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  1. Talk Shows Today... GUN CONTROL and NK
  2. Video:Petition to Ban and Confiscate Firearms
  3. Gadsden flag removed from New York military armory
  4. Their fair share
  5. Paul's Outreach At Howard U: "A Complete Waste Of Time."
  6. The Army's List of Hate Groups
  7. New York's 'assault weapon' registration to begin
  8. McCain backs gun compromise; co-author says Senate support an open question
  9. Amnesty Means Gang Nation And The Rule Of Crime (Except For The Rich)
  10. Hispanics Overwhelmingly Support Gun Control
  11. BANISHED! HISTORIC 'DON'T TREAD ON ME' FLAG City determines popular banner
  12. As Broken EU Nation Talks About Selling Gold Reserves, Gold Prices Slump
  13. Repeal the FIRST AMENDMENT.
  14. Breaking News
  15. Boston Marathon Bombing blame game begins
  16. Boston Marathon Bombing happened on Same Day as “Controlled Explosion” Dril
  17. “Pro-Gun” Provisions of Manchin-Toomey are a Bonanza of Gun Co
  18. Segregated High School Proms
  19. “We Can Absorb Another Terrorist Attack”
  20. Opinion of Government Hits Record Low
  21. Blame
  22. Is Christianity Homophobic?
  23. Call your Senators today! Even if they are anti-gun...
  24. Watch Obamadrones Signing Petition To Repeal 1St. Amendment Free Speech
  25. Surveillance Cameras
  26. Envelope sent to Miss. Senator tested positive for Ricin
  27. Nra 500
  28. Sheila Jackson-Lee: “Don’t Condemn the Gangbangers. Blame the Guns.”
  29. Black Monday: 50 Dead, 300+ Wounded in Terrorist Attacks
  30. Boston Highlights the Illusion of Terror & Security
  31. We The People!!
  32. If Obama had a son...
  33. Biden 2 votes away from passing gun control bill
  34. Bombing: French intervention against Islamic supremacists in Mali
  35. Vote at 4PM - how will it go?
  36. Ricin-Laced Letter to Obama Has Been Found
  37. "you can always leave"
  38. Breaking: bombing arrest
  39. Photos of crowd yields possible suspects
  40. Fienstein is Ticked off now RANTING on the floor
  41. obama and Biden Ticked off about Senate Voting NO on gun bills
  42. Pres. Speakes on Gun Control Defeat
  43. Senate voted down expanded background checks...for the moment
  44. The Queens Riddle
  45. If rubio's amnesty is so great, why is he lying?
  46. Choose Your Own Crime Stats
  47. New Zealand house of reps bursts into song after legalizing same sex marria
  48. Breaking news!
  49. Headlines to make you smile...
  50. So, how would YOU suggest we reduce gun violence.
  51. Authorities circulate photos of two potential suspects
  52. Editorials Seethe With Anger Over Defeat
  53. Two men probed in Boston Marathon bombings cleared by investigators
  54. What next
  55. Obama Proposes New Ban on...
  56. FBI Releases Photos Of Two Suspects
  57. What is on your gun rights wish list?
  58. I'm betting a Positive ID in 24hrs
  59. Controversial Cybersecurity Bill Passes in House
  60. Saudi bombing suspect set to be deported
  61. Obamacare Could Mean $3K Incentive to Hire Immigrants
  62. Key Obamacare author warns of 'train wreck,' shows Dems fear 2014 health ca
  63. One Boston Bombing Suspect Killed In Shootout; Second Is Still as Large
  64. Boston: It's Jihad, not Hillbillys, Barak Hussein Obama disappointed.
  65. Assault Weapons
  66. Lautenberg Bill: After Boston, BG Check To Buy Powder And...
  67. Boston Area Lockdown
  68. Ayn Rand's Crotch
  69. How many think that this is just the beginning?
  70. Any politicians recommend a more restrictive immigration policy?
  71. White Dudes Need Not Apply
  72. Burning a United States flag in protest of something is OK...
  73. Militarized Police
  74. Well said Mr President
  75. McCain Defends Obama’s Anger Over Gun Measure
  76. FINALLY! Accuracy in reporting Boston bombing..
  77. Tamerlan Tsarnaev: Kazackistani Translation = 'Billy Bob' :)
  78. One bombing suspect loved pot and Obama, the other was married Read more:
  79. Glen Beck
  80. My irony meter just exploded
  81. Enemy Combatant or Common Criminal
  82. 'BS' neutralizer---truth.
  83. Political Humor
  84. Boston shelter-in-place
  85. The World According to Dick Cheney...
  86. Terrorist Plots, Hatched by the F.B.I.
  87. Who cares what the majority is alleged to want...
  88. How many Boston-level attacks...
  89. Sunday Morning Circus Talk Shows
  90. FBI hunting 12-strong terrorist “sleeper cell” linked to brothers
  91. ‘Liberal Bull****’: Bill Maher Calls Out Prof.
  92. Dianne Feinstein Prefers Massive Police Presence to armed individuals
  93. No One Wants Crazy People To Have Guns, But...
  94. Innocent family ripped from their home at gunpoint; Police storm the proper
  95. NRA soon be to considered a terrorist group, blamed for boston bombing now
  96. Gun Confiscation by the Australian Communist Party - The Greens
  97. London Marathon
  98. Boston bombers: FBI hunting 12-strong terrorist “sleeper cell”
  99. Lindsey Graham to Boston: Amnesty NOW!
  100. ?!? DUH ?!? Boston Bombing Suspects Did Not Have Valid Handgun Licenses
  101. Time to find a new beer
  102. Judge Michael Mukasey
  103. Obama Uses Child ‘Props’ for Gun Control Propaganda
  104. Feds want to talk to wife of bomber.....
  105. How do I donate to politicians?
  106. Data Shift to Lift US Economy 3%
  107. Should students have the right to protest the Pledge of Allegiance
  108. Liberal Vs. Progressive
  109. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and the Imam
  110. Merkel says euro members must be prepared to cede sovereignty
  111. Rush: "Obama's 'Chechnyans' come home to roost" :)
  112. Can You Find Chechnya On A Map?
  113. The New Democratic Egypt
  114. Trial over Potential IN 2008 Democratic Presidential Ballot Fraud
  115. Bombers
  116. God help us - Pittsburgh
  117. The President with Wounded Warriors
  118. Obama approves this message
  119. The Boston Bombers and Immigration Reform
  120. No New Taxes! Contact your Reps Today! Internet Tax being snuck thru the Se
  121. The umbrella man
  122. A Plan to Turn this Country into Mexico ...
  123. Kid suspended and arrested for wearing an NRA shirt.
  124. E-mail I received
  125. Bloomberg: Post Boston, Interpretation of Constitution Must Change
  126. Don't be afraid of killer immigrants
  127. Geraldo Doubles Down On Sanctimonious Dhimmitude
  128. UN official blames Boston Marathon bombings on American 'domination'
  129. Paulbot meltdown !!!
  130. What is the specific problem with current immigration law?
  131. Aw hell. More on Obummer's "executive orders." Not good!
  132. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev clears it up- they were motivated to kill by-
  133. Should we have new political labels?
  134. Bomber Was On Welfare ...
  135. The Russians Warned Us--Why Didn't We Listen?
  136. The Welfare Bombers
  137. Bob Beckel: Halt Muslim Student Visas
  138. Enjoy The Decline
  139. Freshman Sen. Joe Donnelly (D) IN defends his vote on background checks
  140. Obama Food Stamp Fraud More Than Double
  141. Obama Deferred Deportation Progam Likely to Be Blocked
  142. Pressure Cookers Pulled - the insanity continues
  143. Taggants would have no effect - gunpowder from fireworks!
  144. Armed and Dangerous’: Beck’s Latest Revelations on Saudi Nationa
  145. How many bulletholes in Bomber #1 ? Just Curious.
  146. Pelosi Best Known, Least Liked of Congressional Leaders
  147. Interesting charts on D.U.
  148. ObamaCare for our masters? Not likely.
  149. So, if Obama gets a tattoo, what should it be?
  150. Student wrongly tied to Boston bombing found dead
  151. Michael Bloomberg's Authoritarian Instincts
  152. Obama & Holder stop interrogation of Boston bomber early!
  153. Lawmakers demand 'action' in Syria after intel confirms chemical weapons us
  154. GE Cuts Off Lending to Gun Shops
  155. G.W. Bush's Library Speach
  156. Phantom gun battle with Boston bombing suspect
  157. Shootout pictures and witness account
  158. Compilation of Muslim Opinion Polls
  159. UN Arms Control Treaty Narrowly Blocked 53-46 in Senate
  160. Does Boston Prove Mass Immigration Is a Security Threat?
  161. Carjack victim recounts his harrowing night (Boston bombers)
  162. Obama's curious, mysterious behavior-
  163. Total US Debt To GDP: 105%
  164. The Barack Obama Presidential Library
  165. The Sheep of Watertown
  166. Obama's Plan To Seize Control
  167. Gang of Eight + Two
  168. Officials found guilty in Obama, Clinton ballot petition fraud
  169. McCain Sends SOS to Business...
  170. Schumer, McCain say gun control bills will return
  171. Obama Breaks the Irony Meter
  172. Officials: Bomb suspects' mother was on watch list
  173. NY's WA gub says he has the answer- idiocy in Bloom!
  174. Obama chides lawmakers over flight delay fix, budget conflict
  175. U.S. Opens Spigot After Farmers Claim Discrimination
  176. Canada minister wants deportation review after train plot arrests
  177. Education by Murder
  178. Amnesty a 'Civil Right' ...
  179. The whole purpose of legalizing recreational marijuana is to raise money
  180. Biden: Gun Control by the End of The Year
  181. Cult Members First, and Americans Second?
  182. Should little Johnny work for his lunch?
  183. Muslims protesting.
  184. Middle School Anti-Bullying Lesson Includes Lesbian Role Play
  185. Judge who Mirandized terrorist has Muslim connections?
  186. Heeerrrrrres Johnny, again and again.
  187. Dutch Study: Anti-Racism Instruction in Schools Increases Discrimination
  188. Amnesty's Political Impact:
  189. Harry Reid Goes After Reloaders / Muzzleloaders
  190. Someone please tell me what the Hell's wrong with
  191. WATCH:"Judge Jeanine Pirro Slams Jihad Mom"
  192. "Whites stayed home..." So, who's really to blame?
  193. OMG ! Can We Pay Gore to Bring Back Global Warming ?
  194. Obama's EO to rig future elections!
  195. Will You Stand Against Sexist Words?
  196. Kansas enacts law to nullify federal violations of Second Amendment
  197. With Bags of Cash, C.I.A. Seeks Influence in Afghanistan
  198. New Party Watch: Immigration Boosting UKIP in UK...US Next?
  199. The Tolerance That Is Only Skin Deep
  200. The Real Terrorists
  201. Obama has set another record..
  202. The Moral Hollowness of the Elites
  203. Some Republicans want to limit bullet buys by federal law enforcement
  204. Pentagon Deep-Sixes Lt. Col. Dooley for Violating Muslim PC
  205. Our American Pravda
  206. $1 Was Too Much for Newsweek ...
  207. Benghazi Whistleblowers threatened by Administration
  208. Why is Rand Paul endorsing Sanford?
  209. progressive insurance dirty secret-soros related
  210. 'I'm gay': NBA player Jason Collins breaks barrier
  211. *Nobody* answered my Obama challenge- so, here;
  212. NRCC & GOP hand Democrats another win.. typical.
  213. Omarxist press conference this morning
  214. Petition Obama: Tell Him "Yes"
  215. Sarnaev Family Got $100 G's ...
  216. Cleaning Islam of its Murderers
  217. Sounds good to me!
  218. Harry Truman Lost Vietnam
  219. What would be the "correct" police manhunt in Boston.
  220. Suppose it was YOUR job to ban all guns in America--
  221. Have the colors changed?
  222. This just leftist nonsense, right?
  223. Crazy Nanny-Stater
  224. Obama Blames Everybody
  225. Eric Holder at it again
  226. Bing bummed by 'Bloomers'...
  227. Who NEEDS a 'Bama Phone'? Who determines NEED?
  228. Texas Sen. Cruz May Run For President In 2016
  229. Cabdriver alleges assault by passenger who cited Boston Marathon bombing
  230. Gay Privilege
  231. For whom does the Loon hoot? It hoots for thee, AlGore
  232. Three New Facts About the Tea Party
  233. Melissa Frances
  234. Boston incident was a huge federal intelligence failure
  235. Get STAG and MOSSBERG to leave Connecticut.
  236. Deanna Durbin dies at 91
  237. CA Ok's Firearm Confiscation
  238. Middle School Girls Forced Into Lesbian Kiss in NY
  239. Lesbian Activist Says Gay Marriage is a Lie to Destroy Marriage
  240. Gun grabbing in Boston met with armed resistance
  241. Something liberal females do conservative females do not do
  242. FBI in NJ to announce Cuba fugitive case details
  243. Stupid, idiot, dumb**** redneck parents
  244. what... the... ...LOYALTY DAY???
  245. Cops: I'm going to grab your baby, and don't resist
  246. Eric Holder to Kansas governor: New state gun law unconstitutional
  247. An absolutely MUST SEE video- Ideological war- why we must lose..
  248. Florida Gov. Scott vetoes bill that would end permanent alimony
  249. Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie to headline event
  250. Recall petition drives for pro-gun control Democrats