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02-25-2009, 06:10

Restaurant manager in trouble over assault rifle parts
02/25/2009 | 07:27 PM
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MANILA, Philippines A restaurant manager in Bacolod was arrested after he accepted a package containing assault rifle accessories Tuesday, an online news site reported.

Visayan Daily Star (www.visayandailystar.com) reported that police arrested Dan Alova after he received a box from a courier that contained parts of an M-16 rifle.

While Alova denied the package was for him, police noted his name was written on the documents of the transaction.

The sender of the package was a certain Harbort of Shanwick Drive, Antelop, California, USA.

Police said they traced the destination of the package after airport security in Manila alerted them about its contents.

Bacolod police said they will work with the Philippine National Police in Manila in investigating the incident.

Alova is now detained at Police Station 1, and faces charges for illegal possession of firearms. - GMANews.TV

02-25-2009, 07:41
I'm not a lawyer, but I don't think those charges would hold

02-25-2009, 08:07
yes bro you are right. the package is not sufficient to prove his guilt beyond reasonable doubt. otherwise, if I had enemies i will just send contrabands such as illegal drugs or anything that mere possession is punishable.

royal glockster
02-25-2009, 08:14
Illegal importation of gun parts perhaps assuming he's not an accredited gun parts importer. Illegal possession of FA?....i don't think so..

02-25-2009, 09:12
the receiver of the package should keep it coming.:supergrin:

balita ko masarap daw ang manok sa restaurant ng mama na yun.. lasang M4.:rofl:

02-25-2009, 17:47
anong part yung ini-shipped sa kanya? does this mean that one cannot totally purchased anything(FA parts) but from local dealer?

like for example , grips o magazine? :crying:baka naman full M16 rifle pero dis-assembled lang yung ini-shipped sa kanya.

02-25-2009, 18:04
I was thinking that maybe it was a lower or barrel or some major part that caught the eye of the officials - well........ just be careful guys

02-25-2009, 18:19
Per the law, the lower receiver and the barrel are considered whole firearms.
PNP-FED has since made up its own fantasy definitions to include magazines etc.

If Dan Alova signed a receipt for the parcel, then he was in technical possession of
whatever the contents were. A lot depends on what Mr. Alova did after opening the
box and discovering its contents. If he was arrested before he could open the parcel,
or immediately after opening it, the PNP has a weak case.

Kasi, if a FedEx, DHL or Philpost guy delivers a parcel to your door from the US, you
might innocently sign for it even if the sender's name doesn't sound familiar. If you
then find out the contents are illegal, you should notify authorities, possibly only AFTER
consulting with your lawyer.

If PNP made the arrest without allowing time for Mr. Alova to do this, it's hard to prove
that he intended to keep the parcel's contents and conceal the fact from authorities.
No malice, 'ika nga.


02-25-2009, 19:29
I'm thinking US authorities alerted Philippine authorities when the shipment left the US. The US authorities might have also let the package take its own course to really find out who the recipient really was.

02-28-2009, 22:54
naku,..... how muc hmore kung illegal drugs yan.. wala bang due process??

kun gmagazines lang kulong din?