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02-17-2009, 19:42
There is a new tourist attraction available only in Cebu City. The world's first and only edge coaster ride, around the 38th level outer-rim of Crown Regency Hotel, the tallest hotel tower in the country (standing 40 stories high) located at Fuente Osmena.

Aside from the coaster ride you can also try the country's first Skywalk Extreme, it is a thrilling walk around the 37th level outer-rim of the hotel. Here is the view of Cebu City from the 37th floor of the hotel ---

You should check these out the next time you visit Cebu City, maybe they will allow you to eat lechon (the world's best according to horge) while riding the edge coaster he he.

02-17-2009, 19:51
Ask gundog what room not to pick when staying at this hotel.