  172. Mary's immortal words..
  173. At what point do we...
  174. Ann attacks 'Bloomers' da mayer-o-wacko town.
  175. Wow! Brietbart calls GOP 'walking dead'.. autopsy follows
  176. The Other Drone Question: Is Obama Building A Federal Police Force?
  177. The GOP’s Vietnam
  178. Philadelphia Mayor vs. Free Speech
  179. NEXT; How to properly use flush toilets- Obama government
  180. Any other Libertarians out there feel the same way?
  181. The Arab Spring at it again:
  182. Why does the devil in 'The Bible' look exactly like Obama?
  183. RNC proposing another power grab away from GOP grassroots activists
  184. An open letter to my Senators and Rep.
  185. The Prison-Industrial Complex - how laws get made
  186. Is the truth about Benghazi about to be revealed? Hacked emails..
  187. In Colo., gun restrictions bring political peril
  188. Rand Paul endorses immigrant path to citizenship
  189. Feinstein leaves comittee: apparent conflict of interest.
  190. U.S. law should require logs of your text messages.
  191. The Pollard Affair--Again
  192. "Solid Republican Opposition"- What could warm the heart more?
  193. Subject: Age 76
  194. Jay Carney wins Quote of the Day
  195. Setting Sail for the New World
  196. Tennessee Highway Patrol uses truck's vantage point to spot texting drivers
  197. Dr. Benjamin Carson (great)CPAC speech
  198. Tennessee Bill Would Abolish Civil Forfeiture
  199. No Senate AWB
  200. Jury begins to hear guns case of military antiques dealer Homer Helter
  201. The hidden costs of war
  202. Two Cheers for Multiculturalism
  203. Iraq 10 years later...
  204. Taxes as 'deadly weapons'.. here's an example
  205. Grabbing At The Steering Wheel
  206. I hope I am the one to break this news here.
  207. Some are more equal...
  208. Sandy Hook gunman reportedly compiled massive spreadsheet on previous killi
  209. TSA humiliates wounded Marin
  210. CO Gun Bills Signed Into Law
  211. Gold, oil, and dollars
  212. America put a child in the driver's seat.. disaster resulted.
  213. I think you guys will like this.
  214. Obama urges Israeli Public to bend over
  215. Big Sis refuses to answer
  216. "idiots" who voted for o
  217. Obama cancels Thunderbirds and Blue Angels airshows
  218. Jury resumes talks in California corruption case
  219. Israeli/Palestinian conflict = US/Canada Disagreements??
  220. Biden, speaking in NY, supports assault weapon ban
  221. Obama hit by car trouble in Israel... so they flew in another one
  222. House passes Ryan budget with big spending cuts, transformed Medicare
  223. Rangel fibs: Dems claim millions of kids being shot down by assault weapons
  224. Four Rhode Island cities plan gun buy-back for April 6
  225. NRA sues Gov. Cuomo over New York gun law
  226. Man accused of running gunsmithing business from home
  227. New Orleans judge rules felons have second amendment right
  228. Additional info on Newtown murders
  229. Step on 'Jesus', get an 'A' at FAU - don't and get suspended.
  230. Whats wrong with Public Schools???
  231. Members of Knesset Are Responding to Obama’s Jerusalem Speech
  232. Watch the dictator grow. Boy, is NYS in for a ride!
  233. Police arrest 2 teens in Georgia baby's killing
  234. This explains why this country is F@#$!
  235. North Dakota republicans working on outlawing abortion.
  236. Dr. Ben Carson says you have no right to semi auto weapons in Big Cities
  237. Gun Control by Another Name?
  238. Senate votes 53-46 to stop US from joining UN Arms Trade Treaty
  239. So I looked up what a left wing conspiracy is
  240. Bloomberg to push senators on guns with ads
  241. Meet the press Takes on Gun Control
  242. Magpul Industries Was Not Bluffing, Remington and Colt May Follow Suit
  243. 500 Million to Palestinian "Swiss Bank Account"
  244. Aurora movie theater killer converts to Islam
  245. Senate goes nuts once more-- ILLEGALS to get Obamacare--
  246. LaPierre & Bloomberg: Both sides of gun debate make public appeals
  247. Pressure on Cyprus banks and government heating up
  248. Complete post of FBI Terrorist Watchlist Pamphlets
  249. Global Warming Slams Country
  250. The Irrational Nature of Blood Vengeance