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MR. Fantastic
03-05-2009, 19:02
I'm looking to purchase my first mountian bike and would like opinions on where the best places to shop are. I don't know a whole lot about bikes but I'm looking for something to ride on the streets around town and maybe once in a while on dirt trails (Squaw Peak etc.) in the valley. So I don't feel I need something with the latest titanium/carbon fiber components but something reliable. I'm looking to spend around $300-$400.

I've been to Tempe Bicycle on University and another place on 7th street and Bethany. Tempe bikes has a large selection and seemed to have pretty low prices while the other place had similar prices but a smaller selection. For any of you knowledgeable in bikes I'm looking for somewhere with the lowest prices and a great selection. Sort of like the Scottsdale Gun Club of biking. I'm willing to travel anywhere in Phoenix if you have any suggestions, and by Phoenix I mean Maricopa County.

03-05-2009, 20:57
Swiss American is a good outfit, dealt with them since 85 and they are a family run shop. Frankly $300 - $400 doesn't buy much though. Another place to lookup is Performance Bicycle, a retain chain of bicycles. Stores throughout Phoenix and Scotssdale. They have some inexpensive models there.

MR. Fantastic
03-07-2009, 10:18
I think I've been to the performance bikes on 83rd and Thunderbird once but it was very brief and I don't think they had much that interested me. I'll check out the one in Scottsdale though. I live in Glendale so I'll definately make it to Swiss American.

Thanks alot for your recomendations.

03-18-2009, 01:43
Funny you should ask. I just ran into this place looking for a good sandwich and it happened that they were a bike shop. Bike Cafe on the SE corner of 16th Street and Glendale (just west of the Glendale exit off the 51). The owner was extremely helpful and knowledgeable when it came to bikes and nearly sold me one! The ones I were looking at were more than $400 but under a thousand. Who knows what he could help you find?

The first time I bought a "good" bike, I was AMAZED at how much of an upgrade it was over my previous one. You really, REALLY seemed to get what you paid for in this line of products.

MR. Fantastic
03-31-2009, 22:25
Funny YOU should mention it. While riding the bus to work literally last week I saw the sign for this place and my first thought was ooh a bike shop. I then figured naw it's probably some type of cafe/coffee place. I sometimes grab a bite to eat at that subway next door on my way to work and just over a year ago I lived on 10th street and Bethany and would rent from that Blockbuster. How funny I never knew it was there. I'll stop in before work sometime this week.

04-06-2009, 21:36
Was over at Dick's Sporting goods at Arrowhead mall yesterday and they carry Diamondbacks, some in the $300 - $400 range. I'd spend a little more unless you come across a great deal on a used MTB. The shifters are all plastic and don't look like they would last more than 2 -3 years.

For those contemplating purchase of ammo at this location they had little if anything in stock, and a sign that says "limit of 10 boxes of ammunition per customer". Not cheap either, $25 for a 50 WWB 45 ACP, almost $50 for a box or Remington 44 MAG and about $200 for a 200 round .223 - that's nuts.

04-08-2009, 07:44
Performance Bike Shop in Snotsdale, or Peoria.