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04-08-2009, 19:49
Ladies, I posted this question over in the "carry issues" section but was told I might want to ask the question here in Women's Issues.

I got my wife a .380 NAA Guardian with crimson trace grips for her concealled carry gun.

She'll probably be keeping this in her purse most of the time.

Any suggestions as to what type of holster I should get her for the gun?

Think a Desantis Nemisis would work?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


04-10-2009, 15:03
I use a Coronado purse for my HK USP40. Hubby hates my purse so he bought me a G27 and I ordered a Ken Null USH shoulder holster! It ought to be here next week. I'm very interested in trying this, on body carry's never really worked for me before but I'm keeping an open mind.

(edit) change that. The USH came today and I LOVE IT. I recommend it. I've been wearing it all day.

Miao, Cat