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  1. "Dynamic Entry", No Knock Warrants?
  2. Video of cop planting drugs on victim
  3. Reason on Consent Searches
  4. Civil Liberties
  5. TBO and the concept of "anti-authority."
  6. Is this an Acceptable Use of Force by Police?
  7. Indiana High Court Rules People Cannot Resist Illegal Entry by Police
  8. Are these police ethical?
  9. Will this cop end up being a roomy with his friend in the video?
  10. I have finally come to my senses....
  11. Oklahoma Woman Sells $30 Worth of Weed, Gets 12 Years In Prison
  12. I don't even know where to start..
  13. Dana's Law...You read it here first...
  14. This cop will have a fun in prison
  15. Ex Marine MURDERD by SWAT.
  16. I agree with all the cops. Police brutality is practically non existent.
  17. Trucker Wins Lawsuit Against Minnesota Highway Patrol Roadside Inspections
  18. Kings Mountain National Park: Man Ejected for Ron Paul Decal is Vindicated
  19. The Changing Face of Police in America
  20. Second Amendment - recognizes a civil right?
  21. David Lee "Deacon'' Turner shooting
  22. Shocking Failure To Notify! Dash Cam Footage (Tonight)
  23. Patriot Act,,are theyconstitutional?
  24. Canton OH Council Pres. blames CCW Notify incident on allowing CCW
  25. Spend-o-crats FREAK OUT over video camera
  26. Cop protects suspect in cuffs
  27. No, we're not moving towards a police state
  28. Anonymous targets Ohio police after beating
  29. Canton Officer violated rules and regulations...
  30. warrant-less “protective sweep” gets expensive for the Lumpkin Co SO
  31. What the...?
  32. Teacher punishes student for 'bless you'
  33. War on drugs. Question.
  34. Can you be locked up forever without a trial - Senate just said Yes!
  35. Are Police Vehicle Checkpoints Legal in Texas
  36. ACLU Disappointment
  37. Citizen attacks Baltimore police - caught on tape
  38. A 15-year-old student was shot and killed by police
  39. Mayor puts police chief on leave - officers use too much force...
  40. GSP Trooper kills Atlanta Braves trainer's wife has history of 'accidents'
  41. Black powder purchase regulations?
  42. Feinstein's daughter, a judge, refuses to swear in new Sheriff in SF
  43. First case in U.S. history
  44. Canton Officer Harless fired for pattern of behavior
  45. Thought that there would be more Traffic in here?
  46. Feds stepping up excessive force cases
  47. Judge: Americans can be forced to decrypt their laptops
  48. Why Supreme Court's GPS ruling will improve your privacy rights
  49. FBI: Conn. cops behaved like ‘bullies with badges’
  50. Slimeball disgraced ex-cop cries in court, judge is 'moved'
  51. PTSD blamed for convicted police captain's behavior...
  52. The other side: Killings in line of duty haunt police officers
  53. Illinois CCW Petition, please sign and pass on to others
  54. Farmers are under attack
  55. Another decryption case; 11th Circuit
  56. Legalize it?
  57. Freedom of Speech in the United States is now been silenced with a Felony.
  58. more federal gubmint failure.
  59. Gloria Alred want Rush criminally prosecuted for call woman slut on air
  60. Home invasion and beating by Police
  61. Portland man sheds skivvies to protest airport security
  62. Has the first ammendment been abridged?
  63. Viewing Child Pornography Online Is Now Legal in New York
  64. Appeal court overturns gun charge conviction, upholds two others
  65. What do you think would happen if they legalize drugs ?
  66. Drones Shot Down Over Texas
  67. When in doubt, cuff EVERYONE.
  68. Door Kicked In (not sure if right forum...)
  69. Indiana First State to Allow Citizens to Shoot Law Enforcement Officers
  70. Current Civil Liberties & Constitution Violations
  71. Canadian airports to record (private) conversations: CBSA
  72. Tests in cannibalism case: Zombie-like attacker used pot, not 'bath salts'
  73. "In the Border Patrol Checkpoint, the person's rights doesn't matter here."
  74. Kim Dotcom makes song for Obama
  75. Black Panthers
  76. Shouldn't LEOs know the law?
  77. Glock Talk Invited to Call Into Radio Show on Civil Liberty
  78. Senate confirms privacy oversight board nominees, leaves out chairman
  79. What a Hero Looks Like
  80. Brandon J Raub - whats your take
  81. Huh?
  82. Police Officer Suspended For Taking Erotic Photos, Sues San Francisco PD
  83. 3rd Circuit rules that treaties supersede US Constitution
  84. UK couple who shot masked burglars will not be charged
  85. License plate readers: A useful tool for police comes with privacy concerns
  86. British high schools have cameras in bathrooms, locker rooms
  87. 'Expect to be shot if you burgle gun owners', judge warns criminals
  88. Church & State
  89. SMU students union shoots down gaming poster
  90. Qur’an burning pastor denied entry into Canada
  91. Prepaid retail cards a concern
  92. Who gave you the right? - Steve Lee - Music Video
  93. Michael Savage - Satanic Liberals Vs. Sheepdogs
  94. Employer wants my id and password?
  95. Halifax firearm case goes to Supreme Court of Canada
  96. Notice from the mail.
  97. Regulating the Militia by Kevin D. Williamson
  98. Gun Control Tramples On The Certain Virtues Of A Heavily Armed Citizenry
  99. Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities
  100. Ontario man who shot at attackers outside his home acquitted of all charges
  101. Yep, let's legalize drugs...
  102. Newt Gingrich on Anderson Cooper 360 on 1/10/13
  103. Tiananmen Square activist, now a U.S. citizen, speaks to 2nd Amendment
  104. Governments trying to extract more info about users, Google says
  105. No privacy if bags checked, SCOC told
  106. Obtaining a concealed weapon permit is difficult in San Francisco
  107. Policing for Profit:Motel Owner Accused of Drug Aiding Wins Forfeiture Case
  108. Judge rules in favor of ICE agents suing Obama
  109. The other shoe just dropped - Justice Dept rules it can kill americans
  110. Any thoughts on this police video?
  111. LAPD Opens fire on second innocent person.
  112. Curious what you guys make of this.
  113. Library of Congress Storing All Your Tweets
  114. City Wants Power to “Disarm Individuals” During Crisis
  115. The Militarization of Policing in America
  116. California gun seizure
  117. Nice video I found on gun control
  118. Delaware police attempt home search without warrant...
  119. No Gun for You! – Serbu Tells NYPD to Find Another .50 Cal
  120. Price Gouging Is it still happening in your area?
  121. Should sex offenders be prohibited from international travel?
  122. I support gay marriage. I have a new idea for exposing liberal intolerance
  123. No charges against St. Paul cops in fatal shooting
  124. Feds admit FBI warrantless cellphone tracking ‘very common’
  125. Woman arrested in NYC for gun in checked luggage.
  126. Maya Angelou admits to using guns for protection
  127. We're the federal government and we can do what we want, when we want...
  128. Dr Kermit Gosnell
  129. Door-to-door searches during manhunt
  130. Watertown search videos are surfacing!
  131. Why is this an issue?
  132. Shipping ammo into Calif
  133. Okay, why don't y'all use this forum? You start a thread in GNG...
  134. Every time a bomb goes off, the surveillance state grows stronger
  135. Student wrongly tied to Boston bombing found dead
  136. Duluth (MN) felon faces gun charge
  137. Are you writing your Congressperson over what happened in Watertown???
  138. U.S. tests out aerial drones in Caribbean drug fight
  139. Some thoughts on the need to "reinterpret the Constitution"
  140. 2013 NRA Annual Meetings: Jeanine Pirro
  141. Video on always pleading the 5th for your protection.
  142. The Soviet Republic of California to hear anti gun bill proposals tomorow
  143. What the Hell is wrong with the cops in Texas lastly
  144. Has Glock Talk been asked for member info?
  145. Another badge wearing piece of **** !!!
  146. Bloomie's Buss to Blunder into ATL
  147. Violation of rights
  148. Another Highly Trained Cop !
  149. DOMA is Toast.
  150. Suburban NY 'Pot Mom' Andrea Sanderlin Pleads Not Guilty to Drug Charges
  151. War on Pot Poll: Worth It?
  152. Accusation - Las Vegas Police Commandeer Home, Get Sued
  153. What if the police had superpowers?
  154. DUI checkpoint video goes viral
  155. Need more info sharing... again.
  156. Right to remain silent decision
  157. Police Without A Warrant
  158. Is flashing your lights to warn other drivers, "free speech?"
  159. Boycotting Florida over stand your ground
  160. TSA searches valet parked car without consent
  161. US Marshals', local cops' action felt like home invasion
  162. Are Gun Seizures Ethical?
  163. What happens when the Arctic thaws?
  164. 15 year old girl held captive in metal toolbox on marijuana farm.
  165. Stop and Frisk
  166. Militarized Police
  167. reasonable suspicion
  168. Rev Michelle Hopkins
  169. AL Cop Sacked for Speaking Out About Ticket Quota
  170. EU plans to fit all cars with speed limiters
  171. Officer shot when child pulls trigger
  172. Chicago top cop says they will shoot CCW carriers
  173. Police Replace Autistic Child’s iPad After It Was Stolen
  174. Off-duty deputy shoots un-armed driver after traffic altercation
  175. Charlotte Police Kill Unarmed Man
  176. Quote of the day by Dianne Feinstein:
  177. Sherrifs' Threaten Feds
  178. cop steals donuts roflmao
  179. Concealed carry permit holders shoot it out on a Milwaukee freeway
  180. death of woman
  181. UC Davis pepper spray cop gets $38G worker's compensation settlement
  182. Opening arguments to begin in trial of FL sheriff accused of misconduct
  183. Probing In New Mexico... Not By ET's Either
  184. Operation Underground Railroad
  185. cops shoot at van with kids during high pressure stop
  186. former cop in beating case .
  187. If You Are An LEO, Please View This Video
  188. Pa. town latest to force drivers over and ask for cheek swabs for fed study
  189. 14yo Girl Secretly Gives Birth In Bathroom, Kills Son & Throws Him Away.
  190. Dui or dwi for marijuana
  191. Boston PD's new assault rifles raise concern over militarization of police
  192. Which one of you stoners is flying to Colorado today?
  193. Apple Calls NSA a 'Malicious Hacker'
  194. Pot costs money.
  195. ... when cops think for themselves
  196. Annapolis Police Ticketing Residents For Warming Up Cars
  197. Print a Replica Glock Pistol
  198. Shouldn't this be illegal
  199. Four Hour "Voluntary Encounter" alleged
  200. Arpaio goes to far.
  201. How long before marijuana is legal in all 50 states?
  202. Grammy's Host Gay Weddings
  203. Canada’s gun-classification system called ‘deeply flawed’
  204. Fatal car crashes involving marijuana triple.
  205. Hate Crime: Disabled Veteran Attacked by Mob of Black Teens
  206. Teen Gets 10 Years for Knockout Murder of College Student
  207. Deputies: Gang members caused State Fair chaos
  208. Another Knockout Game Attack
  209. Can cops search my vehicle stored on friend's property?
  210. Woman who recorded traffic stop spends night in jail
  211. Another Knockout Game Murder 2-19-14
  212. 6.4 million for police corruption !
  213. Black History Month
  214. Don't jaywalk while jogging!
  215. Judge Got This One Right
  216. Dismantling the stigma of guns
  217. Summary Of “Knock Out” Attacks
  218. Black violence strikes from Baton Rouge to Brooklyn
  219. Do as I say, not as I do.
  220. Go figure
  221. Say it ain't so !
  222. Two More Knock Out Attacks In New York – Victims: White Male 23, White Fema
  223. Wilding in Louisville
  224. Philly- "Children" Smash Woman's face with a Brick
  225. Telecom firms handing over data without warrants
  226. Idaho trooper stops 70 year old man in vehicle with colorado license plate
  227. Loaded handgun at airport gets U.S. pilot arrested in Calgary
  228. ATF may employ drones
  229. Danny Trejillo
  230. Is LEOSA unconstitutional prima facie?
  231. off duty cop fires at car randomly ,driver hit 6 times
  232. I am impressed! 377 rounds at two unarmed men
  233. The 4th Amendment on Trial
  234. Fighting the beast
  235. They brandished shields and pointed rifles at innocent people
  236. How'd you like having a gun pointed at you?
  237. appealing 4A case to SCOTUS - donations needed
  238. Obama's ATF - More sneaky moves
  239. Obama’s policy to use the military against citizens
  240. True or not
  241. Yet ANOTHER No-Knock Warrant injured innocents, accomplished nothing
  242. Video released of couple attacked by teens-Cincinnati
  243. Schrodingers Fetus
  244. 675 Memphis Police Officers call in “sick” with Blue Flu
  245. Who didnt get the memo?
  246. Prostitution Laws
  247. Applications to carry handguns skyrocket in B.C., Alberta
  248. San Diego Police Chief: We Can Disarm
  249. DUI Stop Video Goes Viral - Officer Exceeded His Authority and Knowledge
  250. Federal Judge: Parallels Between Abortion Rights and Right to Bear Arms