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02-16-2009, 11:15
I spent Valentine's day with my fiance and some family at the Shore Shot Pistol Range in Lakewood, NJ and I must say it was a great experience. The staff was great, range master was very helpful to the 4 "new" shooters that I brought with me. Everyone had a blast (literally) and I'm sure that at least 4 out of 6 of my group will be back!!

So far, Shore Shot is the only range in Jersey that I've found where you can rent pistols and that has a full shop with guns and accessories! They've just earned my business!! The 60 minute drive was totally worth it, and I'll be making it again very soon!!

If you haven't been there and you're in Jersey, check it out!!

I am in no way affiliated with Shore Shot and wanted to share my experiences.

Sticky Grips
02-16-2009, 11:29
do you own any firearms? I buy my pistols from shore shot, but im a member at central jersey in Jackson. Its great, mainly because you buy your own ammo, no one bothers you, and the pistol range is 24hr.

02-16-2009, 11:33
I don't own any firearms yet, my FID application is pending. I should have my FID and purchase permits within the next week or two according to the Detective handling my application.

Where is Jackson? I live in New Brunswick and depending on the drive and amount of membership I would consider Central Jersey.

Sticky Grips
02-16-2009, 13:44
Its near great adventure. I think i spoke to you months back about giving you a tour of the club the offer still stands.

02-16-2009, 14:11
Now that you mention it, you're right! I went to the website earlier...and it looked really familiar. I'm at exit 9 on the Tpke, so it's not too far. If all goes well with my FID card & purchase permits, I'll definitely take you up on your offer. I was looking at the membership fees, and it looks a bit expensive for me right now, but I'd still like to check it out.

Thanks for the offer!


02-19-2009, 18:31
I respect that Shore Shot Pistol Range continues to do business in the rabid anti-gun Peoples Republic of New Jersey. Bill Sherman, the owner, and his son Kyle run an outstanding range and although I can't get there as much as I would like, I support them as much as possible by purchasing all of my guns there. If you have an opportunity to visit Shore Shot,you'll have a great time. I even brought my wife and daughter in for Shore Shot's handgun safety training course and they really enjoyed themselves.

02-19-2009, 18:35
Definitely a great place. I just got back a few hours ago. :wavey: Friendly staff, decent handgun selection clean range. Can't really ask for much more than that.

04-09-2009, 13:13
Shore Shot is a good store. Great prices... but as far as range goes... I prefer 2 miles down the road... or close for most folks. Brick Armory. Brand spanking new range... not alot of people, and no holes in the ceiling. hehe.

Bunch of people on were discussing both places.