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  1. Pa. Glockers Number Thread, Get your numbers here!
  2. Pa. Weapons Laws and Regulations in a Nutshell
  3. Pa. Gun Show Links Courtesy of FortyCaliber
  4. Greater Philly Bucks,Montco,Ches,Dela. etc. FFL transfers,best fees,best places ...
  5. Please Do Not Post Ad Messages Here
  6. Philadelphia Class lll
  7. Pittsburgh Gun Club Closed?
  8. Delaware County: where to shoot?
  9. It's been 45 days and no word from the sheriff !
  10. Placs to shoot in Wilkes-Barre area
  11. Buy-backs in PA?
  12. Moving back to Williamsport area, need club
  13. "Cheap Shoot" @ Wicens - Feb 24th
  14. Pa. Training Group
  15. Oh sheet, new AW Bill in Pa
  16. Non-Resident CCW in Lehigh
  17. Pittsburgh apartment help
  18. And the best dealer in Southwestern PA is ???
  19. Indoor pistol range near Pittsburgh/Washington
  20. Ralph's Army Surplus
  21. the new pgh gunshow
  22. Wilmerding
  23. Anyone offer bead-blasting?
  24. new to the forum..any philly area glockers here?
  25. Advanced Arms
  26. Anyone know how Specter and Casey stand as far as HR 1022 goes?
  27. Highland Park PA
  28. New Manager @ Anthony Arms Indoor Pistol Range, West Mifflin PA
  29. Valley weekend....any recommendations on an evil rifle?
  30. Anyone going to their regions meeting about "gun-violence"?
  31. Pa Gun Show
  32. Markl Supply
  33. S&W Days at Anthony Arms Indoor Range, West Mifflin PA
  34. any info on greater pitt gun club
  35. Pgh living
  36. Pens Staying in the Burgh!!!
  37. Can you accept me?
  38. Ok,...
  39. [PAFOA Alert] PA House Judiciary Committee Hearings on Gun Violence
  40. Letter to Legislators?
  41. Glock Days @ Ace Sporting Goods
  42. Mid-Atlantic Arms Collectors Show
  43. Glock day at Phila Archery&Gun Club
  44. Pro-gun Candidate for Allegheny County Sheriff
  45. Here we go again...House Bill 760
  46. Pittsburgh Glock Dealer
  47. Phila GT's; 30th St Station, etc
  48. pa May start photo/fingerprinting every gun owner + $10 per gun
  49. transfer fees in Philly area- who's cheap and reliable?
  50. South Phila Gun Shop
  51. Phila range now has a web site
  52. Act 235
  53. Anti-gun control petition sponsored by state rep
  54. Water & Wing???????
  55. hey guys here my new g 19
  56. Earliest date allowed to renew permit
  57. Places around Pittsburgh for shotgun plinking
  58. Scott Warren Class in PA
  59. Save the 2nd amendment
  60. Harmarville gun show this weekend (04/07)
  61. Lehigh Valley Gun Show, April 21 & 22
  62. FYI: Firearm registration meeting at Targetmaster
  63. Checking firearm at Lehigh County Court House
  64. 14-15 April Gun show PA/MD border
  65. Hunters Saftey Certification
  66. PGH one-on-one handgun training
  67. Glock armorers in central PA. ?
  68. Glock armorer in central PA. ?
  69. Hunting in PA
  70. Where to buy an AR lower receiver?
  71. Rohrer Stands Up for Berks County Gun Owners ....
  72. Anyone watch PCN yesterday? ...Crime and Gun Violence
  73. Question on Law change.
  74. edumaction candidate for mayor
  75. any steel shoots?
  76. A Shoot Scheduled for SE PA 6/9/07...ctx
  77. This guy is an idiot...
  78. Training for Utah permit?
  79. Suarez International Defensive Pistol Skills June 2-3
  80. tax/school question
  81. Pro gun people to keep in office.
  82. Tomorrow's Election
  83. philly area police officers??
  84. Range/Club off Rt. 78?
  85. glock L.E. dealers in S.E. Pa
  86. Philadelphia stay help
  87. Question about CCW verbiage ("except in his place of abode")
  88. Question on Traffic Citation
  89. I went to my new range tonight!
  90. Visitied PA over the weekend
  91. Glock 39 In Central PA
  92. Steel Shoot in Central PA
  93. Glock parts in SE PA
  94. PA dealers
  95. Update (for the better) to PA reciprocity page
  96. Anyone go to the Valley Forge show ?
  97. Harmarville Show
  98. THE PLAN FOR PENNSYLVANIA’S FUTURE - School Property Tax Elimination Act of 2007
  99. Harrisburg man goes to mental hospital for carrying...with a permit!
  100. Appalachian Promotions-Gun Shows
  101. Washington Co. Show this weekend...
  102. Lehigh Valley Glockers?
  103. Fixed blade knife?
  104. PA -Rohrer Urges Governor to Take Immediate Action on Pro-Hunting, Landowner Rights..
  105. Idea
  106. Warren Tactical Sight install help
  107. Finally made it to TargetMaster ...
  108. Pa Gun Shows
  109. Local Gun Clubs
  110. West Chester FFL
  111. Gun Shop Etiquette
  112. Area defensive pistol schools
  113. Carrying in Philadelphia...
  114. PSPs new duty gun
  115. VERY pro-gun cover story in Philadelphia Weekly
  116. New Archery forum on GT
  117. Monthly Purchase Limit?
  118. Targetmaster has a nice G22.
  119. Steely McBeam
  120. where to buy in Pa
  121. West Virginia Enters Into Reciprocity Agreement with Pennsylvania!
  122. ATTN: University Students! Support your rights!
  123. any one read the daily times???
  124. CCW allowed for hunting
  125. Looking forward to Joe's 42nd year.....
  126. 93.7 the Zone
  127. Warners
  128. Weekend Trip
  129. 9/11 Memorial in Pennsylvania
  130. Shooting on state game land question
  131. checking in with the PA crew
  132. Vally Forge gun show this weekend..... Question
  133. full auto/.50bmg ranges
  134. Washington County Fairgrounds
  135. Ohioans for Concealed Carry invites you to attend...
  136. MI reciprocity with PA ccw
  137. Has anyone seen any good used G26s around at local gunshops?
  138. Greater Pitt Gun Club to REopen again
  139. need more pro-2A friends in PA
  140. Go Phillies
  141. Anyone have street address of farm/range on Swamp Road?
  142. pics down?
  143. A long shot.....real long shot! (G22 # PE389US
  144. New to PA, Town of Delta
  145. Hershey swap meet
  146. Dormot-Mt. Lebanon Sportsmans Club
  147. Shrine Gunshow...
  148. Randy Kotz promoting Moms Against Guns on WMMR (93.3FM in Philly)
  149. Shrine Gunshow sale
  150. Washington Co gun show
  151. Glock LE/Mil Discount Dealers
  152. Has so much really changed with getting a CCW in PA?!?!?!
  153. House Bill 1744 vote Nov 14
  154. Urgent: Pennsylvania Anti-gun Package Vote On Tuesday Am
  155. BladeRunners Gun Show
  156. Targetmaster?
  157. PA Gun owner need to stand up NOW!!
  158. RightWingDeathMaschine
  159. warners surplus sale this weekend 10% off
  160. What dealer do you use in and around the Lehigh Valley area?
  161. Kate Harper caught on tape about NRA vote
  162. Pike County Gun Dealer?
  163. PA castle doctrine- there'a a vote tomorrow!
  164. Visiting Lancaster, PA
  165. Laws on Private Transaction
  166. Any advantage to going to the Valley Forge gun show on Friday?
  167. Gunshow at Kings Caterers
  168. Place to shoot in Pocono?
  169. IDPA in Eastern PA?
  170. OK - Official NEPA Open Carry Dinner: Jan 31st @ Perkins in Pittston
  171. Jersey-ian looking for Eastern PA LE Glock dealer
  172. Is Nutter going to clean up Philly?
  173. Need help from Philly members to find dealer
  174. Service Pistol Match Jan 27th at 12 noon
  175. Defensive Pistol Practice Session @ Anthony Arms Indoor Range, West Mifflin PA
  176. New Hampshire reciprocation
  177. Glock Armorer in Scranton area??
  178. Machine Gun Demonstration in Penn?
  179. Bulk ammo Buy
  180. Johnstown
  181. Any hopes of joining a club in Pennsylvania ???
  182. Accidental shot
  183. Is Bucks County worth moving to ?
  184. Book signing in Media PA.
  185. Philly area, where do you shoot?
  186. Who went to the King of Pussia gunshow ?
  187. Philadelphia Archery & Gun Club Glock Day, April 12
  188. House Bill 1845 and Amendments
  189. Reporting of lost/stolen handguns amendment...flaw?
  190. Utah class near Philly-4/5/2008
  191. Anyone Going to the Auction Sunday? (Centre County)
  192. Please help me out
  193. Rally @ Harrisburg
  194. Pennsylvania Bands & Musicians...
  195. City's New Gun Control Laws are Unconstitutional, Says Phila. DA
  196. Help changing AK furniture in Glen Mills, PA
  197. Can anyone tell me about the Pittsburgh Area?
  198. SI Close Range Gunfighting, Topton, PA 5/10&11/08
  199. Idpa
  200. Been to Gun Show in Delaware?
  201. Philly Officer Down
  202. Knife Law in PA
  203. Appleseed Clinic in Virginia
  204. Firearms Unlimited in Pittsburgh ??
  205. PA Shooters...Come Check Out Our Shoot 5/31/08
  206. Question for PA LEO...(STEVE?)
  207. looking for mentor in western pa
  208. When will I recieve my Property tax rebate?
  209. Best price for FFL transfers in PGH area?
  210. FFL Transfer in Delaware
  211. Shooter from NJ Utilizing PA Outdoor Range?
  212. Tonight, Erie PAFOA CC/OC Fellowship Dinner 7PM Erie, PA
  213. Range closed to further notice.
  214. Colliers Sportsman club pistol range closed
  215. Help Find My Missing Daughter
  216. Good gun shops between Pittsburgh and Erie?
  217. Carry issues in PA.
  218. French Creek State Game Land Range
  219. Point Shooting Progressions in Culpeper VA Aug 2-3
  220. 3 Gun Shoot in SE PA
  221. Ghille suit, Philly area?
  222. Service Pistol Match Langhorne, PA.
  223. Rifle Match 7/26/08 with a pistol stage.....
  224. Do You Really Know Who Dave Levdansky Is?
  225. More proof that it can happen ANYWHERE...
  226. JoePa fired up for 43rd season!!
  227. Glock Law Enforcement dealers in the Lehigh Valley area?
  228. New to Lancaster County
  229. Looking for a Range/Club in Central PA?
  230. Suarez International classes in Topton PA
  231. Service Pistol Match LRGC August 31st.
  232. State games lands
  233. Transporting firearms
  234. Any Robinson Arms XCR owners out there?
  235. Alleged teen robber shot by Wal-Mart shopper
  236. AK-47 Gunsmiths in Northeast PA?
  237. looking for a rifle range in pocono area
  238. Florida non resident gun licenses? york pa
  239. Steelers - Eagles...
  240. Is Warner's surplus going to the K of P gun show?
  241. Smith & Wesson Days at South Philly Archery and Gun Club
  242. Spring Assist Knife in PA?
  243. Anyone part of pafoa?
  244. Battery B ,108th Field Artillery, Gettysburg Mobilization...
  245. Will pennsylvania ever pass a stand your ground law!!
  246. Reasonable FFL in Williamsport/Lock Haven Area?
  247. Allentown show -- any good?
  248. question for PA guys
  249. Soccermom gets her gun permit back..........
  250. Pennlive re: Gun Totin' Soccer Mom