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  1. Obama's Teleprompter Tells BJ Joke?
  2. Holder: Lying SOB
  3. FL response to DoJ on voting lists: Go Pound Sand
  4. One of our best local state Congressmen.
  5. New UN Treaty Bars Treating Teenage Criminals As Adults: Screwed!
  6. Stop UN Control Of The Internet!
  7. Agenda 21: ‘Rio conference has some potential, but remains ill-defined’
  8. Obama a no-show in Wisconsin
  9. Rand Paul Endorses Romney
  10. Obama Blames Romney for Lost Jobs in MA
  11. Obama Makes Clinton Apologize: Misspoke about Tax Cuts
  12. Another Presser
  13. Obama Finally Discovers Problem - It's Headwinds
  14. Obama administration playing dangerous game with intelligence leaks
  15. Two Cali Republicans To Face Off In Democrat Majority District
  16. Chaos v. Order; which are you?
  17. 30 years ago today, Ronald Reagan courageously predicted the demise of Comm
  18. A "Reasonable" & "Common Sense" Gun Law
  19. Why is John McCain so anxious...
  20. Guess what Obama lied again!
  21. Dave Kopel on the creation of the Second Amendment
  22. Ca. Man Arrested After Video Shows Belting Stepson
  23. The Epidemic Of Fraudulent Official Crime Reports
  24. GOP Hides on Immigration
  25. Alex Jones Calls Out Ron Paul -- Paulbot Mutiny
  26. Our little state made a big impression in 1772
  27. Obama is data-mining your information...
  28. Let's see if we can work this out .....
  29. Virginia Beach student suspended for allegedly using American flag to wipe
  30. Eric Holder
  31. 'New Party' Literature Suggests Obama Paid Dues to Join
  32. Romney longed to be in Vietnam
  33. Al Qaeda Offshoot Offers Camels for Obama's Head, Hens for Hillary Clinton'
  34. What if Romney - organized a Whites For Romney Campaign?
  35. Corey Booker Learns Crossing Obama Dangerous Business
  36. Tea Party Express is Rolling Through Florida
  37. MEET THE PRESS (NBC): Pre-empted by the French Open
  38. Former Chicago ACORN Official funded $445 million by Obama Administration
  39. Murder on order: Teenage girls call and stab delivery woman
  40. Why Obama Will Free Jonathan Pollard
  41. Here it comes: We're in the chute...
  42. What will Rand and Ron get for their endorsement of Mitt?
  43. Today's Funny Media Blooper
  44. t Obama Proclaims June “Gay Pride Month”
  45. Examples of Women not getting equal Pay?
  46. ‘Obama Girl’ is ‘not as excited’ about 2012, won’t endorse
  47. The Watermelon Summit
  48. Germany’s Green Energy Policy Hit Households Hard
  49. White House Colluded with Big Pharma to Push Obamacare
  50. Biggest Story of the Year, Source of leaks!
  51. GA voters - what's your take on T-SPLOST?
  52. House sets contempt vote on holder
  53. Lisa Jackson: EPA isn’t to blame for coal industry’s problems
  54. Obama Out of Touch on 'Private Sector Just Fine'
  55. American's Wealth Dropped 40% ....
  56. European crisis exlpained
  57. Obama Doubles Down with Nominees to Nation's Second Highest Court
  58. EPA power grab to regulate ditches, gullies on private property
  59. Why are Republicans supporting welfare for the rich?
  60. A border patrol story with a happy ending
  61. Beck Explains Why the Federal Reserve Is a Complete ‘Scam’
  62. Socialist or Fascist?
  63. When it Comes to Politics, Are We More Racist Than We Think?
  64. FLAME: The PERFECT spy-- awesome computer stuff!
  65. The Clintons' Covert War on Obama
  66. Perpetual Fundraiser Obama Claims ‘Presidential Responsibilities’ limiting
  67. Going after Florida Self Defense Law
  68. ‘Just Shut the Hell Up’
  69. ATM Restrictions
  70. Republican Convention ... Sarah for VP
  71. Obama Complaining About Romney's Twitter Campaign
  72. North Dakota voters to decide on abolishing property tax
  73. Is Rubio going to be the VP prospect?
  74. Shellie Zimmerman Arrested: Charged with Perjury
  75. Top conservative says read my lips:
  76. Is Howard Dean Mentally Ill?
  77. ABC & NBC Ignore Holder Hearings, CBS's F&F Coverage Slows To A Crawl
  78. Tax Exempt Media Matters--- really?
  79. Are Politicians Too Rich To Understand Us?
  80. What do you think of this statement?
  81. George Zimmerman Fears for Wife's Safety After Mug Shot Publicized
  82. Why does Dick Morris keep lying?
  83. Jeb Bush's Conflict Of Interest On Immigration
  84. Obama's new campaign strategy.
  85. Obama: Barbershops a 'Good Place' for Dispensing Fathering Advice
  86. First "Obama Girl", Now It’s "Obama Boy".
  87. Gay Republican presidential candidate Fred Karger
  88. Limbaugh Amazed at Obama's 'Have My Back' Radio Ad Targeting Blacks
  89. Chris Matthews Mocks Ann Romney for Having Horse That Might Go to Olympics
  90. Decade Long Gun Control Rebellion by Americans in Wake of Brady Bill
  91. We should follow Israel’s illegal immigration policy.
  92. For Sale: The United States Government
  93. Bill to Require Warrant For Drone Surveillance
  94. Cornyn ‘not impressed’ with Holder’s intelligence
  95. th When There's No More Room in Hell the Dead Shall Walk the Earth
  96. Obama's 'Blame Bush' gambit still working - Gallup
  97. Game Changing F&F Development?
  98. Egypt's military stops the Islamization of it's government
  99. Obama girl gone; Obama Boy up!
  100. The Genius of Mutual Indebtedness - Nigel Farage
  101. Reflections on fathers and Fathers' Day..
  102. Today:Romney Campaign Bus Circling Obama's Speech Site and Honking Horn
  103. Al-Awlaki Emailed With Fort Hood Gunman
  104. Malkin takes Juan Williams to school on “real journalism”
  105. 3,000 soldiers to serve in Africa next year
  106. Clinton in 2010: If It Doesn't Work In Two Years, 'Vote Us All Out Then'
  107. The top three reasons Eric Holder should be held in contempt
  108. Senate targets texting in new 'distracted driving' program
  109. Obama Trade Document Leaked, Revealing New Corporate Powers
  110. Obama's "Reframing" Speech Was Actually a Replay
  111. Obama Screws Taxpayers, Yet Again....
  112. So- More Government Employees Who Don't Do Anything .....
  113. Obama to stop deporting illegals, and give them work permits
  114. If Romney Wins, is it Goodbye GLOCK?
  115. Obama's "Forward" Slogan Has Ties To Socialism and Marxism.
  116. How much sense does this make?
  117. Treats Military Vets To Lunch…Then Leaves Without Paying
  118. Wow. McConnell: A 2nd term Obama even amending 1st Amendment?
  119. Eric Holder's GOP Enablers
  120. Paul RNC delegates suing the Republican Party
  121. As Promised, Canada Building Pipelines To Sell Oil To China
  122. Would a President Romney Rescind Obama's "Amnesty"?
  123. Reid Statement On Obama Administration Immigration Announcement
  124. MSNBC Fantasizes About Romney's Bus Exploding While On Tour
  125. Watch Gov. Palin Headline RightOnline 11:00 ET 6/15/2012
  126. MSNBC-Would-A-White-President-Be-Heckled
  127. Pentagon plans to hold Gay Pride month event
  128. The New Colossus
  129. Media Censors Racial Attacks in Portland Oregon
  130. Mother Jones magazine biased against RKBA
  131. Trojan Horse Delegates: A Message from Ron Paul
  132. The futility of gun turn-ins
  133. President Obama: The Biggest Government Spender In World History
  134. Zombie Apocalypse
  135. Marx Master Card--Don't "Spread The Wealth" Without It
  136. OSHA shooting range ruling points to agenda besides worker safety
  137. Ice Agent Jaime Zapata Murdered While Investigating Fast & Furious Weapons
  138. Thanks Obamacare: 83% of Doctors Surveyed Say They May Quit
  139. Economy in Sand Trap, Obama Goes Golfing
  140. The Boss Sets High Standards for his Troops
  141. Police: Rodney King found dead
  142. The Real Story Of Barack Obama
  143. AP from 1987: ‘Why do grown men and women shout at President Reagan?’
  144. Romney blows it on Face the Nation
  145. ‘Alternative’ Obama-Biden Campaign Slogans from Joe Biden ala Conan
  146. TIME's Fareed Zakaria-"Why We Need Pension Reform"
  147. BHO- 'Touches the moon' (Shoots the moon?)
  148. Feed the hogs, starve the guard dogs.
  149. Uber (Harvard) progressive turns on Obama.
  150. Romney: U.S. Will Not Send Checks to Europe
  151. What your money to FOCUS ON THE FAMILY pays for
  152. Has Romney Sold Immigration Policy To Sheldon Adelson?
  153. Bumper Sticker that REALLY ticked me off
  154. idiot was able to dial the phone
  155. Mexican President Thanks Obama for Immigration Changes
  156. Obama Hecklers Attack Family: Scream During Ann Romney Speech
  157. Chicago Shootings Skyrocket as Jarrett Wedding Pulls 100+ Cops
  158. Revealed: Photo of Obama's pot-smoking Choom Gang
  159. Obama attorneys argue he's not Dem nominee
  160. Death of the LP
  161. Obama Presidential Library
  162. Why Romney Needs to Lose
  163. Muslim Brotherhood Claims Victory in Egyptian Presidential Election
  164. "Lawyers for Ron Paul" take over campaign
  165. Obama pick for Iraq ambassador withdraws after racy emails
  166. Biden: Obama & I fabricated my 'blue collar' roots
  167. Kerry to play role of Mitt Romney for President Obama’s debate
  168. Top Immigration Official Arrested After Allegedly Hiring Illegals
  169. Chicago Mob Victim: 'They were enjoying frightening people'
  170. How Korea is Cleaning America’s Clock
  171. MSNBC and Andrea Mitchell distorts Romney's Wawa speech
  172. Obama immigration shift a hit with voters, says new poll
  173. Job Openings Report Shows Market Is...Really, Really Bad
  174. QUESTION about Romney
  175. Illegal immigrant 'deserves' to get Law license in CA:
  176. Senators ask Supreme Court to broadcast Obamacare ruling
  177. Romney declines to condemn hecklers at Obama stops
  178. White House implicated in Fast and Furious
  179. Maher on Allen West: GOP 'Party of the Apes'
  180. Clueless Claire McCaskill: The Senate Passed a Budget
  181. NBC edits Romney rally speech to portray candidate as out of touch
  182. FBI violent-crime rates show safer nation with more gun owners
  183. Senate rejects food stamp reforms
  184. Issa: Contempt vote coming on Fast and Furious
  185. West Virginia Democrats To Skip Natl' Convention
  186. Obama's grandfather tortured by the British? A fantasy (like most of the Pr
  187. That’s a clown question bro
  188. New Obama Jobs Program: Pay Anti-Romney Protesters
  189. The Angry Black Man
  190. The Immigration Ploy
  191. Terror Tuesdays, Kill Lists and Drones
  192. Prince of Handouts
  193. MSNBC edits again!
  194. The NHS kills off 130,000 elderly patients every year
  195. Eric Holder -- Requests Executive Privilege on F&F
  196. Obama Exerts Executive Privilege in Showdown Over 'Fast & Furious' Docs
  197. HR 5957 to Block Obama's Amnesty?
  198. Poll Shows Obama With Big National Lead
  199. Most Arrogant Man in the World
  200. Obama camp demands the names of Crossroads GPS donors
  201. Liberals, and so called "others" say they hate...
  202. I call for the AZ AG to file criminal charges agianst!
  203. Holder will lose Executive Privilege fight on F&F fight
  204. The world without the USA as leader of the free.
  205. CHICAGO'S UNREPORTED RACE WAR: more than 50 episodes of black mobs attacki
  206. Contempt ...Yes ...along party lines
  207. Interesting F&F Stuff
  208. Pelosi rips Holder contempt charges: ‘I could have arrested Karl Rove'
  209. University sponsors campaign to undermine 'white privilege'
  210. If the Commerce Clause sinks, what would you like to see go first?
  211. Dead dog receives voter registration forms
  212. Mitch Daniels to become Purdue President
  213. Romney's Website and Positions on Issues
  214. Adults heckle children singing 'God Bless the USA'
  215. The Wisdom Of Marco Rubio
  216. Video released of Zimmerman recounting night he shot Martin
  217. Morgan Freeman: GOP 'Scares Me'
  218. I smell victory...
  219. SCOTUS ruling against SEIU
  220. SCOTUS rules against FCC
  221. From a speech given by Lou Pritchett
  222. Pelosi: Holder contempt vote about voter suppression
  223. Major banks downgraded by Moody's
  224. The Fed Speaks, Doesn’t Do Much: It’s Out of Ammo
  225. Desperation: Obama Surrogate Calls to Make Voting Mandatory
  226. Holder Retracts Statement Blaming Mukasey on Fast and Furious
  227. SHOCK: Sharpton Blames Holder Contempt Charge On Racism
  228. Politico: Romney Only Comfortable Around 'White Folks'
  229. The Most Arrogant Man In The World... parody
  230. Is President Obama A Pathological Liar?
  231. Obama news transformers march on-
  232. Jon Stewart Trashes Obama’s Executive Privilege Assertion On Fast & Furious
  233. Tell Me Again Why ......
  234. Obama to Couples: Forgo Wedding Gifts and Donate to Me Instead
  235. Michelle Campaign E-Mail: Barack's Your Husband, Too
  236. Obama's Amnesty and Affirmative Action
  237. Jay Carney Made an ‘Angry Phone Call’ to Fox Exec. Following Anti-Obam
  238. W.H.: Ex-staffer can't be questioned on Fast and Furious
  239. Obama Campaign: Tell Your Wedding Guests to Send Us Money
  240. Gay Activists Know Nothing About Reagan, History
  241. Obama Wants You To Forgo your Bday/Wedding Gifts
  242. Romney says he will ‘replace and supersede’ Obama’s immigration plan
  243. Makes perfect sense to me!
  244. nt Obama Can’t Be in the Same Room As Forks Anymore
  245. Suspended Politico Reporter Lashes Out at Breitbart
  246. Obama's 'truthiness'.
  247. Egg Plant Sued Over Illegal Immigrant Hires
  248. Elizabeth Warren's Birthday Gift From GOP: An Ancestry.com Account
  249. Obama to Hispanics on immigrants: I see my kids
  250. Afterburner/Bill Whittle: Follow the Ideology behind Fast & Furious