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03-18-2009, 18:11
Greetings, I have a job interview coming up in Greenville,
and was hoping to pick some of the brains on this forum--would love to hear your experiences.
I am told that Greenville is a growing city, with a pretty mild winter---true?
I am hoping to spend some time hiking and bicycling in the mountains, and would hope to find a good place to shoot---public or private.
From looking at this forum, it seems that SC is pretty gun-friendly, and conservative.

I would appreciate if anyone has firsthand info, would love to hear your experiences in this area.

03-19-2009, 01:58
Good luck in your interview. I live in Columbia (the capital), but travel frequently to Greenville to visit my girlfriend's parents in Simpsonville. Greenville is an awesome town that is growing very rapidly along with the entire surrounding area. Very friendly people, moderate climate and lots of things to do. They have a miriad of festivals that are great family friendly events. If I wasn't tied to Columbia by a business that I own and a daughter that I share custody of, I would move to Greenville in a heartbeat. Lots of bars, clubs and great restaurants on Main Street in Greenville. Also a great park with a waterfall and a pedestrian suspension bridge right on Main Street as well.

As far as places to shoot, Allen Arms is probably your best bet. I'll spare describing it to you and just give you the link to their website:

I've shot there once and had a great time. Nice folks who run a class establishment. A good selection of guns and the prices seem to be inline with what is common for these times.

As far as outdoor ranges, I'll have to defer to someone who lives in the area full-time.

If you do move to SC, look into getting your CWP (concealed weapons permit) as soon as possible. Crime is pretty low in that area from my understanding, but you never can be too careful. In the meantime, it is legal to carry a loaded handgun in your glove compartment, center console or trunk. But I wouldn't suggest doing that on a regular basis as car break-ins are a pretty regular occurence as it is everywhere.

If your into bicycylcing or motorcycling, you'll have a plethora of great areas to enjoy those activities. Hunting and fishing are plentiful as well. Hiking trails and beautiful parks are abundant and especially beautiful in the fall.

Hope some of this information is helpful. Feel free to ask more detailed questions and I'm sure some natives of the area will be happy to chime in. Good luck again in your interview and I hope that you get the job.

03-19-2009, 06:48
I live in Simpsonville about 15 miles away from Greenville, moved here in 1991 from Tampa so I have some insight if you want to PM me feel free.

+1 on Allen Arms!

If you circle Greenville with a 60 mile radius their is tons of things to do, hiking, biking, fishing, shooting, etc. All kinds of day trips.


David From NC
03-19-2009, 12:17
And don't forget that the NORTH CAROLINA MOUNTAINS aren't that far away either...come on up! :wavey:

G-ville is within 2 hours of Asheville, parts of the Blue Ridge Parkway, Hendersonville (probably the BEST balance of mountain air/culture/etc WITHOUT having the fruitloops associated with downtown Asheville), etc. A HUNDRED smaller towns in upstate SC and North Carolina can provide "day off during the week" or "weekend" getaways...

Best of luck... :embarassed:

03-19-2009, 20:37
thank you for your help.
looking forward to the trip.
i do already have CCW license for Ohio---will check into reciprocity.

03-22-2009, 11:27
I can't add much to Ranger88s excellent post. Winters are very mild and summers are very hot. Allen's is a nice indoor range. If you prefer shooting outside, there's The Greenville Gun Club and a range in Pickens county. If you get the urge to visit a big city, you're only about two hours from Atlanta and Charlotte. It's a good time to buy a house as it's a buyer's market at the moment. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask.

03-22-2009, 12:20
South Carolina does have reciprocity with Ohio. Straight from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division's (SLED) website.....

Keep in mind that SC does not allow concealed carry in any establishment that serves alcohol for on premisis consumption. You may want to do a quick review of the other rules as well since they seem to vary from state to state, sometimes by a great deal. Happy gun toting!!!

03-22-2009, 15:02
As far as reciporocity goes: Reciprocity only matters when you are visiting another state. If you become a resident of SC, you must apply for a SC CWP. I don't know that the process is any quicker if you have a permit from another state. I do know that first-timers in SC are waiting about 4 months for paperwork to be processed, and renewals are much quicker.

Greenville: Wonderful. I live in Easley, which is about 10-20 minutes from downtown G'ville. I work downtown, and my wife and I spend much time downtown when we can. There is no shortage of fine dining, bars (I don't drink, so no opinion here), entertainment, shopping. . .

Allen Arms is a very nice indoor range. I took my CWP course there. I haven't shot there since then. I have a place where I can shoot for free. Can't beat that. Also, I hear a lot of good things about the Pickens outdoor range. I bought my two Glocks at Traders Gun Shop on Wade Hampton Blvd. Great place.

Crime is relatively low in most areas of town, of course. Downtown is well patrolled all day and all evening. You can't carry in SC in any place that serves alcohol, so keep that in mind when you go out on the town.

If you love coffee, Coffee Underground is the best place ever. On the corner of Main and Coffee streets downtown. Any questions, PM.

03-22-2009, 16:15
thank you for all the good advice. i am looking forward to my upcoming visit. as far as the "mild winters" are concerned---I cannot wait. midwest winters are too long and dreary for my tastes----must be getting old.

incidentally, does anyone work in the healthcare field in Greenville? the position I am looking at is with a medical group affiliated with greenville hospital.

03-24-2009, 04:21
Greenville is a great city. At least as big, maybe bigger, than Columbia. And, as mentioned, you can start heading up into gorgeous mountains 10 minutes out of greenville.

03-28-2009, 20:06
I am a rural kind of guy. I don't care much for urban areas. Compared to the greater Cincinnati area however, Greenville is a relatively small town. It is too big for me however.

I turned down a position in Greenville last year to remain rural. I do commute to work in Greenville three or four days a month though from the hills of NC. That's as I close as I want to get to working there full-time. I also have several friends in Greenville/Greer/Spartanburg.

It seems like a great town/area and is close to some super sites for outdoor sports and the winters are pretty mild. I have only not made my commute a handful of times due to ice over the last few years.

Compared to Cincinnati, I would definately choose Greenville...without question.

03-28-2009, 20:14
Good luck with the interview. Are you going to work for BMW, Michelin or Bi-Lo?... they are some large employers in the area?

Mild winters is true, once every 5-10 years they seem to get a good ice storm that tends to shut most of the state down for a day or two, otherwise just rain, not much snow, maye a dusting here or there. The thunderstorms can come on quickly and hang a little as they bump up against the mountains, summers can be brutally humid and hot. Overall the area is beautiful and you will be hard pressed to find better restaurants anywhere. You will enjoy the mountains, also get reay to take up golf, if you don't play already. There are wonderful courses, and lots of them.


03-28-2009, 20:38
...incidentally, does anyone work in the healthcare field in Greenville? the position I am looking at is with a medical group affiliated with greenville hospital.

I do work in the healthcare field however have virtually no contact with the med center. I have a good friend who just finished a rotation there though. I also have a friend who is a psychologist who I think has some interaction with the med center. I don't personally. Sorry.