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09-16-2002, 22:46
Dealing with a Pacifist

What to do if you happen upon a
peace rally by naive college
students to teach them why force is
sometimes needed:

1. Approach an ignorant student
talking about "peace" and saying
there should be "no retaliation."

2. Engage in brief conversation; ask
if military force is appropriate.

3. When he says "No," ask, "Why

4. Wait until he says something to
the effect of, "Because that
would just cause more innocent
deaths, which would be awful and
we should not cause more violence."

5. When he's in mid sentence, punch
him in the face as hard as you

6. When he gets back up to punch
you, point out that it would be a
mistake and contrary to his values
to strike you, because that
would, "be awful and he should not
cause more violence."

7. Wait until he agrees that he has
pledged not to commit
additional violence.

8. Punch him in the face again,
harder this time.

Repeat steps 5 through 8 until he
understands that sometimes it is
necessary to punch back.

09-17-2002, 12:17
ROFL ;f ;a ;f ;a ;f ;a

09-17-2002, 12:22
Very good thanks man;f ;+

09-17-2002, 23:19
Thing is kids are being TRAINED to never resist. My sister in law insists her kids always just take it. :( My Pastor talked in his sermon how he would get picked on and say NO and walk away and get beat up/etc.
I have been tempted to tell him that if he had defended himself he wouldn't have wound up hanging from his jock strap. I recall 3 guys ganged up on me in the showers after phy ed. I fought to avoid being shoved out the door in the nude. Couple of guys had some marks on them and decided I was NOT worth bothering with. Also when I would stand up for others they realized picking on others even when they outnumbered them was NOT worth it.
I was one of the few guys who didnt' back down but never had a real "fight behind the shed" with another student. I have always came across as being ready and EAGER to go. Folks do not want to deal with that. Even drunks have sobered up and the girlfriend at that time said I was looking HAPPY that he was trying to provoke me into a fight. He changed his tune. :( (Ok to be honest I was giving him a chance and making sure everyone would KNOW I tried to avoid the fight but was planning to drop him hard.)

09-18-2002, 20:17
Some can take a licking and keep on ticking...