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  1. The Russians Think We’re Wrecking the World on Purpose
  2. Ignorance to capitalism
  3. Lois Romano- is she a racist? "White guy" comment..
  4. In this age of "sequestration"
  5. Obama's Tyranny: Petty or Something More Sinister?
  6. Draft Obamacare application asks about voter registration
  7. Congress Thwarts Post Office’s Plan to Eliminate Saturday Delivery
  8. AP sources: SD Sen. Johnson won't seek re-election
  9. SRT, KGB? You tell me.
  10. Giffords Husband Tries to Save Seal
  11. -RATS treat us all to another verse of 'The Great Sucking Sound'..
  12. Rejected: Gun Store Cancels AR-15 Purchase By Gabby Gifford’s Husband
  13. NK 'On Alert' to Attack US
  14. A vacation a month club.. Obama's are OFF!
  15. "At what Cost a Carrier?"
  16. Gun legislation Filibuster coming.
  17. Napolitano for Prez ?
  18. Even Yet Still More Vacations for the Royals ...
  19. What would REALLY happen...
  20. Who Killed the New Majority?
  21. School administrator forbids kids saying 'EASTER'.
  22. 118 and counting: Firearms companies not selling to govts.
  23. NYS offers $500 for neighbor to rat on neighbor--
  24. Poll for all GT members!
  25. Guns & Ammo national survey of firearms freedoms
  26. North Korean Propaganda Video
  27. DHS Attempting toControl How Much Ammo is Available Onthe Commercial Market
  28. Another member of Bloomberg's ‘Mayors Against Illegal Guns’ arrested
  29. The "science" of homosexual marriage
  30. Pfizer lung cancer pill rejected by UK cost agency
  31. Can it happen here?
  32. What to Cut: Excess federal property costing taxpayers billions
  33. "Some Jews 'get it'."
  34. WH tells Paul, Lee, and Cruz not to filibuster gun control bill
  35. NBC 'Today' Host Comes Out On-Air
  36. Ignorance in motion: There is nothing so awful.
  37. North Carolina Church Refuses to Marry Heterosexual Couples
  38. Another of Obama's 'greenie weinies' goes bad..
  39. Gay marriage and political strategy.
  40. ain't that a shame???
  41. Alabama lawmaker's email: 'Slave-holding,murdering,adulterous,baby-raping..
  42. Kansas: State Legislature Advances Several Pro-Gun Bills
  43. What's The Difference Between Libertarians And Anarchists?
  44. Geeze ... A License to Mint Money and ...
  45. Larimer County's pro-gun sheriff not shy about pulling permits
  46. Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid....
  47. Debbie W-S coulda fed her staff here for a week!
  48. Obama's POUT goes on- are we hurt enough, yet?
  49. Medal Of Honor awarded -- Family and parents DISSED
  50. Beware the UN TROJAN HORSE- That treaty is ready--
  51. Ashley Judd Bails on Kentucky Senate Race
  52. Newtown Search Warrents Released
  53. Why Fox News is less to blame for polarised politics than you think
  54. Obama moves to 'shame' Congress into approving gun control package
  55. Gun buyer arrested in connection with Colorado prison official’s slaying
  56. Suspect Denied Gun Permit, Used Pellet Gun Instead
  57. A person who cannot be shamed tries to shame others..
  58. Food Stamp Explosion
  59. Obama Slams Hollywood
  60. System X
  61. Libertarian response to Jim Carrey
  62. Viagra Violates My Religious Beliefs.
  63. Old World Creep?
  64. US Population in 2050
  65. US Population in 2050
  66. Men With Loaded Rifles Intimidate Moms Gathered At Gun Safety Rally
  67. Adult humans are the only ones who can give consent.
  68. Maryland: On the Record! Sheriffs and Police Chiefs Taking A Stand
  69. Chicago, Los Angeles, New York Prosecuted Fewest Federal Gun Crimes
  70. Is Obama resorting to rogue dictator role--- again? again.
  71. NK's Plans for US Attack
  72. If you could opt out of social security, would you?
  73. Universal Background Checks
  74. Arizona gun proponents launch free gun program
  75. INFANTICIDE in the USA. What's next?
  76. Idaho Station Removes 1st Daughters Ski Trip Report on White House Reques
  77. With White House Closed, Biden Takes 3rd Vacation of 2013
  78. Another turn in baby shooting saga: commissioner arrested
  79. Piers Morgan lies again
  80. School Problems: 3 dozen indicted in Atlanta cheating scandal
  81. Cyprus Bank Deal: Upto 62.5% Principle Confiscated
  82. The Cat's Out of the Bag (gay "marriage")
  83. Kansas couple: Indoor gardening prompted pot raid
  84. What are the possible supreme ct. decisions on gay marriage?
  85. Dangerous Times: America will Survive Obama
  86. Roland Martin criticizes ‘white male executives’ at CNN
  87. Why aren’t men responding to economic signals?
  88. ATF Agents Raid Home of Youtube Gun Personality
  89. Billionaire Tries to Buy Legislation, and the New York Times Loves It
  90. I look into the struggle of a young Conservative
  91. More government malfeasance in Colorado
  92. Obama plays golf, attends college basketball playoff game
  93. Colorado Civil Disobedience Rally
  94. Did I hear that right?
  95. NBC News Analyst: 'Sharecropper' WalMart 'Enslaving' Workers
  96. Hundreds of Teens Go Wilding in Chicago
  97. Fox News: Where does Kelly get his poll numbers?
  98. DoD Refuses Purple Hearts to Ft. Hood Victims
  99. Robert Redford's new film glorifies America-hating terrorists
  100. Big NK 'Stay Puff' deal!
  101. Former Nev. lawmaker arrested after freeway chase
  102. Leaks about Adam Lanza's planned attack
  103. Illegal border crossings DOUBLE..
  104. Stockman Warns of Crash of Fed-Fueled Bubble Economy
  105. more than 10 million people watched The Bible
  106. wasting away in obamaville
  107. So, the FED is totally out of control; Who cares?
  108. Obama's April Fool Joke on the US
  109. A New, Improved "Conservative" Works His Magic
  110. an Idaho "gun violence" story for the Huffington Post
  111. Anger Grows Over Secret ‘Monsanto Protection Act’
  112. Conn. reaches deal on tough gun laws after Newtown
  113. Could the Banksters Grab Your Bank Deposits?
  114. Ga. city council votes to require gun ownership
  115. You still want single-payer?
  116. CNN investigates a self-avowed "Southern Nationalist"
  117. Trying to put the nail in the ethanol mandate's coffin?
  118. -RATS: NYC = Chicago, Chicago = NYC, I think I'm gonna --
  119. Well run Public Sector
  120. Legalizing the undocumented aliens
  121. Liberals okay demolition of Reagan's childhood home...
  122. Obama admin pushes banks to make home loans to people with weaker credit
  123. Subprime All Over Again!
  124. Do you guys think we'll ever see any easing of full-auto ownership?
  125. Will this be enough to SOUND THE ALARM?!
  126. Most Individual Health Insurance Isn't Good Enough for Obamacare
  127. In Denver not all the police are so happy with there new laws.
  128. Unbleeping Believable
  129. Public Education
  130. here it is the new bill in ct
  131. You guys will like this.
  132. Chris Matthews Links Pro-Second Amendment Ted Cruz to Prosecutor Shootings
  133. Cancer clinics are turning away thousands of Medicare patients
  134. Those darned anti-smoking ads...
  135. Obama says...
  136. New "gun" control legislation...
  137. And here I thought it was Dems that wanted to throw out the Constitution...
  138. Phoenix Recruits Diverse Non-Swimming Lifeguards
  139. N. Korea is moving missles
  140. Unemployment up: Blame Easter
  141. NY Dad's Pistol License Suspended Over Something His 10-Year-Old Son Said
  142. Agenda
  143. Dem Rep. Degette Mocks Senior Citizen – Says “You’d Probably Be Dead Anyway
  144. Armslist sting
  145. Congresswomqn doesn't know mags can be reloaded
  146. How the Second Korean War might start.
  147. Sorry, Maryland
  148. Senator Sherrod Brown's Email Address
  149. Is War With North Korea Inevitable?
  150. GOP Loves Guest Workers. American Workers? Not So Much.
  151. Breitbart: DHS Ammo Stockpile Myths
  152. Another month, another 600,000 not in labor force
  153. WA State legislators hit the firing range
  154. Reasons why to be a Democrat. ;)
  155. US Law Quiz.....
  156. No Age Reqmnt Mornig After Pill
  157. Does anyone remember that it was Andrew Cuomo who.....
  158. Trayvon Martin's parents settle with Fla. HOA
  159. Rhonda Fields The Co. Rep Who lied!
  160. Another reason to have lots of Facebook friends
  161. Closing the White House as Mental Abuse
  162. Help this woman's message 'go viral'!
  163. NAGR Any good?
  164. Don't remembe this from history
  165. Headline: Conservative Kansas district cheers its congressman for being ‘th
  166. Obama, social security.
  167. An in-depth look at "universal background check" law
  168. Fascinating North Korea documentary
  169. Defense Department classifies Catholics, evangelicals as extremists
  170. This liberal makes some very good points about government........
  171. Great Quote! from Uncle Ted
  172. Wallace Blows It
  173. It's official: Obama is in fifth place! #5!
  174. Putin vs. Obama
  175. Those Repubs better do as they are told!!- 'Bam' mouthpiece
  176. Ruger--Response from Reps---state by state
  177. Unjust laws and obedience or lack thereof
  178. John McCain: I Don't Understand Why GOP Would Filibuster Senate Gun Bill
  179. Another fake sportsman group
  180. IRS High-Tech Tools Track Your Digital Footprints
  181. Mob Of Black Teens Beat Elderly White Man
  182. Tonite's 60 Minutes on Sandy Hook was well done.
  183. Connecticut Gov. Savages Wayne LaPierre:
  184. It's not your money.
  185. Petition to get Rid of the electoral college
  186. In the Army Now: Gangs, Nazis & the Mentally Ill
  187. Obama: Newtown Shooter Gunned Down 20 Children With 'Fully Automatic Weapon
  188. give your children to the collective
  189. Annette Funicello, Mouseketeer and film star, dies
  190. Biden Calls for a New World Order
  191. Terrifying MSNBC promo: Your kids belong to the collective
  192. National Firearm Owner Database?????
  193. McConnell Joins Gun Filibuster
  194. Chelsea Clinton for Prez.
  195. Law Enforcement Overwhelmingly Against More Gun Control
  196. N.K. Response to be "proportional"... uh oh.
  197. Obama to bring some Sandy Hook families on AF1 to lobby Senators
  198. The "Iron Lady" passes
  199. Sandy Hook Parents Coming to DC on Air Force One to Lobby Congress
  200. Illegal Wiretap of Republican Meeting
  201. Big Sis Testing Drones That Can Detect Guns
  202. Are X-ACTO knives the next "assault weapon"?
  203. Democrats Lead in Generic 2014 Congressional Balllot
  204. CNN Reintroduction: Donny Deutsch Yanked from Primetime After One Week
  205. Call the Senate on Bloomberg's dime!
  206. Ironic Billboard I saw today in Cincinnati
  207. TRUE or FALSE????
  208. "Pro gun" senate democrats?
  209. Disgraced NYC Republican Councilman Publicly Flogged
  210. Kansas Legislature Sends Governor Strongest Pro-gun Bill in Country
  211. Awesome: Bill Whittle (Virtual President) explains how to deal with N. Kore
  212. Senate aides: Bipartisan deal reached on gun background checks
  213. Dear Mr. President,
  214. He puts the "vice" in vice-mayor....
  215. Obama budget proposes more than $1 trillion in taxes, fees
  216. Higher education at it's best
  217. the Truth about gun legislation
  218. Goat's head delivered to Wrigley
  219. morning-bell-5-things-to-know-about-the-obama-budget/
  220. They are not your kids.
  221. Rally for Citizenship
  222. More Republican Senators dine with Obama
  223. Wind Farms- LOL! Go green, then go bust!
  224. Democrat: Super PAC activists behind McConnell tape
  225. Bill O'Reilly is calling for federal gun registration
  226. IRS tells agents it can snoop on emails without warrant, internal documents
  227. Church shooting in Ohio
  228. Background Checks or Voter ID
  229. Republican defectors who voted anti-gun
  230. WHY? Why do Democrats hate Margaret Thatcher?
  231. Attack on abortion rights in Virginia.
  232. Meet 'Everyman's Liberal'-- American liberal, that is..
  233. Maryland's "rain tax"
  234. Biden wants to introduce mandatory registration in exchange 4 ammo vouchers
  235. Paul Ryan on abortion.
  236. Was BHO born in Kenya?
  237. Latvian nazi(anal)ists banned soviet veterans to wear awards
  238. KY- Senate votes to block access to gun carry records
  239. Booze and boat parties smoothed bipartisan gun deal
  240. We are now at Defcon 3
  241. Another Gun Free Zone Shooting
  242. Barack and Biden on Taxes
  243. Hit this important gun poll...
  244. Sen. Blumenthal (D-CT) raising campaign cash off Sandy Hook massacre
  245. Boycott Remington
  246. Recent LEO survey RE: new anti-gun legislation
  247. Will Texas Turn Blue?
  248. Forget Journolists’ Racial Fairy Tale in Murders of Texas Prosecutors
  249. Hillary and 2016
  250. Veterans...Health Survey