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Veterans Free IT Training Program

February 26, 2009
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After launching IT careers for more than 160 military veterans since 2007, the CompTIA Education Foundation seeks to offer additional free IT training and certification through its Creating Futures program. The CompTIA Educational Foundation aims to have more than 300 veterans participate in Creating Futures this year and is actively seeking IT companies to employ the veterans that pass certification.

Creating Futures provides free career opportunities to populations historically under-represented in the IT industry, including U.S. veterans, individuals with disabilities, minorities, women, at-risk youth and dislocated workers. The program works with employers to identify their hiring needs, then tailors education and training programs to help individuals obtain the skills the employers are looking for to enable them to secure IT careers.

"Our military veterans gave their all to help safeguard the American dream. Now it's time to help veterans realize their own dreams as they transition from military service to the business world," said John Venator, president and CEO of the CompTIA Educational Foundation.

The CompTIA Educational Foundation's Creating Futures program provides training, mentoring, courseware, practice exams, and certification vouchers at no cost to veterans. Program participants train toward CompTIA certifications -- which are known throughout the IT industry as reliable predictors of employee success and are therefore some of the best ways to break into the IT field and build a solid career.
When shifting from the Armed Forces to the private sector, veterans often feel lost and desire an organized and challenging environment again. For veterans like Grahm Donovan, Creating Futures renews their sense of purpose.

"The army gives you an objective and pushes you to achieve it, not letting anything stand in your way. As an infantry man, it thrusts you into situations that you think you can't handle, but you do," commented U.S. Army Veteran Donovan when looking back at his military career. "You gain a unique sense of confidence and purpose."

Donovan, a resident of Lebanon, Ohio, a Cincinnati suburb, joined the army in 1989 after high school and fought in Operation Desert Storm. After moving back into the private sector in 1993, he floundered, searching for the right job and career path. He was always drawn to computers, but didn't know how to get started. Donovan worked various customer service jobs and retail jobs instead. In 2000, he learned about CompTIA's certification programs, but didn't have the time, money or resources to study and take the exams.

However in late 2007, Donovan heard about Creating Futures through CompTIA's e-newsletters. He applied online immediately and worked with the Foundation's staff to map out his training plan. He praises the web-based training tools which allowed him to work at his own pace and gave him visuals to help him better understand IT concepts. He passed certification for CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ and currently is studying to take the CompTIA Security+™ exam.

After gaining his initial certification, Donovan became a project analysis consultant, working on RFID and GPS tags on commercial vehicles. His CompTIA certification was key for getting hired. "This is the best job and the best-paying job I've ever had," claims Donovan.

"The Creating Futures program gave me a sense of confidence that I can achieve things within the IT Industry, and I can't thank them enough," added Donovan. "I hope more IT companies rally behind veterans and help us join their industry. The Army exposed me to a broad variety of people who learned to work together to achieve a common goal, and that attitude is paramount in the business world."

"Military experience combined with IT training and certification makes for a highly valuable employee," commented Venator. "Companies can offer financial support, in-kind equipment or internships to help veterans get a foot in the door of our robust industry."

Individuals and companies can make a donation and veterans can apply for training by visiting the Creating Futures ( website.

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