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03-12-2009, 19:20
Hey everyone,
I'm going on vacation with my wife will be bringing my gun. Going to Linville, NC. Just wanted to get some info or expieriances. wanted to know if I can carry to Grandfather Mountain, Linville Falls, Blowing Rock. Don't know if they are state, national, or fed parks.
Thanx Tim

David From NC
03-12-2009, 19:46
All fine I'd think except Grandfather...they are "in process" of going from privately owned to being a State park; that might be a problem.

We (LEOs) can't even carry in SPs, unless they are in our jurisdiction. That was the LAST interpretation we got... :upeyes:

***Edited to add that I assumed you meant Linville Falls VILLAGE...if you go to Linville Falls in the Gorge area (which I highly recommend) that is Federal, and I'm not up on the latest info there (I know they are changing it to being allowed in some, but I don't know if this is one or not...)

03-13-2009, 18:47
thanx for your info I did mean the Falls themselves. My wife is LEO, so she can't even carry on state or fed land? if you could point me in the right direction where I could research it id appriciate it.

David From NC
03-14-2009, 06:38
I don't know of any one one link right now-maybe I can find some later...

As for your wife and LEOs, HR218 gives a LITTLE more lattitude...but it's not a free pass like we were once told it was... : (

As to the State Park thing, here is how that developed...from our standpoint.

When HR218 came out, we were told it was pretty much the rule we'd been waiting for. We were first told it would cover us ANYWHERE in the US except for e few minor exceptions (Federal courthouses, military posts, etc.) and if not consuming alcohol (which I almost never do anyway, so I figured I was covered.)

Then we had an officer who was off-duty going into a State Park and for whatever reason, decided to introduce himself to a State Park Ranger and also notified him he was carrying.

The Ranger told him that he personally didn't care, but technically he couldn't carry in the SP. Our officer, who had sat in classes that I and other instructors had taught when we were told that HR218 meant we could carry anywhere (which was the info we had been provided) told him about HR218 and told him he thought he was legal. The Ranger told him that he heard that many times from LEOs, but it wasn't true-somewhere in NC law there is a provision that only SP LEOs can carry in the park, EXCEPT when the SP is in the jurisdiction of the officer.

Of course we called the NC AGs office and they CONFIRMED this, and THEY explained that HR218 ONLY covered areas of the country that were NOT made off limits to CCW by existing State or Federal law. We re-read HR218 and it does appear to say just that, so why we were told initially that it was basicaly a free pass is beyond me, unless it was just wishful thinking by the first LEO instructors that read it (?)

I DO THINK this was the origianal intent by Mr. Fotis, Mr. Cunningham, etc., when they first got together and tried to craft nationwide carry for LEOs but when it was sent through the wash with lawmakers, attorneys, lobbyists, etc. the end result was less beneficial, and FAR more complicated (lawyers like it that way!)

In other words, if a STATE law or FEDERAL law says you cannot carry in a certain place, then you can't carry even as a LEO and even under HR218.

03-14-2009, 18:01
gotcha thanx so much much for your information.