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09-12-2002, 09:45
10. President's opener,"Big ups to the peeps in my West Coast Crew."
9. Due to a mixup,Teleprompter was loaded with Jimmy Carter's 1979 address.
8. Disoriented Strom Thurmond kept screaming , "Who's cooking tatars?"
7. Beach ball that bounced around--started by Joe Lieberman.
6. When clerk introduced "The President Of The United States" Hillary started making her way up the aisle.
5. The girl he pulled out of the audience and danced with. A young Courtney Cox.
4. Whenever Bush said, "economy," Supreme Court Justices did a shot.
3. At the same time, Al Gore delivered "State Of My Condo" speech to his two kittens.
2. Nobody passed out.
1. Intern from Clinton's last State of The Union was still under the podium.