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03-10-2009, 18:23
Information is knowledge, even if you only check a home page.

I'm volunteering part time for my church till the Pastor returns from a sabbatical and maybe takes me on the staff as a Youth Pastor. With the state of the economy, we've been getting quite a few calls for help. Now I believe in a leg up, but there has been quite a few looking for a hand outs. Today's took the cake...

Caller: Hi, is Pastor X in?
Me: Sorry he is out on Sabbatical, Pastor Y is the current term Pastor.
Caller: Oh, I was speaking with Pastor Z (the assistant pastor) the other day and he said there was a fund to help people with certain needs.
Me: Yes there is, its a little tight, but what might we be able to do?
Call: Well I'm laid off and I have no money to get back to the area, would you be able to send me $200 to do that? :faint: (this isn't even the funny part)
Me: Where are you living now?
Caller: Jersey, I moved here about three years ago.
Me: OK, When did you speak to Pastor Z?
Caller: Last week?
Me: Well Pastor Z moved home 2 months ago to care for his mother, but ill pass the word onto Pastor Y and we'll see what we can do. :rofl:

I did pass it on, but I couldn't help but text Pastor Z and see if he spoke to this individual, the reply text was: Who?