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  1. Women! Take a stance!
  2. Help..i need suggestions for my girlfriend
  3. Hi Im new and have a problem
  4. Dad needs help with 18 year old daughter.
  5. How do I convince her she NEEDS to change holsters?
  6. Suggestion Please
  7. Women & Guns ABC News 15, Kate Krueger
  8. Kel Tec P-3AT
  9. When to Put Your Foot Down
  10. Woman/Daughter Kidnapped
  11. Mascara Ratings
  12. newbies here
  13. Carrying option
  14. First Time Shooting Semi-Auto
  15. Tactical Corsets?
  16. Help with flinch!
  17. Post your womens issues here.
  18. Today's Women -- Not All, But A Lot
  19. Stepdaughter starting period...concerns.
  20. 50th Anniversary Invites - Help needed?
  21. How can we improve training better for women?
  22. Purses for CCW!
  23. New site for women and guns...
  24. Why Women Are So Special...
  25. Talking to your wife/SO
  26. Undercover Carry
  27. Great article on discrete carry for women
  28. cornered cat (mindset)
  29. My GLock 26 saved my bacon...
  30. found a great holster for my Glock 26
  31. Ladies, do you carry at home? You should.
  32. WOMEN'S firearm interest probe
  33. trained for slow, deliberate fire....
  34. Gun@mag capacity+1....
  35. Women just starting out at the range....
  36. Purse Holsters, How many women actually practice with one?
  37. ...lots of life...joint's jumping...!
  38. Don't want to intrude.
  39. Can't Figure This Out
  40. Planning to get a G-29....
  41. Glock 26 Grip Size
  42. Women out there: WHAT and HOW do you carry?
  43. Resources for anti-gun wife
  44. competition holsters
  45. +1 carry...likely 2 jam on f/u shot?
  46. Girls, two new pistols today!!
  47. 357sig Caliber....
  48. Does anyone out there have special insurance coverage?
  49. A good night to have a gun.
  50. I could be wrong but.................
  51. Purpose of this forum
  52. Need some help, for the wife
  53. Body shape and carry options
  54. Woman carjacked & assaulted at Church
  55. G/f finally getting her CCW!
  56. Informative videos about holsters by a woman
  57. Need some ideas
  58. 9mm for Mom
  59. Happy Hunting Day!
  60. If only...
  61. Girl's Guns.
  62. A non-firearm question for the ladies
  63. Never thought I'd say this...
  64. Revolver with a rail?
  65. Carry question for the ladies
  66. Fanny Pack
  67. .45's and Women?
  68. Freedom of the Press and a Missing Journalist
  69. Flashlight for Christmas?
  70. Women and revolvers
  71. Pistol for finicky wife
  72. Food questions for you ladies
  73. 9mm pistol with SHORT TRIGGER REACH
  74. Progress report
  75. Gun stores: What's good? What's bad?
  76. Can i get advice on CCWs for my girlfriend
  77. Comp-Tac Holster - which cant?
  78. IWB holster for ccw
  79. New broad here - My Introduction
  80. Galco Meridian Purse
  81. shooting gloves
  82. GF having a lot of trouble settling on a weapon...
  83. Glock or Revolver 4 my Wife?
  84. Help Me Help Wife RE Ankle Holster
  85. A real BS
  86. Got myself a knife....
  87. IDPA concealment garment - for ladies?
  88. Hello ladies need some help here
  89. Lady Baby Glockers
  90. Purse Carry
  91. Over-Glasses Shooting Glasses....
  92. Women and Guns/Carrying Site
  93. Girlfriend is officially a Glock owner
  94. Found some smaller safety glasses that actually fit!!!!
  95. How many of us have thought this before?
  96. Hearing protection
  97. Help End Breast Cancer
  98. need good revolver for 70 yr old
  99. Belt questions
  100. My wife wants a GOOD purse for concealed carry
  101. MY wife has cross eye dominance
  102. Women and the P3AT?
  103. Buying my first gun, Glock 26?
  104. Women Instructors - Women Students ?
  105. anyone have a favorite pistol for women?
  106. Ladies Day Shoot PA, NJ, DE
  107. Mothers Day
  108. Wife is considering 2 guns, what do you ladies think?
  109. Thigh Holster?
  110. Meet the 'hot' shots of the NRA convention
  111. LCP vs SigP238
  112. I took the dogs to the groomers today
  113. I shot trap for the first time today
  114. Danger of Sunbathing
  115. good belt holster for a petite 5ft lady?
  116. Carry options for women
  117. Remington 9mm mega-pack....
  118. 20th Anniversary
  119. Need advise from the ladies.
  120. Need some help on holsters for my wife
  121. A man wonders, is it just strength?
  122. Ever had this happen?
  123. Hello, ladies!!!
  124. Pregnancy and shooting?
  125. NRA Women On Target® Shooting Clinic - Learn to shoot! - Oct. 9, 2010
  126. Picked up an SKS!
  127. Question about a holster I saw
  128. How do I convince my wife to let me buy a gun?
  129. N o w
  130. Wife loaded her gun today!
  131. Ladies Range Experience...
  132. Ladies Please Read and Respond
  133. 1938 Mosin Nagant M91/30
  134. CCW w/ Skirts
  135. Weak sister needs help
  136. Holster handbags / purses
  137. Join the Fight Against Breast Cancer!
  138. New leather for winter carry
  139. CCW and Carrying while pregnant
  140. My girlfriend has carpal tunnel and needs advice...
  141. Pennsylvania Ladies Support Needed CALL
  142. TSA nude x-ray/Pat down
  143. Hypothetically...
  144. Do you keep a knife and flashlight in your purse?
  145. ...finally, finally, finally....
  146. Silent_Runner’s introduction to a 44 Magnum
  147. Carry holster for Ruger LCP
  148. making ladies feel more comfortable and welcome
  149. Fantastic range trip!
  150. holster help
  151. hair removal question!
  152. Good press for women on "Top Shot"
  153. Tactical gear reviews for women
  154. Ballistic Vests
  155. Elect Linda Walker to the NRA BOD
  156. Ladies, need your assistance in Carry Issues...
  157. "Different" treatment in sporting goods stores
  158. What knife do you carry?
  159. Unusual Range Experience
  160. Women on Target Charleston, SC area
  161. How do you carry?
  162. Ladies......question on what you carry and how.
  163. NRA Refuse to be a Victim 5/19/11 Central MS
  164. Products you use and would recommend
  165. Not exactly facial/age "surgery" but.......
  166. All Ladies Glock Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF) Event
  167. I didn't like Ruger's LC9.
  168. Women's Lounge: Open Discussion Thread....
  169. Weapon for wife
  170. Woman shoots and kills intruder
  171. Need some womens' opinions on a holster
  172. Question about bra-holster for wife
  173. The Saw-zil
  174. Ladies' Molle favorites?
  175. Quad core vs six core
  176. Be Aware of Your Location
  177. Are these people crazy??
  178. Going Solo
  179. Glock ladies, what are you carrying
  180. Looking for a sd gun for my gf
  181. Birth control recall!!!
  182. Self-defense case going to Grand Jury?
  183. "Chicks with guns"
  184. Wimmins?
  185. First gun?
  186. Ever been disarmed at a traffic stop?
  187. What should I look for in a gun?
  188. Ladies, the Sherriff has some Advice
  189. Please help the wife win a G-19 (facebook contest)
  190. woman first shots vid!
  191. Coronado...still the best purse holsters?
  192. concealed
  193. Ladies Only, The Cornered Cat, Memphis
  194. Compact Revolver Recommendation
  195. Belts"
  196. Place to shoot?
  197. Ladies' favorite gun cleaner?
  198. Purse Gun: Because you never know when your purse will attack you.
  199. Pink Glock ?
  200. Need advice from the lady carriers
  201. Need Advice on Thigh/Ankle Holsters
  202. Wife with new gen 4 26
  203. She is getting there
  204. Holster Options 4 Women
  205. Gun Purse Review: GTM-0020
  206. class for women taught by women
  207. Small .380/9MM for jogging, trail walking.
  208. Ladies-Only Glock Match, Reevesville, SC, April 28-29
  209. ladies preferences...J frame or G26?
  210. For a Lady friend
  211. Indian women turn to firearms against threat of violence
  212. I got a question .
  213. Any GT ladies tried the Flash Bang holster?
  214. I need help, Ladies!
  215. Glock 22 (40 S&W) for My Wife
  216. A Girl & A Gun
  217. Ladies, would this "pick up line" offend you?
  218. Flashbang Bra Holster
  219. Women's Shooting Clubs nationwide
  220. Asked a lady out. She said no...
  221. Ever have a Oh crap moment?
  222. HELP! Have you ever met up with a Glocktalker you didn't know?
  223. Invitation to join me at Calguns.net
  224. Concealed carry handbags.....
  225. More women are owning guns
  226. Diamonds and guns do they belong together??
  227. This is why women should carry
  228. What we're doing for FUN !
  229. Mammograms
  230. Mammogram was NBFD
  231. A penny for your thoughts on girl's shooting...
  232. How to Bring Her to Reality
  233. Light pull weapon for CCW
  234. Wife is a new shooter & wants advice
  235. Advice needed for wife on carry options
  236. Back with a new toy!
  237. Any accessory style attachment for a G27 slide?
  238. Advice on carry for my wife
  239. Gunbelt for the hot wife
  240. Guidance for 2nd CC Gun
  241. Remora thigh holster, G26
  242. To the ladies...
  243. Purse/CC options
  244. Range Bags
  245. The Well Armed Woman
  246. I want to mod my g26
  247. Arming the wife
  248. Options for the small hand
  249. Help with holster suggestions for my wife
  250. Woman's first handgun