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09-12-2002, 09:30
10. Played " Pin the Electrode On Imprisoned Dissidant."
9. Passed out custom-made "Happy Birthday" berets.
8. 65 shots of Yager , dude!
7. Opened millions of idendical"Happy Birthday Saddam" cards from citizens forced to buy and mail them.
6. Got an ugly tie from his son-in-law. Had him killed.
5. Wolfed down the mother of all omelets at Denny's.
4. Hired Sammy Hagar to perform , "I can't drive 55."
3. Blew out the candles on his "Fudgie The Goat" cake.
2. Nice quiet dinner with his new wife , " Liza Minnelli."
1. Reflected on being a year closer to spending eternity in hell.
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09-12-2002, 16:03
I sent him a birthday card but he wouldn't open it!
Do you think I should use thinner wire next time?

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