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02-22-2009, 08:15
I was in the Navy for 10 years with a SECRET clearance. I am now looking to go into the National Guard due to financial hardships with the poor economy. I want to go into an IT field "25B" and need to renew my SECRET clearance as it expired last year. My question is, since I got out of the Navy, my financial situation has been declining. I am in the middle of a foreclosure and have a loan that is around 10 months delinquent due to not having the ability to pay it. These are my only issues and I am squeaky clean other than that. Will this ruin my chances of getting a clearance, or can I just explain the hardship to OPM and get cleared. what do you guys think? I don't want to be half way through AIT and find out that my clearance has been denied so that I can be re-assigned to meet "the needs of the ARMY"

The Maggy
02-22-2009, 13:26
I think it might effect you if you have declared bankruptcy or the loan is in collections. It seems like that is the rule for some goverentment jobs if I remember correctly. Beyond that just bring it up with your local NG recruiter becaue he will be able to give you the best answer.

Training Junkie
02-28-2009, 00:45
Yep, all depends when you where in the navy as clearance is from 10 yrs from intial date and check with current s2 and recruiter as you may still qualify for secret but it all depends what comes up on your credit check. see if you can work with your creditors and get the deliquecies (sp) removed and dispute them thru the credit bureaus as well as that may clear some deliquencies.

02-28-2009, 02:12
It shouldn't affect you at all as long as you don't lie about it and or try and cover it up. Bankruptcy is a legal action to help one through hard times. ITS legal, and I know a few people who have gone thropugh the system and still retain their TS clerances. The biggest thing about a Security clearance is to be honest about EVERYthing!!!

good luck

03-04-2009, 20:40
Yes, it will affect you ability to get a clearance.

I see this weekly with guys I'm MOBing. If it's not cleared up (debt outstanding) you'll never get a clearance. It will have to be resolved more than a year for them to resubmit.