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  1. What makes me feel good is the truth, no matter how inconvenient.
  2. New USA Military- No Christians need apply..
  3. 7 Myths About The U.S. Economy
  4. Dow Tops 15,000
  5. O Blames US Guns for Violence in Mexico
  6. streets blocked in Paris
  7. White's & Gun's...
  8. Why do Cops...
  9. Benghazi Dam May Break at Last
  10. George W. Bush has saved more lives than any American president
  11. Officials: Israel launches airstrike into Syria
  12. High Noon: Cruz Challenges Biden to Gun Control Debate
  13. History Trivia Questions---- worth a look!
  14. Antis Can't Sue Gun Manufacturers? Sue The Psychiatrists...
  15. What Sequester?
  16. 5 companies "Enemies of the Internet"
  17. LaPierre: NRA, members will never surrender guns
  18. NRA's new president has penchant for bold words
  19. Beware: Government propaganda - DHS
  20. Maher and 2A
  21. NRA chief: Boston-area residents were vulnerable without guns
  22. Kansas Secretary of State Kobach Responds to Eric Holder
  23. Legalization of marijuana paying off
  24. Democrat/Spocialist/Progressives dream of Billy J.
  25. Pizzeria owner refuses Bloomberg a 2nd slice of pizza
  26. A question for libertarians
  27. Texas extends gun laws
  28. Doesn't Boston have a sewage treatment plant??
  29. RAF’s salute to Obama-really precision flying!
  30. Carville: 'Ted Cruz Is the Most Talented and Fearless Republican Politician
  31. nhofe: DHS ammo grab to 'dry up' supply
  32. ".. guilty as hell, free as a bird.." -Michelle
  33. Dan Rather Gets One Right ...
  34. Democrats' Agenda for Benghazi Hearing: Protect Hillary at All Costs
  35. Heritage: Immigration Bill Costs $6.3 Trillion
  36. Why gun people don't trust anti-gun people.
  37. Obama administration trying to ‘dry up’ ammo supply
  38. Mrcolionnoir
  39. The Justice Department will monitor voting in South Carolina
  40. Who Are the War Criminals In Syria and Should We Care?
  41. Jerry Seinfeld On Immigration
  42. You might LOL just before you become angered-- NYTimes
  43. Top 10 Most Obnoxious Anti-Ted Cruz Quotes
  44. Former FBI Agent Confirms the Surveillance State Is Real
  45. Universal background checks for MJ
  46. Chris Christie tosses his fat in the ring
  47. What difference does it make whether Hillary Clinton lied about Benghazi?
  48. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: Constitution implies a right to health care, edu
  49. Obama tells OSU grads to reject the Founding Fathers’ voices
  50. Ours...Theirs
  51. Welcome back to Congress Mr. Sanford!
  52. European Commission to criminalize nearly all seeds and plants not register
  53. Setback for gun control lobby as figures reveal homicides have FALLEN
  54. FIREMISSION: Colorado needs our help NOW for recall election!
  55. John McCain’s Peculiar Obsession
  56. Kudos to Female Egyptian TV Host
  57. 8 journalists who downplayed the Benghazi scandal
  58. Benghazi Hearing Coverage
  59. North Korean film
  60. Why gun owners, in particular, should oppose the internet tax mandate
  61. "What difference does it make?"
  62. Immigration bill would boost Social Security
  63. The Last Word on American Gun Politics
  64. Media on Gun Crime
  65. The Truth About Guns In America...
  66. More States pass Pro-Gun Laws...
  67. CBS, former home of Dan Rather...
  68. Sen. Manchin: Background Checks “Expand Second Amendment”
  69. Flag Mystery at the House of Horrors
  70. Middle East Out of Control – Gerald Celente
  71. Weapons Collector Accused of Making 'Gun Porn' After Posting Pictures of Fi
  72. Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrates The White House
  73. Heritage Foundation Throws Study Co-author Under the Bus
  74. Video: Arab Countries w/nukes??
  75. Warning! Amb. Stevens’ body 9/12/12?
  76. Those who voted for Obama continue to be unemployed
  77. Hillary Clinton's Big Benghazi Lie
  78. What is Ansar Al-Sharia?
  79. Kidnapping and Murder Stories Preempt Benghazi Media Coverage
  80. Census Bureau's Voting Report: Be seated, white man!
  81. State Dept Shuts Down Printable Gun/ Magazine Site
  82. Village idiot
  83. 17 Officers Removed From Nuclear Watch
  84. Hillary Has Been Thrown Under the Bus.
  85. The Commander in Chief has got your back ... NOT!
  86. Remember This???
  87. And This???
  88. Obama Admin Scrubbed Terror References In Benghazi Talking Points
  89. Jay Carney Press Conference..ah...ah..I..I..I ment to say ah Benghazi what.
  90. IRS apologizes for targeting conservative groups
  91. A few questions about Benghazi.......
  92. Tequila, Tacos, and Sombreros Offend Mexican University students
  93. Republicans using tough tactics to disrupt Obama agenda
  94. CNN Anchors Hold Split-Screen Interview In Same Parking Lot
  95. NJ Dem Senators Caught Mocking Gun Owners On Live Mic
  96. Should I go see a movie?
  97. Pro 2A/NRA/GOA/etc Bumper Stickers - Yes or No?
  98. 3-D gun nixed: Is this an attack on the FIRST and SECOND amendments?
  99. Texas responder to fertilizer blast arrested on pipe bomb charge
  100. White House holds Benghazi briefing with reporters — off the record; Update
  101. Red state, blue state..........do I have it confused?
  102. What's the difference between Jane Fonda and John Kerry?
  103. Navy seals sacrificed to political correctness?
  104. Christie: I'm a Good Republican
  105. A tragic loss to Islam
  106. Pelosi knocks Republicans' 'obsession' with Benghazi attack
  107. Why Benghazi is a Blow to Obama and Clinton
  108. Former DNC Communications Director: GOP at Fault in Benghazi
  109. EU; Nanny State on steroids.. when does the *state* have too much power?
  110. AP Exclusive: IRS knew tea party targeted in 2011
  111. Gen: ‘There Is Only One Person Who Can Say, Stand Down – And That’s The Pre
  112. Russia Approaching the Breaking Point
  113. Bill Maher on Benghazi: ‘I Still Don’t Know What the Scandal Is’
  114. Cantor: House Will Investigate IRS for Targeting Tea Party Groups
  115. Bomb Blasts In Turkey
  116. Desensitization Training: Police Practice Fighting “Angry Parents”
  117. Network Axes Fall Hard on Gay Characters
  118. White House West Wing evacuated briefly because of smoke
  119. Excellent advice from Michelle Obama! Hey!
  120. Meet the Press, Face the Nation and Others
  121. anyone seen the hillery bumper sticker
  122. *Mumbler Maureen* (Dowd) says... "It isn't true..." LOL!
  123. Is the Rule of Law Immoral?
  124. Gates: Some Benghazi critics have "cartoonish" view of military capability
  125. Benghazi is Payback: Greg Hicks Benghazi whistleblower is Tea Party member
  126. Pentagon Attacks Christians; IRS Attacks Tea Party
  127. Scenes from the Democrat ruling class
  128. Feinstein Says Benghazi Hearing Was Really About Discrediting Hillary
  129. 'Inappropriate' Rights Violations in Obama's 'Democracy'
  130. ABC, CBS and CNN top executives have siblings or spouses working for Obama
  131. Going Galt: More Americans Vote with their Feet against Obama
  132. Proposed immigration bill contains national biometric ID database
  133. Surprise! CNN, ABC, CBS have ties to Bengazi
  134. Did you notice who Obama Threatened?
  135. What presidents were great presidents?
  136. DHS involved in prostitution raid?
  137. Nino de Mayo, Missouri repeals .gov gun laws!
  138. Rand Paul: CIA running guns through Benghazi?
  139. Are your favorite candidates in this list of 'picks'?
  140. Traveler from Saudi Arabia arrested at Detroit Metro with pressure cooker
  141. Hoaxer Tawana Brawley celebrated in New Jersey fund-raiser
  142. Thomas Sowell: Lies About Libya
  143. Obama is so full of. . . . .
  144. AP: Justice Secretly Obtained 2 months of AP Journalists Phone Records
  145. Breaking news: Justice dept. Secretly obtained ap phone records
  146. California dad 'begged for his life' as police beat him to death
  147. More ties between Va.’s McDonnells and Star Scientific are revealed
  148. Obama Tells Harvey Weinstein, Justin Timberlake to Blame Rush Limbaugh
  149. If You Trust The American Press, Here's A Thought Experiment
  150. Sebelius-Gate
  151. football
  152. Attention Associated Press - I Tried
  153. The IRS: Attack dog completely antithetical to a Constitutional Republic
  154. Another hispanic leaves repubs for dems.
  155. Obama Impeachment Talk Gaining Momentum
  156. Progressive Group: IRS Gave Us Conservative Groups' Confidential Docs
  157. News Conference.
  158. Holder's resignation 'demanded'.. ain't gonna happen, me buckeroos!
  159. Jay Carney is babbling again.
  160. Justice to investigate IRS targeting of tea party
  161. The incestuous press
  162. bond oks targeting Tea Party
  163. Pro Marriage Group Says IRS Stole Info to Help Gays
  164. IRS official Lerner speedily approved exemption for Obama brother’s ‘charit
  165. Pentagon grants itself authority over "civil disturbances"
  166. Watch Out World, Here Comes North American Oil
  167. Can we see the video?
  168. 7 Caught Trespassing At Quabbin Reservoir; Patrols Stepped Up Across State
  169. When Did Rangel Get Religion
  170. The End of the Obama Illusion
  171. Florida Shortens Yellow Lights, Red-Light Camera Tickets Surge
  172. IRS faces class action lawsuit over theft of 60 million medical records
  173. Obama Calls It 'a Cliche' to Say We're 'the Greatest Country on Earth'
  174. Open Carry is not grounds for nonvoluntary stops, even Terry Stops
  175. Congressman Introduces Bill for Temporary Hold on IRS Audits
  176. Holder Attacks Issa - Are You Kidding Me?!
  177. Is the USA to back cannibals, jihadists, now?
  178. Which Mobile App for Political Forum?
  179. IRS Chief Who Was Set to Resign Next Month Anyway Resigns
  180. I'm sure I heard Obama joke about "putting the IRS on you"
  181. If we cloned an Obama every eight years
  182. Senate Dems Have as Much to Explain as the IRS
  183. EPA Accused of Playing Favorites with Green, Conservative Groups
  184. Holder Says 'No Special Counsel to Investigate Benghazi'
  185. Obamagate: The Focus is Barack Obama
  186. Hillary's been a liar from the git-go
  187. Benghazi contradictions-- how can this be ignored?!
  188. Diane Abbott to warn of British 'masculinity crisis'
  189. Why You Must NOT Attend the Planned Armed March on DC
  190. Insurers Oppose DC Gun Insurance
  191. Boston bombings suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev left note in boat he hid in
  192. Even Liberals Call for Holder's Ouster
  193. IRS Targeted Catholic League
  194. Man tricks g/f into taking morning after pill
  195. IRS Official in Charge During Tea Party Targeting Now Runs Health Care Offi
  196. IRS Official in Charge During Tea Party Targeting Now Runs Health Care Offi
  197. "Muslim Brotherhood Inside American Colleges"
  198. HWSNBN's defense of his actions
  199. Liberals are *******
  200. Jolie Masectomy Coincides With PR Campaign To Protect Patent Of Genes
  201. IRS commits political sabotage
  202. Maxine Waters: ‘Obama Has Put In Place’ Secret Database
  203. Paul: IRS challenges people to prove their innocence
  204. Tommy Chong: Why he wants to legalize marijuana
  205. Remember the $700 Billion Toxic Asset Bailout?
  206. OMG! Watch Maxine & listen carefully to her WORDS!!
  207. obama...would you buy a used car from this man?
  208. This Video should go viral
  209. Leave Obama Alone!
  210. IRS acting director has memory lapse
  211. Spreading the filth around the world
  212. BO's Campaign of Intimidation Continues...
  213. Breaking: 54 of 62 Colorado Sheriffs join in lawsuit filed this morning.
  214. Watching IRS chief Miller in Congressional hearings today was instructive
  215. Come, explore the rot; think of it all as a giant cancer..
  216. IRS official in charge during tea party targeting is now directing the agen
  217. Real Benghazi Scandals are being ignored
  218. UK: Women converts to Islam ‘discover’ abuse and oppression
  219. Politics of 'mental illness' as a mechanism for social control
  220. Federal Court Slams Obama's Use of Recess Appointment Power
  221. What mistakes are you not allowed to make in the work place?
  222. Last Week’s Conspiracy Theories are This Week’s Reality
  223. Were Conservative Car Dealers Targeted for GM Closures?
  224. Was this legal?
  225. Homeland Security guidelines advise deference to pro-Shariah Muslim suprema
  226. Beretta Leaving MA
  227. Obama Fights Benghazi Wildfire with Two Separate Back-Fire Scandals
  228. Fox News Hires Former US Rep. Allen West
  229. Judge Jeanine Pirro RIPS the Obama administration in another fantastic mono
  230. Obama, the Left, and the long struggle
  231. Is The Rule Of Law Immoral (Part II)?
  232. How do you like Obamacare now?
  233. Sticking it to Feds: First Hemp Crop in 60 Years Planted This Week in CO
  234. Pfeiffer: Obama’s location on night of Benghazi attack a largely irrelevant
  235. WH: Legality of IRS Action Against Conservatives 'Irrelevant'
  236. New York Times Lauds Jay Carney
  237. Stealing their birth Right. CDC finds 1 in 5 mentally ill. By Hook or Crook
  238. Obama Reminds Nation That He Has A Race Card And He Isn't Afraid to Use It
  239. Obama's Counsel Told of IRS Audit Findings Weeks Ago
  240. Anthrax drug brings $334 million to Pentagon advisor's biotech firm
  241. Obama's Approval Rating Survives Scandal Week
  242. What’s wrong with tea party brains?
  243. This Is What Winning Looks Like
  244. On Obama 'going Bulworth'..
  245. New York says breaks cigarette-smuggling ring linked to militants
  246. Tea Party Couple Gets IRS, FBI, OSHA, and ATF Anal Exam
  247. Obama and the IRS: The Smoking Gun?
  248. "Youths" burn 100 cars in north Stockholm riots
  249. Calif. just doesn't learn
  250. Gun control advocates having second thoughts...?