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02-23-2009, 09:15
I'll give this is a shot in the barren Player's Club... - here goes..

Anyone tried the Project Reality Mod for BF2? It emphasizes the tactical aspect of BF2, and bumps the realism up a notch. It seems to attract more players that are focused on teamwork, and VOIP is a must-have.

I've been completely impressed by the amount of teamwork; the squad I was in called for an emergency pickup, and I kid you not, two Bradleys roll up within a minute and started laying down fire and smoke for our squad to evac. We entered the Bradleys, and rolled away. I've never seen anything like it online from a group of players that didn't join together.

If you're interested.. follow this link:

02-23-2009, 12:15
Oh yea! I've played that off and on over the years. The game is virtually unplayable unless you join a squad. Have you played on the Tactical Gamer server? Server rules dictate joining a squad and following orders.

My favorite version was .4, I think that is the correct version (from a couple years ago). You were able to spawn on your squad leader in that version, and some of the vehicles were a lot easier to drive.

Also, when you captured an outpost your team was able to respawn there. Made being able to continue a successful attack much easier. When they stopped the captured outposts being spawn points, a bunch of good maps had to be dropped because they became unplayable.

In some aspects I think they've gone a little too far in trying to be "real". For instance, not knowing how much ammo you have... I can see not knowing how many rounds are left in a loaded magazine after you begin firing, but shouldn't you be able to tell how many extra magazines are on your belt? Wounding ... shouldn't you have some idea how wounded you are? Basically what your "health" level is? It has that "bleedout" in the game, but that doesn't tell you how wounded you are. These are just details, very much subject to personal interpretation. And... I am not sure that I have played the latest version.

It is a cool mod. Big learning curve, there are a few clans that hold "training" nights on their servers to teach people about everything that can be done in the game.

I've had a bunch of intense games playing it.

Have you tried the Forgotten Hope 2 mod for BF2? It is a WWII mod that is similar to Project Reality 2.

02-23-2009, 12:21

Much gooder BF2 mod, at least until Brickfield comes out. I was hooked on PR until I discovered AIX.

Seriously. They even captured the sound of a strafing run in the A-10 correctly.

02-23-2009, 15:14
AIX you say? I'll have to look into it.

The current PR mod is .85. It's changed a bit since I deployed last year. Namely most of what you've mentioned above - just takes some getting used to. You do get to know magazines available.. the "health" system takes some feeling out. I suppose no other game has come close to enabling this much teamwork with strangers, and that's what draws me in.

02-23-2009, 19:32
Another mod I really like is Point of Existence 2. It is not nearly as "realistic" as PR2, but is really fun and playable. It is vanilla Battlefield 2 without artillery, UAV, or satellite scan. It is primarily the Germans vs. Ukrainians, with the USMC now in the latest versions. There may be another faction or two thrown in. The weapons, sounds, and graphics are awesome. The map "Fallen" is the best infantry only map I've have played on in any Battlefield 2 vanilla game or any other mod. It takes place in a mist shrouded forest.

AIX is fun. Actually, my favorite thing in that mod are the trip flares! Instead of claymores (or in addition too, I forget) snipers have trip flares. When an enemy gets near, a flare shoots high in the sky and an alarm goes off for a few seconds. They are a lot of fun to use.

There are fantastic mods out there for BF2, such as what we are talking about and more like Nations At War (NAW), but due to the "ranking" system for vanilla BF2 the mods simply can't take off like Desert Combat did for Battlefield 1942. EA games doesn't seem to understand that if they allowed their ranking system to be used by mods, they would sell even more BF2 games. Then again, one of the great attractions of the mods is the Lack of ranks and stats... you get much more teamplay in the mods, and "stat padding" is obviously useless. You can't seem to win sometimes!

Hope to see you on the Battlefield, I go by [OSF] MadFF (sometimes with a number at the end, depending on which version I am playing).