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09-20-2002, 20:21
There was an ole farmer with three sons. He was having quite a problem with the three boy's filthy language. He told his wife that he had had quite enough and was going to bring it to a grinding halt!

Morning came and the three boys came downstairs. The mother asked the oldest "what would you like to eat this morning?"

The oldest replied "Gimme some F#&@$%^ pancakes!" The ole farmer jumped up and smacked him across the face so hard he knocked him out.

The mother a bit upset said to the second oldest "What would you like for breakfast?" To which he replied "I'll Take some F%#&*@# pancakes!" Again the ole farmer pops him and knocks him out.

Furious he turns on the youngest and yells "OK, what do you want for breakfast!?!" The youngest looks at him, looks at his brotheres laying on the floor, looks back and him and says "You can bet your sweet ***** I don't want any F#$@%^& pancakes.......;f

09-20-2002, 22:13
Oh,I saw that coming,But still darn funny.

09-21-2002, 04:54
LOL that was funny;2 ;i ;i ;i ;i