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03-02-2009, 00:00
I just learned of this impossibly good news. Does it have a snowball's chance?


03-02-2009, 20:54
C'mon now! Be real here, this is IL, IT WON'T PASS!
We can and will continue to hope and pray for this...:supergrin:

03-15-2009, 00:11
With Blago out, Illinoisans have a *shot* at this in the next 10 years. But.. "It will take at least 10 years to convert Springfield and Chicago in to free-minded, non-Liberal minded cities"... that's from a LEO buddy of mine.

03-15-2009, 22:50
anyone else hate this state? :rofl:

03-16-2009, 14:46
yep! i hate it, I'm from NW Indiana but i hate that i cant carry if I plan on going to Illinois. Just went camping in southern Illinois and it would have been nice to have the security of my G 19! :whistling:

03-18-2009, 22:36
There are three more CCW bills in the house and senate. The most important thing you can do is WRITE and CALL your reps and senators.

04-14-2009, 10:07
90% Vote for C&C to be reality and we still get ignored... Gotta love IL politics...

04-20-2009, 23:39
Hopefully one day this will pass. IL is of the few states that dont allow CCW and its sad.

04-21-2009, 19:00
^^^We need to get the HELL out of this DAMN state FOREVER!...:steamed:

04-24-2009, 21:04
It would be great if theis would get passed. I don't think it has a chance though. I don't hate this state, just it's taxes,gun laws, and crooked politicians.