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  1. Your rights to control your medical records in the military?
  2. 7 Tours in VietNam
  3. Property Tax Waiver for diasabled Vets (Texas)
  4. An ancient record
  5. Air Force veteran and new Glock owner
  6. Patton's Manservant?
  7. Your Best Duty Station?
  8. Georga Senate to Honor Hanoi Jane
  9. VA Claim Assistance
  10. Vietnam Vets: a site worthy of your consideration:
  11. Discussing VietNam with father? How to approach.
  12. Talking to your dad
  13. Saluting???
  14. 19, 30, 75, 365
  15. Prayer request (funeral at ANC)
  16. Active Duty (Hi-Cap Mags)
  17. Question for Iraq vets
  18. My Dad's stolen dog tags...
  19. Enemy Propaganda — Want to get POed?
  20. Freedom Isn't Free
  21. You won't see most of these stories on the nightly news...
  22. License plate question
  23. 4/26: "Vietnam vets honored - Phoenix hosts 3rd-annual Recognition Day... "
  24. helping troops
  25. Military time
  26. Alamo Scouts' CSM Galen Kittleson RIP
  27. Old service number
  28. Laid to rest in SR
  29. Are you from one of these states?? Open please
  30. Millions Of Veterans' ID Data Stolen
  31. Memorial Day Gratitude!
  32. Remember Our Hero's
  33. My father was in the 7th Cav.. Korea
  34. Help stop protestors at funerals.
  35. Veteran's Forum
  36. Memorial Day Essay by Glenn Beck (Audio)
  37. 125th MP Co.
  38. Any member of the 3rd Marine Division Alumni in here?
  39. Sheehan Supports U.S. Deserters in Canada
  40. VA to Provide Free Credit Monitoring
  41. Some Veterans compensation insights
  42. attn. Desert Storm vets
  43. cool link
  44. disabled vet CHL in Texas
  45. A Thank You from a Civilian
  46. tell 'em thanks
  47. Question about the 1911 in the military...
  48. DD 214s NOW ONLINE
  49. Another computer with VA data gone
  50. Receive mail from here???
  51. Implanted Chips in Our Troops?
  53. Help American Legion stop the ACLU from stealing funds
  54. torrejon224
  55. Hearing Aids and Hearing Loss
  56. Thought Provoking Article
  57. I'm mad as hell
  58. Anyone having a hard time getting a job?
  59. Thank You
  60. The 21 Club Veteran's Day Tribute
  61. Veteran Respect at my school
  62. Wear you Metals
  63. Happy Veterans Day!!
  64. Would Like To Share
  65. Long Term Care - A Little Used VA Benefit
  66. Veterans Day celebration
  67. Buried a Vet, my Dad
  68. Veteran hat
  69. Hangin' Out With The Boys!
  70. An Honest Confession by an American Coward
  71. The Malmedy Massacre WW II
  72. Question about a medal
  73. replacement of awards
  74. Jobs...............
  75. Too All Who Have Served, Seasons Greetings
  76. New GI Benefits..........
  77. Brit Paras in action!
  78. Veteran's Blacklist
  79. Nimitz & MacArthur
  80. U.S.S Shreveport
  81. VA turns away soldier/veteran in need!!
  82. Stengun!.....Post!
  83. stupid question but meant in seriousness
  84. veteran makes sure all returning troopers get a proper welcome home.
  85. site for veterans
  86. To all Veterans
  87. What about our political opinion?
  88. Gun Show
  89. GI Bill problems
  90. General Meeting tonight at my VFW
  91. Flying military or student standby.
  92. Veteran Tribute Film
  93. How many of you have, or would re-enlist
  94. Veteran's Administration needs Disabled Vets
  95. Troops Face Medical Treatment Obstacles
  96. Reveille
  97. Unit Records Help
  98. Recommendations greatly appreciated
  100. Lawmakers Urge GI Bill Extension
  101. Veterans Exhibit Brain Differences
  102. Top 10 Ways to Get Fired
  103. Bonuses for VA Officials to Be Reviewed
  104. Thank You All !!!!!!!
  105. Getting Naked With Your Honey
  106. Busted! Purple Heart, Meritorious Service, Ranger...Con-man, Liar and Oxygen Thief...
  107. The Best Shot in Iraq
  108. "Remember me"
  109. Doing the Chicken?
  110. will be marching in the local 4th of July parade
  111. Iraq Vet Shows Off Bionic Hand
  112. Funeral likely to be the last for a Confederate service member
  113. Student loans - Vet Rewrites The Law To Help Others
  114. On getting help for war trauma
  115. All Vets!!
  116. Space-a Travel
  117. The anonymous Survey I posted
  118. Boot Camp Stories....
  119. Personal Data for 35,000 Vets Stolen
  120. VA Accused of Distorting Wait Times
  121. GI Bill benefits in the early 50's
  122. Hefty Pay Gains Urged for Disabled Vets
  123. A Tribute To Arlington National Cemetery
  124. retirement
  125. ATTN: VETS!!! (Scam Alert!) admin please sticky!
  126. Navy SEAL to be awarded Medal of Honor
  127. Hefty Pay Gains Urged for Disabled Vets
  128. "They're Throwing Them Away"
  129. Bush’s Disability Pay Plan Targets New Generation of Vets
  130. Phelps Phlock Phined $11 Mil
  131. A Rock 'n' Roll Tribute to War Vets
  132. Reservists Report Job Problems
  133. Veteran Bill Veto
  134. Thank you going out to all you veterns out there.
  135. Veterans' Day 11 November 2007
  136. VA Clarifies Flag Policy
  137. Edwin H. Crosby 111, is he for real? And where has the money gone?
  138. A Christmas Poem
  139. Vietnam Army vets OD BDU sleeve roll?
  140. allied schools
  141. NY Post on NYT Soldier Smearing
  142. GI Bill Education Program Questions
  143. VA Disability Ratings and Tricare
  144. kbr?
  145. Veterans Disarmement Act
  146. Appeals on VA Disability
  147. Task force recommends changes to health care costs
  148. Let He Who Hath Wisdom...
  149. Voc Rehab
  150. retirement/tricare
  151. Bush Threatens Veto Over GI Bill Adds
  152. I want to make a difference
  153. Honored a group of WWII Vets today.
  154. tri care insurance
  155. Video Request from a Fallen Soldier
  156. VA screws over combat vets.......again
  157. Thanks
  158. Veterans' Benefit Expiration Dates
  159. Rules for Rendering Hand Salute of U.S. Flag
  160. This is what I tihnk when someone says 'they understand what I'm going through'
  161. 1st AD DS Vets
  162. 3rd Armored Division Alumni
  163. Vets may now salute the US Flag
  164. Pulling the rest of the glass out of my feet...
  165. VA Compensation and Pension rate increase question
  166. U.s Flag On Backwards?
  167. REVEILLE — Video
  168. You may be eligible for Social Security payment increase!
  169. GI Bill question
  170. CA: CANG, continuing fight over ed benefits
  171. Medal of Honor Recipient Ed Freeman passes
  172. Anyone have any advise how how to deal with the Veterans Administration.
  173. American Legion members? Why Not?
  174. America’s Wars — On Veterans Day 11 November 2008
  175. Veterans' day
  176. 11/22/63 - The Loss of JFK
  177. I am war.
  178. Brett Family Show
  179. VA Ousts Managers for Claims Deception
  180. VA Computer Glitches SNAFU War Vets' Spouses Benes
  181. Berlin Vets
  182. How do I figure out Retirement pay??
  183. Deployed military disenfranchised from voting
  184. I saluted my flag today
  185. False Dates on VA Claims
  186. Veterans Free IT Training Program
  187. Oprah Interviews Combat Photographer
  188. Missing Treatment, Care Records?
  189. Forefathers' War Pictures here
  190. Ed Freeman
  191. Retired military I.D.'s
  192. Some Vets to Get VA Stimulus Payment
  193. 16 Patients Test Ill After Exposure
  194. 'Combat Operational Stress'
  195. Med Center Official Tried to Silence Vet
  196. 30 years ago today
  197. Veterans Second Amendment Protection Act
  198. Important info for Vets, please read.
  199. Veterans Service Organizations Do you belong to a
  200. Memorial Day Remeberance
  201. All Your Tomarrows...
  202. Apologize?
  203. Rep: Find More Vets in VA Testing Flub
  204. ATTENTION Vets, Active Duty, and MMA fans - Need your help!
  205. military discount question.
  206. Post- 9/11 MGIB or Voc Rehab...
  207. VA Studies Advanced Prosthetic Arm
  208. Vet Wants Answers to Liberty Attack
  209. Seattle Mulls Vets as Protected Class
  210. Lost Records.
  211. Certified to use VA Hospital
  212. Help me decide on a veteran's charity for a benefit ride
  213. Military Chaplain passes...
  214. Taps
  215. Home Depot discount
  216. Expanded GI bill makes Ohio attractive for students in Ohio
  217. The Gratitude Sign
  218. marching stride
  219. Shifty
  220. welcome home for my dad
  221. Vets Wanted, to Train at OC Firefighting Academy
  222. A Long Journey
  223. Military Tribute To Our Fallen Warriors
  224. Good news for Active Duty and Veterans...
  225. Veterans Day
  226. Thanx
  227. Vets Shielded From Health Care Reform
  228. Retirees and Vets Allowed to Salute Flag
  229. Soldier’s Heart
  230. VA Loan Refinance
  231. VA wants me to travel nearly and hour at my expense
  232. Gulf War (Desert Storm) Veterans from SW Ohio
  233. This may be of assistance to some here..
  234. Vets Health Care Bill Passes Senate
  235. I think this says it all...
  236. Thanks guys
  237. Why the only thing "Where/When...bct, etc.
  238. Wife of O-6 told to stay away from BCT families
  239. Wife of O-6 told to stay away from BCT families
  240. VA Watch Dog Dot Org.
  241. Have a question about weapon accessories...
  242. Any former POWs on the forum?
  243. questionable vets charity
  244. Vendors offering military discount
  245. Question for the Vets
  246. are U a stop/loss veteran? you are entitled to money from Uncle Sam
  247. Somalia Vets
  248. Looking up old veterans info
  249. I spent the week in D C being interviewed for a documentary
  250. tricare question