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  1. Articles of Interest-Women deserve safety of concealed-carry law
  2. Hi Everyone.....
  3. Ask Me Anything About Womens Issues
  4. Hey Sharon....
  5. So who here.....
  6. favor to ask all who may be so inclined..
  7. location of forum
  8. What?
  9. The holster thing....
  10. Got caught
  11. Hawaii's Women Fighting Against Violence Will Support Concealed Carry
  12. One of Those Days!
  13. Issue.. Shotgun kick back and bra straps
  14. Random fun fact of the day
  15. Quote of the Day
  16. I heard .....
  17. Who all would be interested..
  18. Women and Guns
  19. Need a constant carry option
  20. Brain Dead
  21. Ladies Only Postal League
  22. Lead Poisoning
  23. Encouragement to Women
  24. I'm now a Glock owner!!
  25. rnchick!
  26. How do you CCW carry?
  27. I recruited a co-worker
  28. I am tired of feeling ill!!
  29. Quote of the Day
  30. DC/NOVA people!
  31. Is this the place to find
  32. Ladies! I'm getting pampered today!
  33. Absoultely Pointless
  34. rnchick...
  35. Another Quote..
  36. My wife is running the Women's 3-day cancer charity.
  37. Wonder what you all think about this article...
  38. Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss
  39. day at the range
  40. something happened to me on Thursday...
  41. Congrats on the great job with your forum!!!
  42. You never know what you might find at your local gun show...
  43. is this where the naked babes hang out at
  44. Teaching another lady to shoot!
  45. :)-
  46. My women's issue is that I have no women
  47. Proverbs
  48. Colt rules!
  49. Lady Fist holster
  50. ok, Ladies!
  51. Listen up!!!!!
  52. Wedding Stuff
  53. What gun do you love/prefer/carry etc..
  54. having one of those days?
  55. I clicked a link that said "Women have issues" and here I am....
  56. What holsters do you use (IDPA)...
  57. I get to pick up my new gun tomorrow
  58. Lynn!!!
  59. Yesterday I introduced a new shooter....
  60. What holster?
  61. My Mom wants to buy a gun
  62. NRA class
  63. Ms. VR
  64. Finally settled on my new gun!! Yeah!!
  65. Concealed Carry Options
  66. I'm lonely and need to vent....
  67. Toot---Toot----Toot-----HONK
  68. Question from Iraq for the Ladies Please
  69. Did some rifle shooting yesterday
  70. RNChick
  71. Lynn!!!!!!
  72. My little pony went to IDPA today :)
  73. Need help communicating
  74. New Gun!!!!!
  75. Why aren't women's clothing sized on a "standard" like mens?
  76. Lynn - you have totally corrupted me!
  77. I get stood up
  78. Bridal shower question
  79. question from a guy
  80. Girlfriend's lack of defensive mindset drives me crazy at times!
  81. Is there really gonna be a Road Trip?
  82. Relationship topic: Litmus test to determine
  83. Where can I find pink/ivory/etc... grips for my CZ75B?
  84. Range Report - KelTec P32
  85. Great female comebacks:
  86. Got my new gun!
  87. I was a bad boy in Carry Issues...but it was so easy...
  88. I made an amazing discovery
  89. Please help me Identify these flowers
  90. I confess...
  91. new hobby
  92. Lingerie (NOT FOR ME) help!!
  93. What do the women of GT ccw?
  94. free stuff in S&P!
  95. Just dropping in....
  96. Dear Alex.....
  97. Is waist carry ever practical?
  98. Victoria's Secret Staff vs. Fredericks of Hollywood Staff
  99. Bersa .380 for Joy's carry piece?
  100. Happy Mother's Day
  101. Did all the wimmins ....
  102. ok, I have a jewelry question for the ladies!
  103. Sighting in a pistol
  104. any single chicks here?
  105. g19, how would you ccw?
  106. ahem
  107. Bras
  108. Scared.
  109. Trigger Job?
  110. Defensive handgun class in Rochester. NY
  111. Joy is back in her pre-pregnancy clothes :)
  112. Are You Cheap, or Thrifty, or Frugal, or...
  113. Armed And female.
  114. Where to find a reasonably priced swimsuit?
  115. need help
  116. HELP on refunds
  117. Pistol recommendation for wife - never handled a firearm
  118. Springfield XD magazine source
  119. Dedicated to all my Phenomenal WOAFS!
  120. Mrs. VR
  121. ok ladies and gents...
  122. My new carry method
  123. have you seen?
  124. Taking a lady to shoot
  125. Help, I have got the quilting bug!
  126. The Mrs is back!
  127. Anybody here own a Chi (straightening iron)?
  128. I'm surprised that you chicks don't have that many issues
  129. MY Husband
  130. 00 and the industry focus on "size"
  131. Inflammatory Breast Cancer - not detected by mammograms
  132. another waxing thread...
  133. I had to explain
  134. great female comebacks
  135. Well, Ladies, I am going to need support!
  136. Men with a pierced ear...
  137. Pro-gun sticker for the ladies:
  138. well, I thought this was funny...
  139. Anybody going to watch The Devil Wears Prada?
  140. pregnant. wife has a shooting question...
  141. hormones and hair...
  142. Well Now....
  143. I just have to say...
  144. teaching girls to hunt
  145. It's Beautiful Women's Month
  146. Ohio girls
  147. What is it with older women and younger guys...
  148. A holster for the ladies
  149. I thought you might appreciate this video
  150. well lookie here
  151. Do you have "Best Girlfriends"?
  152. I love this Doctor....
  153. question for the medical inclined
  154. Deep in Thought
  155. oh my gosh, im having a total "girl moment"
  156. Mathematic Proof!
  157. This won't be pretty
  158. Seasonal Birth Control
  159. Emergency? Revolver Burn. . .
  160. How much can you let your boyfriend use your guns?
  161. help what shoes should i wear!!!
  162. Attitude check: macho or principled?
  163. Look what I got....
  164. Efferdent
  165. My new toe decorations!!!
  166. Ummm I think I'm lost, is this thread.....
  167. Need an alternative for carrying...help please!
  168. Any Doctors or Nurses in the House?
  169. Whoever left the seat down, I'm sorry.
  170. Birth Control
  171. Why do men visit this forum?
  172. aaahhhhh
  173. I'm scaring my wife away from guns
  174. No Need To Worry, I Have Everything Under Control
  175. Dunno if this is more of a "women's" or "religious" issue....
  176. helllloooo
  177. I love all the women in Womens Issues....
  178. Question for the ladies who carry
  179. Need elbow help
  180. good info
  181. Interesting conversation. Why, though?
  182. Does "Bribing" to get good behavior from a child send the wrong message?
  183. Locks for carry purses
  184. Barr Pharmaceuticals Inc. has done it again!!!
  185. Look, my first online purchase...all by myself!
  186. Ladies, what is/was the most profoundly romantic
  187. thinning hair..
  188. Joy was fitted with an IUD :)
  189. any ladies carry the...
  190. For those with more than two kids... RANT
  191. I went bra shopping yesterday...
  192. Daughter getting divorced and on her own for first time
  193. just how many pairs of underware
  194. Ladies opinions wanted
  195. Lube
  196. A Woman’s Right to Choose.
  197. Scenario at the range on Monday
  198. Pistol Ideas??
  199. Playing with Dolls
  200. Internet Safety
  201. Question about purse carry
  202. Holster recommendations
  203. This Mother's Rant (me) (too long to read)
  204. stress
  205. DC's poser pic thread.
  206. crafty people!
  207. Need female perspective on this issue...
  208. Memphis woman fights off attackers with deadly force
  209. S. A. D.
  210. Hi, I need your advice on how to be sneaky with the missus.
  211. Self defense classes run by women?
  212. Wedding Fashion Help Needed
  213. Best Home Defense Shotguns for Women??
  214. Getting loved ones in SELF DEFENSE mindset...???..!
  215. Sewing People: thoughts please
  216. Mrs.VR??
  217. Raise your hand if you're a hard to fit petite!
  218. Damn Flu is early this year...
  219. Wedding Hairstyles Suggestions!!!!
  220. Purse advise?
  221. prenatal vitamin brands...
  222. For anyone on Seasonale
  223. Carry Ideas For A Woman
  224. 3 things I learned about my Glock last week
  225. Cars anyone?
  226. Blades
  227. What undies when carrying?
  228. Baby envy
  229. Purse carry
  230. Finally got tested.
  231. Escape maneuvers?
  232. Engagement envy
  233. Judgement call on Leaving a passenger behind
  234. ? about Dry Cleaning
  235. Roasted Chickpeas
  236. Obsessed? Me?
  237. Teach me what you know about belly dance.
  238. I have a PERFUME named after me!
  239. Getting in deep water!
  240. Best Carry Purses
  241. NRA Women on Target Hunts
  242. Is it wrong to try and get a gal into guns?
  243. Petite holster choices
  244. Gonna brag up the wife a bit.
  245. My wife wont even touch a gun
  246. Shoe Dying
  247. Big Surge in Women Hunters
  248. Where the hell
  249. Mrs. Bullman is finally here
  250. Making a Carrying Purse