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04-06-2009, 00:03
To Moderators: Pls delete this thread. Its a done deal.

Moderators: Take back my request. :cool:

04-13-2009, 14:47
Requested this thread to be deleted but I guess our moderators did not get around yet to do so. I was asking then, opinions on some SUVs but shortly thereafter decided to go for one on the list. Blame it on the recent CA sales tax increase and vehicle registration...I just have to beat it.

Now I have to append posts in here.:cool:

I opted for the Lexus. Its a quicky decision but after a bit of research, I pulled the trigger on it. So here's my new ride:

The 2010 RX 350:
garage queen:

the driver's POV:

my assessment will come in shortly.
just a quick one: smooth and powerful and lots of techie stuff. The 275 horse and voice command alone will keep you smiling from the moment you hit the push button start...

04-13-2009, 14:47
more pics:

Temporary plate until the DMV-issued will show up in 2-3 weeks:

Actually, heto orig from the dealer:

The hybrid version was the first consideration but I cannot justify the price diff. Even gas price will not remain as is, it will take many, many years to get even.

04-13-2009, 17:35
Nice :) ang pogi

04-13-2009, 19:10
wow cool car bro vicara


04-13-2009, 21:15
thanks guys. sapilitan/biglaan lang ang pagkabili. when i mentioned to my son he will drive my MDX once he gets to the US, he went 'jumping up-n-down' on me and kept bugging me to lay off 'HIS' car. Huwag ko daw lalaspagin! 'kala mo sa kanya na.:upeyes:

The truth is I just found a reason to go ahead with a dream car I had way back 2-3 years ago. took advantage of the buyer's market on pretty much everything, so i figured its about the right time. And its a good deal, really.

I'll give it another week then I should have my say on how it performs. by the time, na perfect ko na yung voice command. I still get a lot of 'Excuse me, I cannot understand the command' from the voice prompt.:supergrin: Parang Knight Rider nga 'to!

04-14-2009, 21:02
wow kakaingit naman nyan

04-15-2009, 06:46
can't go wrong with a Lexus :) Nice ride!