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02-18-2009, 18:34
Sorry for the delay in the scores but our spreadsheet basically put our scores in a blender. We went back and hand counted everything.

Thanks for a great series. We really enjoyed hosting the event for all the great folks who attended.

Congrats on some awesome scores...

Special thanks to TJ and Tami who ran the event.

See you soon!

Barry, Cynthia, TJ and Tami

02-19-2009, 19:37


You were only 1/2 an X away from being top shooter and you shot a 19 instead of a 34? I think you should get brownie points for using a shorter gun. You did amazing! Congrats! :cheerleader:

02-20-2009, 07:12
Naw, see with me the longer the bullet is in the barrelis a bad thing. Gives me all kinds of time to flinch,sneeze, or just lose interest in the shot before it exits downrange.
If I'da only had your secret load data....
Anyhow, THANKS, you made this old man's day!