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02-19-2009, 10:35
MY wife and I want to take the class in the next two weeks or so. I see on Palm Beach Shooting Centers site they have it for $50.00 That seems a good price PLUS you get some range time. I would assume actually shooting your gun would be a plus versus taking a class somewhere that is all text book.

Anybody have any advice or suggestions on places in the North county area from PBG to Tequesta


02-19-2009, 20:30
I took my CWL class at Delray Shooting Center. My girlfriend took hers at the gun show.

Delray had about 10 people in the class with one instructor who required you shoot about 20 rounds down range (keep in mind, the law in florida supposedly doesn't even require one round to be fired.) He taught well, spoke from experience, and tried to give tips on what you should carry with your pistol and how to do it.

From what I heard (and have seen in the past) the gun show classes have about 50+ people in the class. There's one instructor who stands in front of the class and reads from the book and then you go to a local range and shoot. My girlfriend only fired 1 round.

I suggest you take a class at a gun range, not a gun show. You'll get more one on one training/advice from the instructor. The problem with going to classes in palm beach county is that you'll have to pay for the range ammo and their prices are always sky high.

I have planned a trip for my girlfriend and I to go to a defensive handgun class. There are many offered in Florida, usually in the central florida area, but I have seen some offered in the Miami area. Southern Exposure is a great place to go if you have the time to set aside. They usually hold 3-4 day classes and run the price up a little bit. I'm going to a class with Jim Clark at High Point PST. He holds 1 day classes that are a little less expensive, but seems like they still cover the same topics.

I plan to eventually take a 3-4 day class with Southern Exposure, but can't afford the time/money right now. These classes will really help give you a good background and good training on how to react in an emergency situation while carrying concealed. The CWL class will just go over the basics to make sure you know gun safety and how to operate a gun.

02-19-2009, 23:48
Thanks for all the info. I think its crazy that some place think one shot (or no shooting) is adequate training for a CWL.

Isnt Southern Exposure a uhhh nudist colony place ? :shocked:

02-20-2009, 00:11
haha...it might be...but try this

Southern Exposure (http://www.southernexposuretraining.com/)

Randy Cain has been said to be one of the best instructors available. I haven't had personal experience, but one of my co-workers has nothing but good things to say.