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03-21-2009, 14:40
Wow, seems like there is a gun show almost every weekend. Went to the one at the fairgrounds today. I could actually get in!. The last three at the jamil temple, the line was 100 yards long so I just left. Saw a few good buys. Most AK's were $599 for a WASR, then saw some for $529. Some Saiga's for $499.
Mostly dealers as usual, selling at 10% discount. A guy was selling some shamwows?, a guy selling pots and pans, some jewelry, stun guns etc too.

03-22-2009, 06:11
siaga's for 499.00, that dont sound bad, plus you dont have to WAIT. if i had my CHECK from barack osama, id get one

03-22-2009, 11:56
I was there on Saturday. Perhaps you saw me...I was the guy proudly wearing my Steelers jacket.

Anyway, the prices were as I expected...some outrageously high and some normal for the times. I go to the gun shows with specific items in mind...AK parts (Egyptian mags, AK-74 FHs, etc.), AR parts (I'm building another one), ammo, or genuine deals on guns I really desire = Luger, Polish or Russian AKM, Sig 225, 1903A3; so if I don't see anything, I don't buy. As it turned out, I got two bayonets for my ARs that I debanned last month.

There was a guy on the extreme left when you walked in that had a TAPCO'd Chinese MAK wanting to sell it to me for $1000. I don't know if he was offended when I said, "Are you kidding me? For a ban-era MAK-90!? I can get a real Russian AKM for that!" I shook my head and walked away just to be met by some very pushy guy trying to sell me his brother's MAK for $600. I kept telling him I wasn't interested, but he kept pushing, so I finally told him if I had $600, I'd find another $500 and buy the original, preban Chinese AKM on the next table or get another $400 and buy the Saiga Legion.

As usual, my buddies from Upstate Armory were there with their excellent selection of ARs and AKs, including a Saiga Legion 20...the first one I have ever seen. If I would have had that much money, Bob and company would have relieved me of it and I'd have my Russian AKM. They also had a Tantal, a little high IMO, but available, and one of the AMD-65s with the FEG receiver, which I think are excellent guns.

What else did I see....$800 Luger with mismatched parts; Garands in the $700+ range; M-1 Carbines around the same price or less for mismatched ones; $250 beat up Enfields; a genuine .45ACP Guidelamp Liberator pistol ($6k); reasonably priced pistols.

03-23-2009, 05:44
I went on Saturday as well and walked away completely empty handed (for a change). I just didn't see anything that I was interested enough to part with my money over. I do regret not having bought a little ammo, but I haven't been doing too much shooting lately anyway. Oh well, maybe next show. Gunshows are like a treasure hunt to me..... looking for the needle in the haystack. It can be fun or frustrating depending on your mood.

03-26-2009, 07:18
I went up on Saturday as well. First time I've been to that show, it was nice not having to wait in line for an hour to get in for a change. I did find a new G19 for a good price, but left quickly after that. It was too crowded, they need to move that show into a larger building.