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View Full Version : Commander Size 1911. Which brand on a budget?

03-09-2009, 11:57
Looking into buying a commander sized pistol as my carry, home defense, occasional range gun. as far as my research says, the (budget) brands we have are:

Commander 4.25" barrel

4" barrel
-Charles Daly
-Armscor MS

I'm leaning towards the Firestorm Commander since i like the thought that it is made here and with lifetime warranty. The 4" are options too but i like the standard 4.25" commander measurements. Does anybody have any reviews on the Firestorm?

Also, i know the Norinco is rough on the edges but is this worth considering as an option over the Firestorm?

Furthermore, is the difference in recoil negligible over a government sized (5") 1911?

Your comments and suggestions are much appreciated!


03-09-2009, 18:45
Not too much difference in recoil. Once you get used to the commander-length pistol's recoil, you won't notice the difference.