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03-11-2009, 21:40
I heard that a law was passed today that you could now carry in restaurants that serve alchohol. Does anybody know if this is true?

03-11-2009, 22:19
It varies by state. Your home state's AG is a good source of info or try for information on other states.

03-12-2009, 06:10
I do not think it has passed yet, it is up for a vote in committee if I heard right. TGO site will probably tell us?:dunno:
Here it is!
This is from gov web site via TGO site

03-12-2009, 06:22
Check out HB 0390 it would allow HCP holders too carry loaded rifles/shotguns in a vehicle!:wow:

03-12-2009, 08:12
I heard that a law was passed today that you could now carry in restaraunts that serve alchohol. Does anybody know if this is true?

The bill passed out of the Judiciary Committee. It still has to be pass the full house and the senate and be signed by the Governor before it will become law. If all that happens it will go into effect July 1st.

03-15-2009, 12:29
I'm curious about this also. Heard the same info on NPR. What do you guys think are the odds?

Harley Rider 1955
03-15-2009, 12:52
Check out HB 0390 it would allow HCP holders too carry loaded rifles/shotguns in a vehicle!:wow:
Carrying loaded long guns has ALWAYS been legal in texas.

03-15-2009, 15:35
I'm curious about this also. Heard the same info on NPR. What do you guys think are the odds?

Well the bill has made it further than it ever has before at least.

However considering the fit FORMER speaker Nafieh through over the bill that removed the requirement for gun dealers to take thumbprint....I'm sure he will make a big stink with this comes to the floor...but hopefully it will be just for show.

03-16-2009, 11:23
I'm curious about this also. Heard the same info on NPR. What do you guys think are the odds?
Republicans said passing these laws was their first order of business and primary focus and they control both houses. I BELIEVE Bredesen has stated his support in the past. I am confident he will sign the bills when they get to him as he has always been progun even tho a Dimocrat.

04-12-2009, 19:51
Carrying loaded long guns has ALWAYS been legal in texas.

It`s legal in Indiana too.

04-16-2009, 18:19
I just checked the site, did it pass? There was a part that said

<TABLE class=action-table id=tabHistoryAmendments_tabHistory_gvCoActionHistory style="FONT-SIZE: 12px; WIDTH: 100%; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=8 rules=all border=1><TBODY><TR><TD>Comp. HB Subst (sends SB to dead bill file)</TD><TD>04/16/2009</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

Not sure if that means the bill failed or not. My license was out of KY, I moved to Nashville a few months ago. Not being able to carry in a resturant, just because they serve alcohol to other people is %^$#@*& retarded.

04-16-2009, 21:00
The bill did pass in the Senate, however they removed the restrictions of the curfew and a age-restricted venue. So it will go back to the house to see if they will accept the changes the senate made. So not quite done yet.

Tennessee Slim
04-16-2009, 21:20
Republicans said passing these laws was their first order of business and primary focus and they control both houses. I BELIEVE Bredesen has stated his support in the past. I am confident he will sign the bills when they get to him as he has always been progun even tho a Dimocrat.
The author/sponsor of the restaurant carry bill is Senator Doug Jackson from Dickson.

He's a Democrat.

05-03-2009, 20:10
I really hope you guys get this passed. Here in Indiana we can go almnost anywhere armed. I`m only 3 hours from Nashville and that woulkd make for some nice day/weekend trips on the bike but I don`t want to have to disarm just because an establishment serve alchohol.

Gary G23
05-12-2009, 17:16
It`s legal in Indiana too.

and Kentucky

05-13-2009, 15:20
Soon to be one less red state on this map!

Tennessee Slim
05-14-2009, 10:53
The bill is on the governor's desk. I don't find any credible hints which side he'll come down on but his record is pretty sensible (despite being a Democrat and a yankee).

Tennessee Slim
05-14-2009, 13:49
Restaurant Carry Bill Passes Senate, Heads to Governor's Desk!
Please Contact the Governor Today!

Today, the Tennessee Senate approved the General Assembly Conference Committee report of House Bill 962 by a 24-7 vote. The House passed HB 962 last week by a 66-23 vote. This report removed all arbitrary restricting amendments.

HB962, sponsored by State Representative Curry Todd (R-95) in the House and State Senator Doug Jackson (D-25) in the Senate, would enable a person who has a valid Right-to-Carry permit to carry a firearm into restaurants where alcohol may be served, as long as the permit holder is not consuming alcohol or is not otherwise prohibited by posting provisions.

HB962 now heads to Governor Phil Bredesen's (D) desk for his consideration.

We would like to thank all of the NRA members who took the time to contact their State Legislators in support of this important pro-gun measure. We would also like to thank the sponsors and co-sponsors of HB962 for their continued support of this important Right-to-Carry reform bill.

05-15-2009, 06:06
I will be calling Phil today. Thanks for the heads up!

05-24-2009, 09:14
The Gov. should be smarter than Gore or at least think about his future in
politics in Tenn, yankee or not.
I just learned something new,didnt figure him ta be one.

Everyone needs to at least e-mail the Gov to show support in signing
this bill.


05-27-2009, 21:09
So what did the Governor do? Did he sign it?

05-27-2009, 22:15
Not yet, but he only has to the end of this week, then it becomes law anyway.

05-28-2009, 04:15

05-28-2009, 21:11
Tennessee Firearms Association, Inc.
Legislative Action Committee

Governor VETOES HB0962 Restaurant Carry law

Now the question is does the legislature have the spine to override and if so how fast?

I just got this e-mail, figured ok to pass it on. Guess the Gov. is a bigger
fool than I was expecting! Hope the house has some balls to override it.

05-28-2009, 22:41
I had hope for that man, but as the saying goes...once a liberal, always a liberal.

I think maybe we have the votes to override this one, I would love to see it happen. We worked so hard to get this passed over the years, it took a republican takeover of the house to get rid of Neifeh as speaker and it passed overwhelmingly. Next year is a governor election in Tennessee, Bredesen cant run again, so its time to bring in a true gun rights governor and get this deal done.

Bredesen probibaly just shot down his chance of ever being elected to state wide office in Tennessee again. I wont vote for him.:steamed::steamed::steamed::steamed:

05-29-2009, 18:31
Blast it! (NC resident, but right on the border and visit TN very often....)

Here's hoping the veto gets soundly overridden! Since the bill passed pretty handily in both chambers, the votes ought to be there....

05-30-2009, 11:03
Bring on the veto!!!

05-30-2009, 15:25
Bring on the veto!!!

In Tennessee it only requires a SIMPLE MAJORITY to override a veto, that should be easily obtained since we had 2/3rds of the vote in the house and more than that in the senate.

This is not a dead issue by any stretch.

05-31-2009, 08:34
Of course all the people they asked for opinions on the news are *****ing about it, saying guns don't belong in bars. blah blah blah
I just bet if the crap hits the fan they would wish they had a gun! Like I always say "I would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it!"

05-31-2009, 09:13
I had hope for that man, but as the saying goes...once a liberal, always a liberal.

I think maybe we have the votes to override this one, I would love to see it happen. We worked so hard to get this passed over the years, it took a republican takeover of the house to get rid of Neifeh as speaker and it passed overwhelmingly. Next year is a governor election in Tennessee, Bredesen cant run again, so its time to bring in a true gun rights governor and get this deal done.

Bredesen probibaly just shot down his chance of ever being elected to state wide office in Tennessee again. I wont vote for him.:steamed::steamed::steamed::steamed:

I guess I was way wrong and you pilottech hit the nail on the head ! Once a
liberal always a liberal ! Im glad I didnt bet on this one. Ya think he has plans
and trying to be in obama's good graces ?
He will NEVER get my vote, but I never voted fer him in the first place.

From what Im reading seems Serpas is getting worried now, guess the pressure from the TFA is working. His boys [and girls] might not feed at the
local "Bar/Resturants" cause they are and have been breaking the law. Wonder if Mr Do Good will have to enforce this now ?

Tennessee Slim
06-01-2009, 18:02
Doug Jackson, the bill's sponsor, filed a motion today to overturn the veto.

06-03-2009, 21:02
House overrides veto! :)

And I know ONE place in TN where I'm never gonna eat...:steamed:

The state House of Representatives has overridden Gov. Bredesen’s veto of the new law that makes it legal for gun owners with carry permits to bring their guns into restaurants and other places that serve alcohol.

The vote was 69-27.

Bredesen’s office immediately released a statement saying that he had expected an override.

“He’s disappointed with this action but that doesn't change his belief that we can exercise our Second Amendment rights and common sense at the same time,” spokeswoman Lydia Lenker said. “He believes guns and bars simply don't mix, and this legislation doesn’t provide the proper safeguards to ensure public safety. Gov. Bredesen stands by his decision to veto the bill.”

Bredesen had vetoed the bill flanked by law enforcement officials who said the new law would create more issues than it solved.

Some restaurateurs were also opposed to the bill, saying it would hurt business in an already struggling industry. Randy Rayburn, owner of Nashville's Sunset Grill, posted a sign in his window earlier this week saying “No Guns Ever.”

The state Senate is also expected to achieve a majority vote to override the governor’s veto, effectively making guns in restaurants legal.

Tennessee Slim
06-03-2009, 22:17
It's not about bars, goddamit, it's about restaurants that serve alcohol. All the Anti's -- including the governor's own press secretary -- keep reciting the mantra, "Guns and bars don't mix." A helluva lot more people frequent restaurants that serve alcohol than frequent bars. It's not about bars, you morons!!!!!!!!!!!

06-04-2009, 07:58 (

Tenn. House overrides guns-in-bars veto

Senate appears likely to follow suit today

By Colby Sledge • THE TENNESSEAN • June 4, 2009

The House voted 69-27 to override Bredesen's veto of legislation allowing handgun permit holders to take their weapons in restaurants that serve alcohol.
The Senate will take up the same motion as its first action today, Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey said. Senators voted 24-7 to pass the bill before the veto.
The law would allow those with state-issued handgun carry permits to bring their weapons into restaurants or bars that serve alcohol, unless the business posts a sign banning guns. Under the law, handgun owners could not legally drink alcohol while carrying a weapon.
Bredesen announced the veto last week, the sixth of his tenure as governor. The bill's sponsors, Dickson Democratic Sen. Doug Jackson and Collierville Republican Rep. Curry Todd, filed motions to override the veto on Friday and Monday, respectively.
House members took little time in overriding the veto.
"I think the people have spoken, regardless of what some of the naysayers have said," Todd said. "I appreciate all of those folks out there in the community, ordinary citizens who are responsible … that they've come on board."
Bredesen spokeswoman Lydia Lynker wrote in a news release that the vote didn't come as a surprise. If the Senate votes to pass the bill, it would be the first override of a Bredesen veto.
"He's disappointed with this action, but that doesn't change his belief that we can exercise our Second Amendment rights and common sense at the same time," Lenker wrote.
"He believes guns and bars simply don't mix, and this legislation doesn't provide the proper safeguards to ensure public safety."
The law was to have gone into effect June 1, but previous opinions from the state attorney general called for a 40-day window between passage of a new law and its effective date.
That means the law will go into effect in mid-July if the Senate overrides.

06-04-2009, 08:08
TN Senate expected to vote today?


Session starts at 10:00am Central

06-04-2009, 13:29
Senate Vote PASSES !!!!



06-04-2009, 13:31
Just a note....

The effective date is July 14th since it didn't pass by the effective date on the bill, it was to wait 40 days.

06-04-2009, 15:49
Damn that was a long haul.
Now onto the Parks Carry and then Made In Tennessee (ala Montana), then.....

06-04-2009, 21:02
I wrote in to one TN rag that's been crying "blood in the streets" on this since the bill was introduced, reminding them of the two points they overlook:

1) CCWers STILL cannot consume alcohol AT ALL
2) CCWers, before this passed, were pretty well limited to McDonalds and other fast food places to eat at, as alcohol-serving restaurants were off limits! Blissninny Randy Rayburn COULD have had INCREASED business as CCWers now have lots more choices of places to eat...before he put up is "disarmed victim zone" sign...

06-04-2009, 22:06
+ 1 fer Grayson, Amen !

Guess they forgot that they really need to be more concerned with serving alcohol to people that are armed with "AUTOMOBILES" !!

Cars and booze dont mix ! Are there laws about that Phil ? Chief Serpas ??

Maybe they should provide a basket for car keys at the door so they know who to serve alcohol to.

Are ccw holders and their children safe leaving the restaurants sober while drunks are leaving the restaurants and driving cars ?

Will the owners of these places have security in the parking lots to protect
ccw's holders from drunk drivers leaving the parking lots ???


06-05-2009, 11:06
Todays paper is a joke ! Guess they need to interview some people from
England/Brit. about guns in bars too ! Ya think they would be against them
since theirs were taken away ?
Who the hell cares what someone from a non ccw state has to say about
carrying in Tenn. They can go back where they came from and wait for
the 911 operator to take them off hold.

Does any one care about the drinking and driving laws !!! All the other states that have passed the carry law in resturants, have there been any shooting involving ccw's ??

Most of my co-workers have dropped their subscriptions to the tennessean !!


06-05-2009, 11:32
Show 'em this map and ask for data supporting anti restaurant ccw carry.
<MAP id=agemap name=agemap></MAP>
<MAP name=agemap><AREA title="" shape=POLY alt="" coords=77,16,77,33,76,33,77,35,75,35,75,37,78,37,81,40,81,45,88,45,90,47,97,47,97,45,100,45,101,47,1 07,47,107,47,111,47,112,48,113,48,114,44,115,38,116,35,117,30,118,25,119,23,90,15,89,25,89,29,84,31, 83,31,83,28,87,24,87,22 href="wa.html"><AREA title="" shape=POLY alt="" coords=75,37,62,72,106,85,110,61,116,53,113,48,90,47,87,45,80,45,80,40 href="or.html"><AREA title="" shape=POLY alt="" coords=87,81,62,73,62,79,57,86,66,146,85,162,85,167,87,169,103,170,108,158,107,150,80,106 href="ca.html"><AREA title="" shape=POLY alt="" coords=87,81,81,106,108,150,108,140,113,141,123,89 href="nv.html"><AREA title="" shape=POLY alt="" coords=115,133,113,142,108,141,108,159,104,171,101,172,124,187,127,188,133,189,140,190,147,139 href="az.html"><AREA title="" shape=POLY alt="" coords=119,22,114,49,117,53,110,62,109,73,107,84,122,88,130,90,139,91,140,92,141,88,142,88,142,81,14 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51,270,153,274,153,274,155,273,157,272,157,272,161,270,162,270,165,269,166,269,168,266,173,266,174,2 65,174,265,177,266,177 href="ar.html"><AREA title=Louisianna shape=POLY alt=Louisianna coords=264,199,272,199,272,198,277,198,277,205,280,207,280,209,279,210,279,212,281,212,283,214,283,2 17,280,216,279,214,273,214,273,215,267,215,266,212,264,212,263,210,261,210,260,212,256,212,256,211,2 49,211,248,203,250,201,250,199,246,186,246,181,266,181,266,185,267,185,267,189,264,196,263,196,263,1 99 href="la.html"><AREA title=Mississippi shape=POLY alt=Mississippi coords=285,161,285,194,286,194,286,203,282,203,279,206,277,205,277,198,272,198,272,199,264,199,263,1 98,263,196,264,196,267,189,267,185,266,185,266,177,265,177,265,174,266,174,266,171,267,171,269,168,2 69,165,270,165,270,162,271,162,271,161,273,161,273,162,280,162,280,161 href="ms.html"><AREA title=Alabama shape=POLY alt=Alabama coords=310,195,308,195,308,196,297,196,297,197,292,197,292,199,296,202,295,203,292,203,292,204,290,2 04,290,203,286,203,286,194,285,194,285,161,293,161,293,160,302,160,307,174,307,180,308,180,309,182,3 09,190,310,190 href="al.html"><AREA title=Tennessee shape=POLY alt=Tennessee coords=290,145,306,145,306,144,311,144,311,143,321,143,321,142,326,142,326,144,326,144,325,146,323,1 46,321,149,319,149,316,153,313,153,314,155,311,156,311,159,302,159,302,160,293,160,293,161,280,161,2 80,162,273,162,273,161,272,161,272,157,273,157,274,155,274,149,276,149,276,148,284,148,286,146,290,1 46 href="tn.html"><AREA title=Kentucky shape=POLY alt=Kentucky coords=322,134,316,143,311,143,311,144,306,144,306,146,290,146,290,146,285,146,284,148,275,148,277,1 45,277,142,281,142,281,139,283,139,283,134,288,134,288,135,290,135,290,134,293,134,293,132,295,132,2 95,133,297,133,297,130,298,130,298,128,300,128,300,125,303,125,303,121,305,121,307,124,310,124,311,1 25,314,125,314,124,316,124,316,125,318,125,318,129,322,133 href="ky.html"><AREA title=Ilinois shape=POLY alt=Ilinois coords=284,99,284,106,285,106,285,124,286,124,286,126,287,126,287,128,285,128,285,130,284,131,284,13 3,283,134,283,139,281,139,281,142,275,142,275,139,274,139,274,137,268,133,268,130,269,130,269,127,26 1,120,261,117,260,117,260,113,262,109,264,109,264,106,262,106,262,105,267,101,267,96,264,94,265,93,2 82,93,282,97,283,97,283,99 href="il.html"><AREA title=Wisconsin shape=POLY alt=Wisconsin coords=280,66,280,71,282,71,282,77,281,77,281,83,280,83,280,88,281,88,281,93,265,93,264,92,262,92,26 2,91,261,91,261,86,260,86,260,81,252,74,251,74,251,68,252,68,252,66,250,66,250,63,251,63,251,62,253, 62,253,55,258,55,260,53,261,53,261,56,264,56,264,57,265,58,268,58,268,59,271,59,271,60,274,60,274,61 ,276,61,276,62,278,62,279,63,279,66 href="wi.html"><AREA title=Michigan shape=POLY alt=Michigan coords=280,66,282,65,284,62,286,62,288,60,290,60,292,58,294,58,295,59,296,59,296,58,303,58,303,56,29 9,56,298,55,294,55,294,52,292,52,292,53,287,53,286,55,281,55,278,52,276,52,275,51,278,48,278,47,275, 47,270,53,267,53,265,56,265,57,266,58,268,58,268,59,271,59,271,60,274,60,274,61,276,61,276,62,278,62 ,278,63,279,63,279,66,280,65 href="mi.html"><AREA title=Michigan shape=POLY alt=Michigan coords=291,94,291,87,290,87,290,84,288,83,288,76,289,76,289,70,294,64,294,62,296,61,299,61,299,62,30 0,63,304,63,305,66,305,68,306,68,306,73,305,74,303,76,303,79,305,80,306,80,306,77,308,75,310,75,311, 78,312,80,313,83,313,87,312,88,311,90,310,91,310,94,309,95,309,96,308,96,307,97,304,97,304,98,299,98 ,299,97,294,97,294,98,289,98,289,95 href="mi.html"><AREA title=Indianna shape=POLY alt=Indianna coords=302,107,302,118,303,118,303,125,300,125,300,127,299,127,298,130,297,130,297,134,295,133,295,1 32,293,132,293,135,290,134,290,135,288,135,288,134,283,134,284,131,285,130,285,128,287,128,287,126,2 86,126,286,124,285,124,285,106,284,106,284,100,287,100,287,99,289,99,289,98,294,98,294,97,299,97,299 ,98,301,98,301,108 href="in.html"><AREA title=Ohio shape=POLY alt=Ohio coords=326,106,326,115,325,115,325,116,323,116,323,119,322,120,320,120,320,125,316,125,316,124,314,1 24,314,125,310,125,310,124,307,124,305,121,303,121,303,118,302,118,302,107,301,107,301,98,304,98,304 ,97,311,97,311,99,315,99,315,98,317,98,317,97,320,97,326,92,326,97,327,97,327,102,328,102,328,106 href="oh.html"><AREA title="West Virginia" shape=POLY alt="West Virginia" coords=336,111,336,116,338,116,338,114,339,114,339,113,346,113,346,116,345,116,344,115,343,115,343,1 16,342,117,342,118,341,118,339,122,336,122,335,128,335,129,334,132,330,135,327,135,327,136,325,136,3 24,134,322,133,318,129,318,125,320,125,320,120,322,120,322,119,323,119,323,116,325,116,325,115,327,1 15,327,106,328,106,328,112,332,112,333,111 href="wv.html"><AREA title=Pennsylvania shape=POLY alt=Pennsylvania coords=360,93,360,98,361,98,361,100,363,100,364,101,364,101,364,103,362,105,360,105,360,107,355,107, 355,108,349,108,349,109,346,109,346,110,340,110,340,111,332,111,332,112,328,112,328,102,327,102,327, 97,326,97,326,91,328,90,336,90,336,89,343,89,343,88,348,88,348,87,352,87,352,86,358,86,358,87,360,87 ,360,89,360,89,361,90,363,90,361,91,361,93 href="pa.html"><AREA title=Maryland shape=POLY alt=Maryland coords=360,122,360,123,363,123,363,129,361,129,359,126,359,124,358,124,357,123,356,121,356,116,355,1 16,355,115,351,115,350,115,350,114,346,114,346,113,339,113,338,114,338,115,338,116,336,116,336,111,3 40,111,340,110,346,110,346,109,349,109,349,108,355,108,355,107,360,107 href="md.html"><AREA title=Delaware shape=POLY alt=Delaware coords=365,114,365,117,366,117,366,121,365,121,365,122,364,124,363,123,360,123,360,109,362,109,362,1 10,364,110,363,111,365,111,364,112,364,114 href="de.html"><AREA title=DC shape=POLY alt=DC coords=351,118,351,120,352,120,352,121,354,121,354,122,356,122,356,116,355,116,355,115,352,115,352,1 18 href="dc.html"><AREA title=Virginia shape=POLY alt=Virginia coords=365,138,361,138,361,139,350,139,350,140,340,140,340,141,331,141,331,142,321,142,321,143,316,1 43,323,133,324,136,327,136,327,135,330,135,334,132,335,129,336,128,335,126,336,125,336,122,339,122,3 44,115,345,116,346,116,346,114,350,114,350,115,352,115,352,118,351,119,351,120,354,122,356,122,356,1 25,357,125,357,127,358,127,358,129,359,129,360,130,360,132,363,132,363,133,364,134,364,136,365,136,3 65,137,365,137 href="va.html"><AREA title="North Carolina" shape=POLY alt="North Carolina" coords=340,140,350,140,350,139,361,139,361,138,366,138,366,140,367,140,367,141,368,141,371,145,368,1 49,366,148,369,145,367,144,366,143,366,145,365,145,365,146,363,146,362,145,359,145,359,147,361,147,3 61,148,362,148,362,150,364,150,364,152,363,152,363,153,359,153,355,159,355,161,354,162,351,161,353,1 62,351,162,342,155,339,155,339,156,337,156,337,157,335,157,333,154,325,154,325,155,318,158,311,158,3 11,156,314,155,314,154,316,153,325,146,326,144,326,144,327,142,331,142,332,141,340,141 href="nc.html"><AREA title="South Carolina" shape=POLY alt="South Carolina" coords=348,166,348,170,347,171,347,172,343,177,341,177,341,179,339,179,338,181,336,181,336,179,335,1 79,335,177,333,176,333,174,332,173,330,173,330,171,322,165,322,163,318,161,318,158,325,155,325,154,3 33,154,335,157,337,157,339,155,342,155,350,161,351,163,351,164 href="sc.html"><AREA title=Georgia shape=POLY alt=Georgia coords=336,187,336,190,335,190,335,192,336,192,336,194,332,194,332,198,330,198,330,196,328,196,328,1 97,311,197,311,195,310,195,310,190,309,190,309,181,307,179,307,173,302,160,302,159,311,159,311,158,3 18,158,318,161,322,163,322,165,330,171,330,173,332,173,333,174,333,176,335,177,335,179,336,179,336,1 80,336,181,337,181,337,187 href="ga.html"><AREA title=Florida shape=POLY alt=Florida coords=345,212,345,216,346,216,347,218,351,225,351,225,351,227,352,227,352,231,353,231,353,237,352,2 37,352,242,350,242,349,243,346,243,346,240,345,240,345,238,344,237,341,237,336,231,336,229,334,229,3 33,226,333,225,332,226,332,222,333,222,333,220,331,220,330,219,330,213,330,212,330,210,328,210,321,2 03,319,203,319,202,317,202,314,206,312,206,312,207,310,207,310,206,309,206,309,205,306,204,306,202,3 02,202,302,201,299,201,299,202,296,202,292,199,292,198,292,197,297,197,297,196,308,196,308,195,311,1 95,311,197,328,197,328,195,328,196,330,196,330,197,330,198,332,198,332,194,336,194,336,198 href="fl.html"><AREA title=Connecticut shape=RECT alt=Connecticut coords=438,90,465,104 href="ct.html"><AREA title="Rhode Island" shape=RECT alt="Rhode Island" coords=438,104,465,118 href="ri.html"><AREA title="New Jersey" shape=RECT alt="New Jersey" coords=438,118,465,132 href="nj.html"><AREA title=Delaware shape=RECT alt=Delaware coords=438,132,465,146 href="de.html"><AREA title=Maryland shape=RECT alt=Maryland coords=438,146,465,160 href="md.html"><AREA title=DC shape=RECT alt=DC coords=438,160,465,174 href="dc.html"><AREA title="New Jersey" shape=POLY alt="New Jersey" coords=367,95,367,98,368,98,368,99,369,99,369,104,368,104,368,107,367,107,367,109,366,109,366,112,36 4,112,362,109,360,109,360,105,362,105,364,103,364,101,363,100,361,100,361,98,360,98,360,93,361,93,36 1,91,363,90,363,90,363,91,365,91,365,92,367,92,367,93,369,93,368,95 href="nj.html"><AREA title="New York" shape=POLY alt="New York" coords=364,62,364,68,366,68,366,69,367,69,367,72,368,72,367,77,367,83,369,83,368,86,369,86,369,93,36 7,93,367,92,365,92,365,91,363,91,363,90,361,90,360,89,360,87,358,87,358,86,352,86,352,87,348,87,348, 88,343,88,343,89,336,89,336,90,327,90,329,90,334,84,334,82,333,81,333,79,333,78,334,78,334,77,338,77 ,338,76,340,76,340,77,342,77,342,76,345,76,348,73,348,68,347,68,347,66,348,66,353,58,356,58,357,57,3 60,57,360,56,362,56,363,59,362,59,363,59,363,62 href="ny.html"><AREA title=Maine shape=POLY alt=Maine coords=378,29,383,29,383,28,387,28,386,29,387,29,387,30,388,30,388,33,389,33,389,36,390,36,390,41,39 3,41,393,42,394,42,395,45,397,45,397,47,398,47,398,49,397,49,394,53,392,53,392,55,389,55,389,57,388, 56,388,59,386,59,386,62,383,62,383,65,382,65,382,70,381,70,377,63,377,58,376,58,376,55,375,55,375,47 ,376,47,376,44,377,44,377,42,376,42,376,39,377,39,377,32,378,32 href="me.html"><AREA title="New Hampshire" shape=POLY alt="New Hampshire" coords=371,60,371,75,374,75,374,74,378,74,381,70,377,63,377,58,376,58,376,55,375,55,375,50,373,50,37 2,52,372,56,374,56,374,59,371,61,371,74,371,75,371,74,371,75,371,75,371,75,371,75,371,75,374,75,371, 75,371,62 href="nh.html"><AREA title="Rhode Island" shape=POLY alt="Rhode Island" coords=378,80,378,83,379,83,379,87,381,87,383,83,380,80 href="ri.html"><AREA title=Massachusetts shape=POLY alt=Massachusetts coords=372,82,367,82,367,77,368,76,370,76,370,75,374,75,374,74,378,74,381,70,382,70,382,77,384,77,38 5,79,386,80,388,80,388,78,387,78,387,76,389,76,390,78,390,81,387,85,385,85,384,82,384,83,383,83,380, 80,375,80,375,81,372,81 href="ma.html"><AREA title=Vermont shape=POLY alt=Vermont coords=367,55,364,55,364,56,362,56,362,59,363,59,364,63,364,68,365,68,367,71,367,72,367,72,367,76,37 0,76,370,75,371,75,371,60,372,60,372,59,373,59,373,56,372,56,372,54,367,54 href="vt.html"><AREA title=Connecticut shape=POLY alt=Connecticut coords=369,92,371,92,371,90,372,90,372,89,373,89,373,88,376,88,376,87,380,87,379,87,379,83,378,83,37 8,80,375,80,375,81,372,81,372,82,367,82,367,82,368,83,368,86,369,86 href="ct.html"><AREA noHref=nohref shape=RECT alt="" coords=0,0,0,0></MAP>

06-06-2009, 16:32
Senate Vote PASSES !!!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME ! The law takes effect on my 47th B-day!

06-14-2009, 15:13
At the risk of breaking Opsec here...Johnson City TN REALLY needs to get with the program here. Both the 'Press,' and the city itself. Two people over the city would be first-class bliss-ninnies. One owns a restaurant and says that no one "needs" a gun in there, another says she would never carry a gun in a "bar" or park. And the second one actually HAS a CCW permit! :faint:

Tennessee Slim
06-14-2009, 22:41
... One owns a restaurant and says that no one "needs" a gun in there, ...
I don't take the spare tire out of the trunk of my car when I'm driving over a road where I don't expect to get a flat. If it's always in the trunk, I know it'll be there in the event of a puncture.