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09-20-2002, 00:28
Last Saturday I was was way out in the middle of Idaho backcountry, bear hunting. I drove 100 miles from my house and was about 20 miles past Elk River, ID (pop. 136). I drove my truck as far as I could go and then got out and started scouting for sign. I found a very fresh set of medium-size bear tracks headed along an old logging trail, so I decided to follow. I tracked the bear for about 3 miles, up and down the mountain. Every so often, the bear would stop and turn around and face my direction, so I was hopeful that I wasn't too far behind.
Finally, after hours of stalking around every corner, I saw his tracks leave the road and head down through the trees to a small meadow and a pond. Figuring I would find him near the water, I started the painstaking process of inching my way towards the small clearing. About 15 minutes and about 10 feet later, I heard motors approaching. About a minute later, two fat guys go roaring by on four wheelers as I heard a crashing through the brush down in the clearing.
I was not pleased;I .
The rest of the day, I would try to find the most remote road and get out at the end of it and do some still hunting, sure enough, I would eventually hear and see four-wheelers roaring nearby.
I have no respect for people that hunt off of a four-wheeler. It's lazy, sloppy, and takes about 90% of the challenge out of hunting.
However, if someone has a medical condition that limits them to a four wheeler, then I understand. If you use an ATV to get to your tree stand, favorite hunting spot, or to drag game out, then that's okay. I actually have considered buying one just because I'm getting fatter and out of shape and have begun to avoid hunting in areas where packing an elk out by myself would be too tough.
But if you just ride along the roads all day, knowing that eventually you're going to see something and will get a shot off at a fleeing animal, then please, get another hobby. Your noisy ATV is spooking the game for the rest of us.
As for me, I just got permission to hunt some private land about 15 minutes from my house. The owner said no ATVs are allowed. Sounds good to me.

09-20-2002, 13:57
I agree that they are a menace to back-country society.

I wish I had the spare change to buy one, however.

I'm more into trail riding with horses, but it'd still be nice to have another toy. I wouldn't use it hunting, but maybe use it to drag a deer back.

09-20-2002, 15:35
You planned on dragging a bear back, over three miles, by yourself?
Man, you would have been begging those guys on ATV's to help you drag it. A bear drags like a big bowl of jello. There aren't any handles.

09-22-2002, 17:34
This is a common mistake many people have. Motorized vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, tractors and those dreaded ATV's do not frighten game as much as you think. The animals do get use to them. They are less frighten of the noise because they can tell when are where the vehicle is. Ask any farmer who has harvested corn. The deer will munch on corn only a few yards away from the tractor. A hunter who stalks game off of the regular path spooks way more game than any atv would.

Also game do use man-made trails. Many deer can survive the winter because they use snowmobile trails and use less energy. The only thing that kills them is when some jerk thinks it is funny to chase them for a half a mile.

Please note that I agree that it is pathetic to see a perfectly healthy person hunt from an atv.

09-23-2002, 14:04
If you get one, just be safe. There is not a week that goes by when at least two ATV related fatalities are reported in our local paper.

09-23-2002, 14:40
Originally posted by NYGunman
Motorized vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, tractors and those dreaded ATV's do not frighten game as much as you think.

Maybe. However, keep in mind that a car goes straight on well-traveled roads. Pretty predictable. A tractor goes slow down a lane and round and round and round a field. Pretty predictable. An ATV goes fast and willy nilly all through the woods. Unpredictable and annoying. Me and the deer fear them.

J. Parker
09-30-2002, 17:44
As an ATV enthusiest I try to avoid the woods at the beginning of deer season. I'm not a hunter but I love my guns and I shoot alot on camping/ATV trips. Noisy ATV's are not near as bad as a hunter using his scope like a pair of binocular's. The damn jerk is pointing his rifle at everything for cryin' out loud.
Fact is, if the ATV is perfectly legal then you don't have anything to complain about.;1

10-23-2002, 23:03
What this really boils down to is a respect thing. If People have no respect for other hunters or the game you pursue than they think it is ok to go zooming by on an atv. An atv is like any tool, it is niether inheirantly good or bad, it is in the way a person uses it.As far as animals getting used to the sounds of an atv, it all depends on the conditions with which they associate the noise with. If a deer hears an atv every day and is left unharassed, then yes it is not going to be disturbed by it. However ask any farmer that has shot at a deer off his combine (no, not every farmer shoots at deer off his farming equipment) if the next day the deer stick around and let him take another shot.I personally have nothing against atvs (wish I had one!) BUT I do have issues with the slovenly people who think that they are actually hunting the deer they harvest off one.Handicap people aside, I'd much rather see people afoot in the field, making a sport of it.

gary paugh
10-24-2002, 09:54
I've had ATVs spook elk I was sneeking on many times I have also shot elk that stood up to watch dirt bikes go by.
I hunt on foot but keep my Rokon in the truck for when the animal is on the ground.


10-28-2002, 22:11
The same as everything else there are a few people who wreck ATVs for everyone. Around here you have to stay on the roads so you can't really go anywhere that you can't go in a truck (although I wouldn't take a nice truck on some of the roads). The problem is that you can go just about anywhere on an ATV road or not. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

Since some people abuse the privledge of having ATVs we should ban all ATVs!

11-01-2002, 10:09
i agree with most about the few bad apple theory. i had an ATV for years and never killed the first thing off of it. i also made a point not to disturb people that i knew were in the area. i will say they are very useful for helping transport downed game. i am thinking about buying another one for camping/hunting. it is incredible the different attachments/accessories you can get for those things nowadays. it is a shame they are getting as big and expensive as they are. some of the 650s are as big as small trucks. i don't see a need for the ones that are that big...

gary paugh
11-01-2002, 17:09
Look at a rokon it will change your thinking on atvs Rokon=2x2 motorcycle.

11-02-2002, 18:35
I have had idiots on atvs zoom past my hunting spot in prime time--please---if you own an atv--leave it parked during the hours game are more likely on the move.Its an ethics issue really,just like tracking wounded game,gun safety,etc...

11-02-2002, 23:27
Originally posted by shrpshtr
.. some of the 650s are as big as small trucks. i don't see a need for the ones that are that big...

Try a Polaris Magnum 300. Very nice power in a smaller package.

11-02-2002, 23:47
Originally posted by gary paugh
Look at a rokon it will change your thinking on atvs Rokon=2x2 motorcycle.

Tryin' to decipher that. You mean Recon??

11-03-2002, 00:41
Originally posted by DWavs
Tryin' to decipher that. You mean Recon?? no-hes got it right--its rokon.If you want to see a pic of one,look in just about any hunting magazine--in the back--there is always an add for them--looks like a sort of all terain 2 wheel motorcycle-;c

11-03-2002, 21:10
Originally posted by Dogbite
no-hes got it right--its rokon.If you want to see a pic of one,look in just about any hunting magazine--in the back--there is always an add for them--looks like a sort of all terain 2 wheel motorcycle-;c

Ahhh...I will check it out. Thanks for the clarification!

J. Parker
11-08-2002, 13:16
Yea, but they don't come with cup holders.;c

11-08-2004, 18:20
Check them out at

11-09-2004, 12:51
Wow, this thread was an oldie but a goodie!

UPDATE: I bought a 2003 Yamaha Kodiak 400 the next Spring and I still have it. Love it.

However, I moved to Iowa, and I'm always within 1/4 mile of a road when I hunt, so the Kodiak isn't too useful now.

Also, there are hardly any places to ride out here, and there aren't the millions of acres of wilderness to explore, so my ATV sits idle in the garage with only 500 miles on it:( .

11-10-2004, 23:20
Looks like this is an old resurected thread. I couldn't agree more with you in the first post vart. You did mention a medical condition that would limit you to a four-wheeler. I just wanted to clarify that. Being lazy is not a medical condition that would limit you. I have had several hunters who have ruined hunts.

OTOH, I was hunting with a friend of mine and these two college kids came roaring by on two racing dirt bikes. He said, "I bet that makes you mad." I said "Not really. I don't like them here but it doesn't make me mad. They are using the forest just like we are. They just aren't doing the same sport we are. I don't like it but it doesn't make me mad."

What I hate are people who drive all over hell's half acre in search of the one blind, deaf, elk that can't smell. I don't agree with the idea that motorized vehicles don't scare animals. I see what you are saying about a farmers tractor or pickup. But what you have to remember is that those deer see that same tractor or pickup everyday and know it's not a threat.

I have even bugled four wheelers in while bowhunting for elk. That made me the maddest.

11-11-2004, 07:59
and love it. I don't hunt off of it, but I do like to ride it when hunting season is over.