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03-18-2009, 06:47
Any fellow Florida GT members going to the 12 hours of Sebring this weekend?

03-18-2009, 06:58
Is Audi running their R10 diesels?

03-18-2009, 07:31
Is Audi running their R10 diesels?

They're releasing they're new R15 diesel prototypes this year at Sebring.


03-20-2009, 21:54
Is Audi running their R10 diesels?

Pugeout is also running in the top class with a diesel. Acura is running a gas car as well.

40 Cal Joe
04-23-2009, 12:30
Damn, I wish I would have seen this before the race. My dad, my son and myself have been attending the race for the last twenty years. We are in turn 13 under the orange wind sock.

Poor field this year. But man the Audi's and the Peugeot's are most enjoyable to watch. The gear box and tire chatter make more noice than the engine does. Amazing:wavey: