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  1. Israel fears Olympic attacks on athletes.
  2. L.A. County no CCW
  3. Election Year not good for Gun Control
  4. Sens. Feinstein, Johnson Debate Stricter Gun Control
  5. CO Gov Fights Off CNN's Bullying Over Gun Laws
  6. Remembering Chicago’s victims
  7. Shooting suspect gun club membership rejected
  8. Humor: Readings From The Book of Barack
  9. Washington's Message to Americans: 'We Own You'
  10. George Costanza Actor Releases Lengthy Anti-Gun Statement
  11. NY Police Officer Shoots and Kills Son He Thought Was An Intruder
  12. Don’t hold your breath for new gun laws
  13. Public Sector Pensions Underfunded by $4.6 Trillion
  14. Jobs Versus Net Jobs
  15. Bank of America=Anti Gun
  16. The killers wore little tents to obscure their identities..
  17. He must be a Dumocrat
  18. Should we Americans 'gird our loins'? Iran threat..
  19. Majority of voters blame president for bad economy
  20. Federal Court Cases Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio
  21. The Joker
  22. David Stockman explains EVERYTHING
  23. The Changing Face of Democracy
  24. Korwin on CNN re: Colorado
  25. Marines Pick Colt for New Pistol
  26. Bill O'Reilly says you can buy a "machine gun"...
  27. Are Internet ammo purchases the next target?
  28. Obama claims Romney 'twisted' his words on 'you didn't build that'
  29. A Miracle
  30. Colorado background checks up 41%
  31. Political Coincidence? If U support Mitt, then O folks after U?
  32. Bloomberg: No, Cops Shouldn't Literally Strike
  33. Obama Campaign Spokeswoman Smears Romney's Virginia Supporters as Racist
  34. CBO to employers: Obamacare has $4B more in taxes than expected
  35. The Feds Paid for Colorado Shooter's Arsenal
  36. How much is enough?
  37. Thoughts?
  38. What If 20% of Adults in That Theater Had Been Packing Iron?
  39. Walter E. Williams: Stubborn Ignorance
  40. Presidential busts: The worst of all: Barack Obama (2009-?)
  41. Black mobs now have soundtrack for violence
  42. Anaheim shooting same as Trevon
  43. The answer- "It's not the same country.."
  44. Think you know GPS?!? Wave bubbles & spoofers..
  45. Death of Print: Goodbye Newsweak !
  46. Obama not attacking gun rights after Colorado shooting
  47. Obama Admits ... Born Kenya
  48. Movie massacre suspect sent chilling notebook to psychiatrist before attack
  49. White House Banning Reporters from Tweeting Biden's Comments
  50. Prosecutors release names of 6 'secret' witnesses in Zimmerman case
  51. MSNBC's Toure: Response to Colorado Shooting All About Racism
  52. Police wake man, look through home, wrong Clarksville address
  53. Romney claims many Aurora weapons were illegal
  54. Can Romney...
  55. Obama creating African-American education office
  56. Here We Go. Obama Starts To Talk Gun Control.
  57. Rmoney: "This person shouldn't have had any kind of weapons"
  58. Left is calling for El Presentie to Executive Order Assault Weapons Ban
  59. What Americans Need to Know About the LIBORgate Scandal
  60. Ron Paul: Security and Self-Governance
  61. NBC's Chuck Todd Admits: Our Poll Was Skewed
  62. The hologram president.
  63. Lots of smiles and some real truths
  64. This 'issue' really ticks me off! VOTER ID...
  65. Why would a Jew drive a Mercedes?
  66. Weather Extremes Leave Parts of U.S. Grid Buckling
  67. GM Stock: More Bad News for Taxpayers
  68. City Officials Powers
  69. The Meaning Behind the Madness
  70. Media Invents Story That Chick-fil-A President Condemned Gay Marriage
  71. Latest Romney Spanish-Language Ad Hints At Amnesty.
  72. Afterburner with Bill Whittle: It's a Miracle!
  73. Mittens in the U.K. (God Save the Queen..)
  74. Which is worse: leaking classified information or destroying it?
  75. Economy lost more than 200,000 small businesses in recession, Census shows
  76. Nepotism @ DOJ prevalent...
  77. Holder/MF Global: Pick up any flat rock in the DC swamp..
  78. Driving while distracted.. Hey, Bloomie, if you really want---
  79. USA in 1940s. Color photos.
  80. U.S. Economy: 17 Reasons Why A Recession In 2012 Is Underway
  81. Place your bets: Will the US team dip the flag this year?
  82. CNN President Resigns
  83. Rupert Murdoch's The Sun declares: Mitt the Twit
  84. California: Bellwether of a GOP in Decline
  85. Nature or Nurture: Case Closed?
  86. Senate Proposes Gun Control Amendment
  87. Obama signs Israel military aid bill on eve of Romney visit
  88. Poll: Romney Takes Five-Point Lead
  89. Boston Mayor Backtracks on Chick-Fil-A
  90. James Holmes was seeing psychiatrist at university before massacre
  91. 'NY Mag': Hitting Obama for 'You Didn't Build That' Is Racist
  92. The Tea Party Republicans Spent More Than the Dems They Replaced.
  93. The Anti-Libertarian Party (ALP)
  94. Oregon Man Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail -- for Collecting Rainwater on His
  95. Democratic senators offer gun control amendment for cybersecurity bill
  96. Obama Hands $52M To His AARP Buddies
  97. Olympic opening ceremony tainted by leftist political idealogy
  98. NRA Stops U.N. Arms Trade Treaty
  99. Cops solve 'Mystery of the Alphabet'- A is like C..
  100. Myanmar unrest leaves 'more than 80 dead'
  101. More obama destruction to our economy
  102. POLL: Will you eat at Chick-fil-A?
  103. President Obama repays donors in tax dollars
  104. Boston Globe & Chicago Sun-Times Take Chick-Fil-A Bashing Mayors to Woodsed
  105. Two planes Rubio was on had malfunctions on same day
  106. Ron Paul Lawsuit --- Now a "SURE THING"
  107. Krugman Wants Job As Fed Chief
  108. Only a fool could/would argue.
  109. ‘It Will Have to Be Decided’ Whether Gov’t Can Regulate Some Types of Guns
  110. Sen. McCaskill trails GOP challengers badly in Missouri
  111. Koch-funded climate change skeptic reverses course
  112. Black wedding banned by Baptist church
  113. SCOTUS will need to rule on 2A... Again..
  114. Is Obama the worst president ever?
  115. The Monetization of Everything
  116. Axelrod: ‘Amazing We’re Not Getting Blown Away’
  117. CNN: Average Americans don't need assault weapons
  118. Latest MSM ploy.
  119. The Secret Relationship Between Rahm and Lou
  120. Obama talks guns, Democratic leaders duck
  121. Can it be un-American to be a Christian?
  122. Wrong: Media claiming scalia said scotus to limit second amendment
  123. Dems announce bill restricting online ammo sales
  124. Lies My Teacher Told Me
  125. Newsweek Sux
  126. Teen mob robbery caught on tape
  127. Progressives: The Right To Be Defenseless and Live Off Others Earnings
  128. security leaks haven't stopped despite controversy
  129. The Conservative Gun Control Traitor List
  130. Wrong: Media claiming scalia said scotus to limit second amendment
  131. President Obama related to country’s first enslaved man
  132. Now don't get offended...
  133. Romney warmly greeted in Poland by supporters.....of Ron Paul
  134. Romney Throws Horse, Wife Under Bus
  135. Federal Court: Obama Admin. Interfered in New Black Panthers Case
  136. 5 officials faulted in Fast and Furious
  137. Fifth Conspirator Pleads Guilty to Civil Rights Violation in Maryland
  138. August 1 declared Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day
  139. US Takes Gold in Clays/Shotgunning
  140. New Book Alleges BHO Passed on Klling OBL 3 times
  141. Illinois Gov files Amendatory Veto for AWB
  142. Where do the roads and bridges come from?
  143. Ever-Helpful McCain Tutors Romney on Hispanic Strategy
  144. Cruz'ing to victory
  145. Politico Exposes Romney Press Corps as Partisan, Petty, and 'Bitter'
  146. I like this candidate.
  147. Wouldn't ya love to see Sarah debate Cheny
  148. Media Crusade Against Chick-Fil-A Continues
  149. Sharp Decline in Terror Attacks After Bin Laden Death
  150. White House Apologizes To Krauthammer
  151. You're not done funding the Chevvy Volt ....
  152. Obama Films Self Making $5,000 Donation to Own Campaign
  153. What's the deal with Romney's tax returns?
  154. Running Out of Other Peoples Money
  155. Hillary Clinton: America's Worst Secretary of State
  156. Charlie Daniels on Obama
  157. CNN Ratings Down Yet Even Still Further .....
  158. 10 Concepts Liberals Talk About, But Don't Understand
  159. Romney tax plan would result in cuts for rich, higher burden for others
  160. World's largest Wendy's franchise owner stands with Chick-fil-a after contr
  161. Pepper-spray cop no longer employed by UC Davis
  162. 60 House Bills to Name Post Offices, Zero To Fix Mail Service
  163. House passes bill eliminating Senate confirmation for presidential appointe
  164. Again: Media Skew Swing State Polls to Boost Obama
  165. GSA employees got $44 million in bonuses
  166. The States Have Begun Rationing Health Care
  167. Obama authorizes secret support for Syrian rebels
  168. Drop that latte!
  169. The IRS Cashes In On Olympic Medal Winners
  170. A tune for these times. (Ray Stevens)
  171. Jobless Claims Increase ....
  172. Guns Don't Kill People ...
  173. George Bush Confronts Obama For Blaming Him For Everything
  174. CBS Atlanta: We're Not Covering Appreciation, Just Protests
  175. Reid: Romney is guilty of tax evasion until he proves he’s innocent
  176. GM Profits Fall 41%
  177. TSA agrees to allow unionization of agents
  178. Obama is not sure how old he is???
  179. TSA Chief "Americans should expect some airport screeners to be criminals"
  180. BuzzFeed Politics Exposes Wash Post's Coordination With Obama Campaign
  181. The Civil Rights Agenda files complaints against Chick-fil-A
  182. ROMNEY CAMPAIGN: Obama's Campaign Manager 'Appears' To Be A Crook
  183. Obama Campaign Sues to Restrict Military Voting
  184. DCCC apologizes to Sheldon Adelson
  185. - and, he'll eat your dog.
  186. VIDEO: Sanctimonious moonbat harasses Chick Fil A employee
  187. Black Pastor Slams Obama Conflating Civil Rights with Same-Sex Marriage
  188. Romney To Reid: 'Put Up Or Shut Up'
  189. Reid: Press 'Should Be Writing' Anonymous Romney Tax Story
  190. NRA-Backed Rogers Unseats Maggart
  191. Bloomberg: must have plenty of time on his hands
  192. IRS losing billions in fraudulent identity thieves tax returns
  193. Harry Reid has paid no taxes for 10 years
  194. re-elect Obama incompetence everywhere
  195. Jobless rate rises to 8.3 percent, hiring picks up but still falling short
  196. Romney 47%, Obama 43%/ Obama approval rating down to 44%
  197. Chick-fil-A vs. Coca-Cola: The Strange Trajectory of Two Southern Companies
  198. does the ACLU object to the U.S. Coast Guard...
  199. Israeli-American Newspaper: 'Netanyahu Puts All the Chips on Romney'
  200. It's The Media's Job to Stop Harry Reid
  201. Regulatory czar leaving White House to return to Harvard Law School
  202. Russia Sends Three Warships To Syria Carrying Hundreds Of Marines
  203. $460 million food stamp benefits went to ineligible households
  204. Ohio Fights Obama Efforts to Nix Military Early Voting Suit
  205. Funny: The most famous words Obama has said...
  206. New 'Broke Party' Emerges in Chicago: We're not Demo or Rep--We're Broke
  207. Barack Obama Runs On Empty And Toward Defeat
  208. Emails Show Solyndra Push Was Rahm Emanuel's Idea
  209. Can one country have it all?
  210. Clint Eastwood endorsing Romney's presidential bid
  211. Push For Formal Amnesty For Homosexuals
  212. California Meltdown Update:"The Road Warrior Is Here"
  213. "if you can't fix it with a hammer,
  214. Taxpayer-Funded Amtrak Releases Ads Targeted For Gay Couples
  215. Liberals Call for Killing of 6 year old Conservative!
  216. ICE Agent Suspended for Arresting Dangerous Alien
  217. Gun Control Advocate: Daughters Have Bullseye Targets in Their Bedrooms
  218. Why NBC deserves to be in the toilet. Monkey ad..
  219. Interesting perspective...
  220. Obama and The Military Vote
  221. Hey gang, whatta ya' think about my new hat?
  222. Van Jones: GOP, Tea Party ‘Want To Hurt Americans Economically 4 Gain
  223. Porn queen Jenna Jameson endorses Mitt Romney for president
  224. If Its Sunday Its Meet the Press.....NOT
  225. All US presidents related except for one
  226. Shooting at Sikh Temple near Milwaukee
  227. Mitt Romney's Greatest Flips
  228. Video Shows Occupy Vandals Smashing Windows at Obama Campaign Headquarters
  229. Illegal Alien Kills Baby in DUI Accident, His 5th DUI Arrest
  230. Progressive versus Reactionary Islam
  231. Is Your Neighbor a Democrat? Obama Has an App for That
  232. Colonel ignites firestorm with article on crushing 'tea party insurgency'
  233. Serena Williams "Ghetto Fabulous" at the Olympics!
  234. Liberal . . .
  235. Holder's Deputies Planted Seeds for Operation Fast & Furious
  236. It's "1984"--App reveals which of your neighbors are registered Dems
  237. "Just shoot yourself!" Delivered to Olympic champion, Corey.
  238. Too bad Obama didn't take a walk... THIS walk.
  239. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a -----
  240. A-A American kids are disciplined more than--
  241. Israel: Major Terror Attack Thwarted
  242. Security Cameras Commercialized
  243. GOP convention speaker list fuels VP speculation
  244. Democrat lawmakers; are they totally hopeless?
  245. Dirty little Dumocrat Liar
  246. Hispanic Riots in Anaheim
  247. Four Senate Republicans demand immigrant welfare answers from Nappy
  248. White House considers executive order, Internet takeover a possibility
  249. The Epic Failure of Tantrum Politics
  250. IN: Citizens Now Allowed to Shoot Law Enforcement During Unlawful entry