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02-19-2009, 22:16
I didn't even know this could be done. My lodge has been asked by a lodge in CA to do courtesy work for a man who was initiated there years ago. He's terminally ill, and likely won't be around for more than a few more weeks. Our Grand Master is coming from Nashville, and the officers of our lodge are going with him and taking our charter to the guy's home, and the GM will make him a Mason on sight (or is it site?).

We will present him with a couple of gifts from the lodge, and he'll be given a Masonic funeral at his burial. Very cool that we can help him achieve a goal that he otherwise would leave undone upon his death.

deputy tom
02-20-2009, 20:28
Made a Mason on sight is the correct term.Here is a link.tom.


Good for your group for aiding the Brother in his final quest.tom.

02-20-2009, 21:22
This turned out to be a very special event. The guy literally was weeping and told us we made his life complete. I can't put on this page the emotion that was in that room. He said he's likely to be deceased within 2-3 weeks, and to be able to bring that kind of pleasure to someone who can't be helped any other way is the very type of thing that makes Freemasonry such an incredible experience. He's only 63. It's really heart breaking.
It was touching for him to be so appreciative of the dedication and attention shown to him. He marveled several times that we would go to so much trouble to accommodate him, and asked what made him so special. The Grand Master told him simply, "Because you're a brother." That pretty much says it all. In light of what he was facing, it was nothing for us to get together and tend to him, yet he was so grateful. Very humbling.

Edited to add: This was done at the VA, not at his home. Turns out he is in Hospice care at the VA Mountain Home. Also, the MWGM came all the way from his home in Memphis, not Nashville, where the Grand Lodge is. From one end of a very long state the other. It was a pleasure to meet him, and you can tell he was there because he cared, not because he had to be.


Our 2009 WM presented the brother with a Masonic ring. He says he will be honored to be buried with it.


02-20-2009, 22:23
That sounds like a very wonderful experience. I am so pleased to read about it here.

Pictures look like the new Mason is very grateful, too!

02-23-2009, 19:34
Thank you for sharing this wonderful story of brotherhood

deputy tom
02-24-2009, 07:58
XD9er,thank you for sharing the story and the pictures.tom.