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09-06-2002, 17:26
A teacher was giving an anatomy lesson to her third grade class. To give the kids something to remember the lesson by, she would point to a chart of a human body and let each child make up a song or story about that body part. After a while the only part left was the genitals. Somewhat uncomfortable about that subject she decided to go on to the math lesson for the day.

"Get out your math books" she said.

Then little Johnny said "But teacher I have not had a turn and there is one part left!"

"Alright" said the teacher "Go ahead."

Little Johnny proceeded to tell the class that the picture was of a peter and his daddy had two of them!

"Wait a minute Johnny" said the teacher "You can see that a man has only one peter on the chart."

"No" said Johnny "He has a little bitty peter he pees with and a GREAT BIG peter he brushes Momma's teeth with!"


09-07-2002, 06:41
Thats just about the funnist joke I have ever seen;f ;a ;i ;i ;p