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09-12-2002, 17:30
well ive been he hawing around about buying a new bow before the upcoming season, and i have been looking for a "deal" on a mathews sq2. well these are hard to come by used, and the people who sell them usually know what they are worth. for some reason i saw one on e bay, and the guy had a reserve that i could not figure out, so i emailed him and made him an offer. man did i do good, he bought this sq2 3 weeks ago, took it to new mexice, killed an elk with it, and now hes back and has to have shoulder surgery and his hunting season is over. heres what i got.

4 wk old sq2

24 carbon express arrows, 12 of them with muzzy mechanical broadheads on them, 12 of them never even used.

whisker buscuit deluxe rest- for stalking

sight master pro elite sight, with tritium pins

mathews camo 1" over draw with rest

2 piece quiver- mathews

limb savers already on the bow and quiver, and rest

brand new plano hard case

winners choice string and cable still in the package, hasnt even been put on the bow yet.

scored it all for $635 shipped! now thats what i call a deal, im glad i held out, new i would have payed over a grand for all that.

now to hit the range and get it sighted in once it gets here!

09-12-2002, 23:19
Wow, that is a good deal. A buddy bought a new SQ2 over the summer, and paid over $650 for just the bow! When I bought my Matthews Z-Max back in '98, I paid $550 for just the bow. I hope the draw length is correct. Matthews bows don't have much adjustment (about a 1/2" either way), without changing the cam. But no big deal when you get that whole set up at that price. You will not regret it! Mathews bows are awesome. I shoot Gold Tip graphite arrows from my Z-Max, and have chronographed a few at 300+ fps... with an average speed about 290fps. That's hummin' right along. It seems like you hit the trigger on the release, and the arrow's there already... almost like a firearm. :) Good luck hunting with that baby.

09-13-2002, 00:31
that was the kicker when i e mailed him and made him an offer, i got its fate! im suppose to own this bow, i said "you hurt your shoulder and cant hunt, and want to sell your bow, right at the time when i can finally afford this bow, and need this bow, its even the right draw length, im am destine to own this bow!"