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  1. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land
  2. Valerie Jarrett: Fox News Responsible For Class Warfare Rhetoric
  3. Morgan Freeman says US doesn't have a black president
  4. California approves funding for high-speed rail line
  5. 70 Facts President Obama Doesn’t Want You To Know
  6. Libertarian Candidate Johnson: Just 'Say No To Government'
  7. The tax man cometh to police you on health care
  8. The tax man cometh to police you on health care
  9. Second Obama cabinet official faces contempt of Congress charge--Salazar
  10. Liberals Distort Facts on Fast and Furious
  11. Occupiers, Convicted Terrorist to Protest at Private Residence of D. Koch
  12. Congressman Barney Frank weds in same-sex marriage
  13. Obama to sign UN gun treaty July 27th?
  14. A picture is worth a 1000 words
  15. Boehner: I can't make you love Mitt Romney
  16. Why NBC Won't Fire David Gregory
  17. The ‘New Gestapo’? Maine Gov. Blasts Massive Expansion of IRS Agents
  18. California passes "anti-Arizona" immigration bill
  19. My Brief Conversation with a Romney Fund-Raiser
  20. A Republican Issue That Would Appeal to Asians
  21. Congressmen urge the UN to trample the US Constitution
  22. Old Man Sucker Punched and robbed
  23. New obama executive order seeks 'control' over communications during 'crisi
  24. Indiana militiaman gets back his 41 guns, 100,000 rounds of ammunition
  25. Anti-Obama Float In Utah Town's Fourth Of July Parade Is Reported To SS
  26. Obamacare gives free healthcare to illegal aliens
  27. Reverend Wright knocks Obama in Sunday sermon
  28. The Nagging Persistence of Tribalism
  29. Talk about a 'sign-of-the-times! Disability/jobs ratio
  30. 4 men charged with jumping out of limo, attacking group in Lakeview
  31. Government overpaid $14 billion in unemployment benefits
  32. Get Rid of the Right to Bear Arms
  33. ---social security now called 'federal benefit payment'/entitlement!
  34. Who is behind Priorities USA Action?
  35. Fraud: CNN Airs False Accusation That Romney Broke Tax Laws
  36. Obama Prepares to Drop Tax-Increase Bomb On Job Creators
  37. If I wanted America to fail
  38. Rick Perry: Texas Will Not Be Implenting ObamaCare
  39. "Illegal Immigrant" Not a Slur.
  40. Anyone else get agitated when an internet news site doesnt allow comments?
  41. Border Patrol initially fired bean bags
  42. Congressional bully pushes anti-bullying legislation
  43. Wealthy Socialite and Top Dem Donor Dumps U.S. Citizenship
  44. The States Can Still Kill Obamacare
  45. Romney's Tom Dewey Moment
  46. Obama’s legal identity problem
  47. Obama's economic "recovery"
  48. Texas Drought
  49. (Cussword, cussword!) TAXES & the freaking UN..
  50. Campaign Website: Meeting Obama Better Than Birth of My Kids!
  51. Graph Says an Awful Lot About the So-Called 'Recovery'
  52. THE graph--- check it out for yourself..
  53. Conservatives Got Suckered Again in Obamacare Decision
  54. Report: 83 percent of doctors have considered quitting over Obamacare
  55. Sununu Laughs In Andrea Mitchell's Face As She Defends Obama's lies
  56. Passengers Beat 2 Muslim Plane Hijackers to Death on Chinese Flight
  57. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has Swiss bank account investments
  58. Demolition of Egypt’s Great Pyramids
  59. Brad Pitt’s Mom Gets Death Threats for Blasting Obama on Abortion
  60. another california city bankrupt?
  61. Better to Be a Former Ron Paul Staffer, or a War Planner?
  62. Here's an outstanding video- children speak their minds.
  63. Anyone see Dennis the Menace Kucinich on O'Reilly
  64. NAACP leader accuses Romney of favoring white people after speech
  65. Professional Journalists At WSJ: "Teens See Summer Jobs Vanish"
  66. House Votes to Repeal Obamacare
  67. Closing Border Patrol Stations In Four States
  68. If you're happy & you know it you're probably a conservative!
  69. 30% unemployment rate for.......
  70. Nancy Pelosi made between $1-5 million on Asian investments in 2011
  71. Democrats on Iraq + WMD's
  72. Senate Dems Kill Obama’s Tax Plan
  73. Team USA To Be Decked Out in Uniforms Made in China
  74. George Zimmerman evidence, including FBI interviews to be released Thursday
  75. DNC Spokeswoman Admits Stimulus Money Spent Overseas
  76. How to handle a checkpoint
  77. 100 years photos
  78. Biden: "Children should be educated to the degree they are educable."
  79. Gun Treaty - why you need to take action NOW!
  80. Fast and Furious is not a D.C. law firm
  81. Virginia's George Allen: "Conservative" Quota King
  82. health care???
  83. Poll: Two-Thirds Want Their States to Check Immigration Status
  84. 20% Pay 94% of Taxes
  85. Inside the Beltway: Choosing the dream---“2016: Obama’s America”
  86. Are you a federal income tax payer? Your share of the debt now $193,000
  87. Drones Overseas Lead to Drones at Home
  88. Secret Democratic Oppo Research Files for 2012 Match-Ups Found
  89. Romney Demands Apology For Obama Campaign's 'Felon' Lie
  90. Biden Addresses Empty Seats at NAACP Convention
  91. “Occupy the RNC” Instructional Video Advises Firebombing Police Officers
  92. new calls for conscription
  93. Detective in Zimmerman case said he was pressured to file charges
  94. How Rmoney "saved" the 2002 Olympics
  95. The Ultimate Krugman Take-Down
  96. Let's Apply Harry Reid's 'Dog Catcher' Standard to Barack Obama
  97. Chasing Away the Rich
  98. HHS gutting welfare reform
  99. Rice for VP--NOT!
  100. Let Them Eat Subsidized Soybeans
  101. Tree-rings prove climate was WARMER in Roman/Medieval times than it is now
  102. George Zimmerman: Motion to disqualify judge
  103. NRA draws red line on UN arms treaty
  104. Top Ten Felons, Fugitives, and Shady Characters in Obama's Life
  105. Andrea Mitchell walks into another debate unprepared
  106. John Sununu and Juan Williams get into it over Romney
  107. Obama campaign worker collapses at Chicago campaign HQ and later dies
  108. Alleged slur uttered at Crawford in NH traced to Mass. police officer
  109. Democratic Republic of Congo: Lubumbashi to Kinshasa
  110. a reminder on what politicians really want and really hate
  111. JJ Walkers says Obama's not the man for the job
  112. I have a Romney complaint.
  113. The Communist
  114. R. Paul email - Sorry Trojan Horses, Nomination impossible.
  115. The Lawsuits Begin
  116. "Marijuana Wars"
  117. Obama Goes for Kill Shot with Nasty Anti-Romney Ad - Update: Romney Condemn
  118. Did Union Democrats Stage a Fake Fight at Ohio Romney Rally?
  119. Progressive Idiot of The Day: Juan Gonzalez
  120. Feds Allow Florida Access to Data to Prevent Voter Fraud
  121. I would like to say Obama just surprised me
  122. The secret war on guns
  123. A Short History of Congress's Power to Tax
  124. 20% pay increase for teachers union bosses
  125. Obama's Real Father?
  126. my guy
  127. Science Quotas for Women--A White House Goal
  128. Will The Next Middle East War Be In Syria?
  129. Can you say what makes America the greatest country in the world?
  130. Dividend Tax Hike Will Hurt Millions of Americans...
  131. How do you starve an Obama supporter?
  132. Mitt Romney Does Interview with Oprah
  133. Romney attacks Obama’s negative campaigning with a negative ad of his own
  134. 'Monica, Monica' chants taunt Clinton in Egypt
  135. Krauthammer: Wrong again
  136. Please note that Texas is the only state with a legal right to secede from
  137. They are making their move-What will you do?
  138. Texaco Muslims refuse service to vets !!!
  139. Romney’s Palin Problem: Where’s Her Convention Invite?
  140. Soros' plot to stack states' courts with leftist judges exposed
  141. Weiner to run for NYC mayor
  142. Msnbc.com becomes NBCNews.com
  143. Texas winning the fight for ballot integrity?
  144. Any Doubt Dems Are a Criminal Enterprise ?
  145. Obama to Americans: You do not deserve what you have earned.
  146. Retail Sales Fall for Third Month In a Row
  147. America! Give it up! Obama's a WOMBAT!
  148. Fact or fiction????
  149. Obama to Biz Owners:"U didn't build that!"
  150. Obama wedding registry fund-raising strategy not a hit with brides
  151. Retail sales fall 3rd month in a row
  152. Reid Worries About Olympic Uniforms, Not Budgets
  153. See this video before it's blocked!
  154. Gee, just what we need- more incumbent protection.
  155. when o says this is not a Christian Nation he could take a walk
  156. The Meaning of Condi
  157. Operation on Syria Successful, but the Patient Died
  158. George Lopez to Sheriff Arpaio: FU and more
  159. Political Imprisonment in Britain, 2012
  160. Narcissist-In-Chief Raffles Off Spots At His 51st Birthday Party
  161. US Navy Fires on Ship in Persian Gulf, One Dead
  162. Watch this video. Never mind the 99%, focus oon that 47%.
  163. Treasury officials solicited sex, golfed with bankers to avoid arrest
  164. McCain Campaign's Full 2008 File On Mitt Romney
  165. The buck stops with you
  166. Indiana Sends Congress the Bill for the Cost of Illegal Aliens
  167. Justice Roberts is Wrong, Nullify
  168. Building a FILE on Obama
  169. Conservatives Win Victory for U.S. Sovereignty, Defeat U.N. Sea Treaty
  170. Woman Accuses Zimmerman of Groping Her
  171. Mitt Romney on Gun Control
  172. The Right to Keep and Bear - Voter ID
  173. Law of the Sea Treaty effectively dead in the U.S. Senate
  174. Boy Scouts reaffirm ban on gays
  175. Gasoline Prices Skyrocket under President Obama
  176. Another Flash Mob
  177. Islamic Sharia Law In The Heartland?
  178. Vid Shows 71-Year-Old CCW Holder Opening Fire on Would-Be-Robbers
  179. Chevvy Volt, Revisited....
  180. Deputies shoot, kill man after knocking on wrong door
  181. Progressive Idiot of the Day: Chuck Schumer
  182. Growing state budget cuts show why Americans need guns and Second Amendment
  183. Hoyer: Food Stamps, Unemployment Insurance 2 'Most Stimulative' Things
  184. The Obamas invest in funds that ship jobs overseas
  185. SAAMI Testifies At UN Arms Trade Treaty Negotiations And Palestine...
  186. Study says Obama tax proposals could cost 700,000 jobs
  187. Are GM and Obama in Cahoots before the Nov. elections?
  188. Liberals win in Lybia
  189. It's a Fake!
  190. Your Neighbour is the Enemy
  191. America Heading Towards a Collapse Worse Than 2008 AND Europe!
  192. US 'building missile defense station in Qatar'
  193. As White Collars Fade to Blue
  194. Here it is, all of it. Obama alpha to omega
  195. Where's that Blue Pill?
  196. Your guide to sleazy Democratic Party-backed banks
  197. Israel blames Iran for deadly bus explosion
  198. Americans have to ask: HTF did this ever happen here?!?
  199. reported dead in explosion on bus carrying Israelis in Bulgaria
  200. FL Firefighters Forced to Remove Flags from Trucks
  201. Romney Campaign Disses Palin: Throws Party Unity Overboard
  202. Tea Party Leader
  203. CBS Admits: 'This Is The Worst Economic Recovery America Has Ever Had'
  204. Petition to stop the US from signing the Arms Trade Treaty
  205. Looks like it's getting close to "game over" for Assad/Sryia
  206. Matthews: Why do Republicans hate our perfect President?
  207. Zimmerman interview with Fox
  208. Pelosi to Democrats: Skip The Convention
  209. Union Bosses say a lot of the public funded jobs are BS
  210. Jobless Claims Rise More Than Expected
  211. AP Misleads: Perry Did NOT Call for Romney to Release Tax Returns
  212. Could the Democrats be more dishonest?
  213. McCain on Piers Morgan TONIGHT
  214. Tiiiiime is on my side, yes it is...
  215. Chic-Fil-A. Good move.
  216. Obama Ad Accuses Romney of "Launching a False Attack"
  217. "Bain" is Romney's "Reckoning"..Batman fans..rejoice..
  218. USDA partnering with Mexico to boost food stamp participation
  219. ANOTHER gvt. greenie bites the dust! It was Harry's favorite, too.
  220. Reagan Justice Dept. Official: Romney Camp Promised Porn Crackdown
  221. San Fran Area Drivers Could be Forced to Install GPS Devices That Tax Their
  222. So what you make of this UN gun ban Hillery signed
  223. The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur...
  224. rallying cry for the revolution?
  225. $20K for Drumsticks?
  226. Obama: If We Lose in 2012, Government Will Tell People ‘You’re on Your Own’
  227. House bars Obama from sharing secrets with Russia
  228. Wacko shoots up movie theater-- many injured. Colorado
  229. Mass Shooting in Aurora CO
  230. The Chickens of Globalization Come Home to Roost
  231. Wages Now Lower Than in 1968
  232. NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg rips Obama and Romney on gun control
  233. Pelosi: People Writing These Stories' Should Release Their Tax Returns
  234. First Photo of Aurora Shooting Suspect Released
  235. Rendell is calling for the AWB to be reinstated on MSNBC right now...UGH..
  236. Interview With James Michael Holmes Tea Party Member Falsely Accused by ABC
  237. ABC's Brian Ross needs to resign TODAY
  238. Exclusive: Tea Party Patriots Call on ABC News and All Media to Stop False
  239. CNN's Piers Morgan Exploits 'Dark Knight' Massacre To Push Gun Control
  240. You know what the news is, here's what the MSM didn't report........
  241. Blaming the NRA
  242. Why I Personally know (first hand) gun control IS NOT the answer
  243. Obama Admin official describes Bulgarian attack as ‘tit for tat’ reprisal
  244. MSM Reporters Make Up Crap on Purpose
  245. Huma Abedin Mother Linked to Muslim Brotherhood
  246. Colorado shooting a false flag?
  247. Colorado Shooter Active With Occupy Wall Street
  248. Facebook- how do you see who looks at your wall?
  249. Happy Muslims/Unhappy Muslims
  250. Romney on Gun Control