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03-06-2009, 18:19
Well I got back from my last 6 month deployment in the navy and am a civilian now. It is time for me to get back into hunting mode! Anyone got any big spring/early summer hunting trips planned?

03-07-2009, 18:16
Coyote hunt in 2 weeks, Turkey hunt in 4--- preparing for first antelope hunt this fall. That's all i've got on my list.... (except for jack rabbits, snakes, and other small critters that fall victim to my .22)

03-07-2009, 20:19
turkeys in 2 more weekends. The season started today down here in one of my areas, but I'm holding out for other reasons.I 'm also planning a axis hunt later on in may ;)

Peace Warrior
03-07-2009, 20:25
Tom's on the 15th.

I've been keeping up with them through some late season small game outings. I have two places that will probably yield a bird if I decide to shoot. I'm forced to use .22 and bolt action shotgun this spring so I am going to be "extra" sure before squeezing trigger.

I'm in Southeast so I hope the trees and scrub don't have a lot of new growth on them just yet. Sure has been easy to watch the birds with all the foliage and scrub dying back. If it warms up a tad that's okay, but if it rains a couple good times before the 15th I'm dewercs at the one location.