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02-28-2009, 20:02
Hello all,

I am WM of my lodge and I am planning a bus trip to the George Washington Masonic Memorial for a tour and to confer a 3rd degree in May.

I am so stoked about this!

I hope to have a good turn out. I am planning to confer all 3 degrees at stated meetings during my year in the east.

So if anyone is in the Harrisburg, PA area and wants to go with us, you are more than welcome to come with us.

Anyone else do bus trips like this?

03-01-2009, 02:36
Lat year I was the Master of my Lodge. It was the 200TH annaversary (SP?) of Freemasonry in Ohio. Our GL had a huge celebration at the state capital and had a reenactment of the cornerstone ceremony. Buses from all over Ohio converged on Columbus. I did all three Degrees from the East last year including the FC charge, and the MM Lecture. It's alot of work, but rewarding. Good luck!!!

03-01-2009, 20:41
I love those degrees. We have a cave degree here the best ones are when the Lodge out of Georgia does it. They have costumes and go all out.

deputy tom
03-02-2009, 18:12
Nothing beats a road trip.tom.:thumbsup:

03-04-2009, 11:12
At one time, the Blue Lodges put on a MM degree at the Alamo during Texas Independence celebration. I don't know whether they still do this. It would be interesting to attend.