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02-24-2009, 14:20
I heard an ad on the radio last week for Tiger paws at $59 each for any size at a tire dealer in Columbia. I was busy and blew it off at the time, but I do need new tires, and while not everyone may like Tiger Paws, they work well for me. And I just cant afford new Michelins at $150 per tire tight now.

Does anyone remember this ad and what dealer was selling them?

I would be much appreciative because my racing slicks have less than 2/32" left on em.


02-24-2009, 14:29
I have been buying them for Ole Blue (91 GMC Sierra with 297,000 on her) for years at NTB:


There should be a "Search for a Store" in the upper right section of the home page.

Good price and I've been getting 65K+ miles out of each set.

02-24-2009, 14:35
I didnt find any info about them having an advertised deal for $59/tire. Good grief, thats just cheap for a Tiger Paw!!

Keep any info coming if you heard the ad.